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Electron Microscopy Of Kinetochores In Whole Mount Spreads Of Mitotic Chromosomes - Full Download
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Electron microscopy of kinetochores in whole mount spreads of
The fine structure of the kinetochore in mitotic and meiotic chromosomes is known ... microscopy in whole mount spreads, the kinetochore itself has not yet been.
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Assembly of microtubules onto kinetochores of isolated mitotic
(electron microscopy/tubulin/phosphotungstic acid staining) ... microscopic visualization of the kinetochore in whole mount chromosomes (7). By application of these techniques to sur- face spreads of the meiotic chromosomes of the locust (7),.
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THE HUMAN CHROMOSOME Electron Microscopic Observations
of extensive electron microscopy research for more ... lar organizer region (13), the kinetochore (12, 14-. 16), and the ... the chromatin fibers within mitotic chromosomes ... whole-mount techniques are characterized by ... Grids usually contain from four to ten metaphase spreads. However, we have not observed the full.
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Quantitative Electron Microscopy of Intracytoplasmic Type A
Particles at Kinetochores of Metaphase Chromosomes Isolated from ... We have successfully isolated and spread individual chromosomes of CHO-KI ... with the mitotic apparatus in some of the cell lines has attracted wider ... using an adaptation of a technique of whole mount electron microscopy of isolated prometa-.
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Differentiation of the synaptonemal complex and the kinetochore in
... in Locusta spermatocytes studied by whole mount electron microscopy ... When Locusta migratoria spermatocytes are surface-spread on various salines, ... of leptotene and zygotene chromosomes, and the synaptonemal complex of ... Ultrastructure and interaction of the kinetochore and centriole in mitosis and meiosis.
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Synaptonemal complex analysis of heteromorphic trivalents in
Synaptonemal complexes (SCs) in surface spread pachytene spermatocytes of Lemur ... In autosomal SC and mitotic karyotypes of Lemur fulvus (2n=60) a 1∶1 ... in Locusta spermatocytes studied by whole mount electron microscopy. ... Moens, P.B.: Kinetochores of grasshoppers with Robertsonian chromosome fusions.
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Identification of all pachytene bivalents in the common shrew using
Sep 14, 2006 ... Chromosome Res (2006) 14: 673. doi:10.1007/s10577-006-1079-9 ... sizes and positions similar to DAPI landmarks on mitotic metaphase chromosomes. ... tool for identification of individual bivalents in pachytene surface-spreads. ... in Locusta spermatocytes studied by whole mount electron microscopy.
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Characterization of the Karyotype of Proasellus Meridianus by
relationship between silver staining and kinetochore function. Surface ... observed by light microscopy after whole mount spreading and silver staining. ... The study of mitotic and meiotic chromosomes was carried out on preparations .... copy (e.g. LIMA-DE-FARIA 1958) and by electron microscopy (GOLDSTEIN 1981 ),.
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Silver staining of synaptonemal complexes in surface spreads for
However, SCs together with such details as kinetochores and plaques for at- ... We have found that ammoniacal silver staining [5] of whole mount prepara- tions of .... to identify active nucleolus organizer regions in mitotic chromosomes [e.g., 5 , 12]. ... Ultimate analysis requires the higher resolution of the electron microscope ...
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PDF(1177K) - Wiley Online Library
Synaptonemal complex analysis, by electron microscopy of spread spermatocytes after phosphotungstic .... recalculation of the mitotic chromosome values, reported .... the autosomal bivalents, but kinetochores of the ..... Whole mount electron.
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Structure of the colcemid-treated PtK1 kinetochore outer plate as
as Determined by High Voltage Electron Microscopic Tomography. Bruce F. McEwen,* .... whole mounts of isolated chromosomes before (e.g., Moses and Counce ... sections of mitotic mammalian cells depleted of spindle MTs by Colcemid ...... in whole mount spreads of mitotic chromosomes from HeLa cells. J. Exp. Zool.
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Identification of Novel Centromere/Kinetochore-associated Proteins
marily from light and electron microscopic studies of mitotic chromosomes. .... Immunofluorescence microscopy of mitotic chromosome spreads was per- formed as ... all coverslips were mounted with Gel-mount (Biomeda, Foster City, CA). Microscopy ... which contains 0.1-0.2% of whole cell protein, quantita- tively retains ...
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Synaptonemal Complex and Chromosome Structure - Annual Reviews
microscopic Navashin fixative and three-dimensional electron microscopic re construction were used to ... Conversely, the whole mount spreading technique is  ...
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Light Microscopical Observations on Surface Spread Synaptonemal
SUMMARY - Surface spread synaptonemal complexes (SCs) of the wild garlic .... conventionally stained pachytene cells, where the structure of chromosomes ... kinetochore in Locusta spermatocytes studied by whole mount electron microscopy. ... Silver staining in transcriptionally active NORs of meiotic and mitotic cells in ...
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Radial Loops and Helical Coils Coexist in Metaphase Chromosomes
employed several light and electron microscopic tech- niques to examine the .... ( K) kinetochore. Bar: .4 pm. .... Whole mount spread prepara- tions for TEM ... Electron micro- scopic observation on whole mount mitotic human chromosomes. J.
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Ki-67 is a PP1-interacting protein that organises the mitotic - eLife
May 27, 2014 ... electron microscopy (CLEM) images suggest a near-complete loss ... When mitotic chromosomes are examined by whole mount microscopy the surface chromatin is .... localised normally on the spindle and at kinetochores in both control ..... spreads from control RNAi (panels 1–1″) and Ki-67 oligo 5 RNAi ...
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3D Analysis of chromosome architecture: advantages and limitations
transmission electron microscope (TEM), stereo imaging of semi-thin sections ( 0.5–1 ... parative reagents on the structure of barley mitotic metaphase ... Barley chromosomes were isolated and mounted either on laser marked ..... by scanning electron microscopy: 2. Whole mounted chromosomes and kinetochores of pollen.
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Chromosome Centromeres: Structural and Analytical - Core
FESEM/FIB Field emission scanning electron microscopy ... Whole mount mitotic metaphase chromosomes of different ... although rarely observed, spread over the primary constric- ... mental in kinetochore and spindle apparatus assembly.
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Paracentric inversion involving NOR of chromosome 8 in a boar - Hal
Jan 1, 1991 ... synaptonemal complexes under a light microscope. Genetics .... Synaptonemal complexes were obtained by the use of a spreading technique. (Counce and Meyer ... Mitotic chromosomes. Chromosome .... kinetochore in Locusta spermatocytes studied by whole mount electron microscope. Chromosoma ...
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reed, kent m., brian g. hanks, john w. bickham, anders g.j. rhodin, ira
Electron microscopic analysis of whole-cell complements of synap- ... many acrocentric chromosomes; Bull and Legler, 1980; McBee et al., 1985). Based ... In this study, mitotic and meiotic preparations of this specimen of P. hogei ... Synaptonemal complexes were prepared following the surface-spreading procedure.
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