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Effects Of Brefeldin A Potent Inhibitor Of Intracellular Protein Transport - [Full Version]
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Effects Of Brefeldin A Potent Inhibitor Of Intracellular Protein Transport - Full Download
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Effects Of Brefeldin A Potent Inhibitor Of Intracellular Protein Transport - [Complete Version]
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Effects of brefeldin-A: Potent inhibitor of intracellular protein
Brefeldin-A (BFA) is a specific and potent inhibitor of the intracellular transport ... with the intracellular transport of these molecules from the RER cisterns and the ...
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Novel Blockade by Brefeldin A of Intracellular Transport of Secretory
Effects of Brefeldin A on Protein Synthesis and Secretion-. Fig. 1 shows dose ..... that brefeldin A is a potent inhibitor of intracellular transport of secretory pro-.
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Brefeldin A from Penicillium brefeldianum Molecular Biology
BFA is a potent inhibitor of intracellular transport of secretory proteins in rat hepatocytes. ... Schwartz, et al., reported on the effects of Brefeldin A. (BFA) on the ...
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Brefeldin A Inhibits Cell-Free, De Novo Synthesis of Poliovirus
Brefeldin A (BFA), an inhibitor of intracellular vesicle-dependent secretory transport, ... inhibitors of ARF activity in cell-free transport systems also inhibit poliovirus RNA replication, and this in- hibitory effect can be countered by the addition of exogenous ARF. ... ing protein (58), ostensibly resulting in a decrease in cellular.
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Brefeldin A inhibits protein synthesis in cultured cells
BFA was found to inhibit protein synthesis in rat glioma C6 cells by up to 70% between ... BFA also blocks protein secretion [5], causes the intracellular accumulation of ... While investigating the effects of BFA on the intoxification of cultured cells by ... we observed that the drug itself was a potent inhibitor of protein synthesis.
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Brefeldin A arrests the intracellular transport of a precursor of
The effects of brefeldin A on intracellular transport and posttranslational ... found that brefeldin A inhibits the cell-surface expression of G-protein in vesicular ... that brefeldin A is a potent agent for dissecting the intracellular transport pathway of ...
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Brefeldin A inhibits insulin-dependent receptor redistribution in
Brefeldin A (BFA) is a potent inhibitor of intracellular vesicle traffic. We have investigated the effects of BFA on the traffic of the insulin receptor in HIRcB cells ... BFA brefeldin A;; IR insulin receptor;; MAPK mitogen-activated protein kinase;; mAb ... of non- clathrin-coated buds and transport vesicles, the inhibition of constitutive ...
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Brefeldin A influences the cell surface abundance and intracellular
mediated disruption of vesicular transport. There was a ... harnessed by other membrane transport proteins for a variety of .... effects of pharmacological inhibitors of protein synthesis ..... Chondrocytes treated with cycloheximide (a potent.
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Structural Integrity of the Golgi Stack Is Essential for Normal
We examined the effects of specific inhibitors, brefeldin A (BFA) and okadaic acid (OA), on the ... rine sponges, is a potent inhibitor of the protein phos- phatases 1 and 2a and ... useful for analysis of intracellular transport in con- junction with ...
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Inhibition of Poliovirus RNA Synthesis by Brefeldin A - Stanford
BFA blocks protein transport from the ERto the Golgi apparatus ... In fact, BFA is one of the most potent inhibitors of poliovirus .... effects of BFA on cell entry, protein synthesis, and RNA synthesis ...... Novel blockadeby brefeldin A of intracellular.
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7-Dehydrobrefeldin A, a Naturally Occurring Brefeldin A Derivative
more potent disrupter of the Colgi stacks of sycamore maple cells than BFA. In cells treated for 1 h with ... A11 of these effects have been traced to BFA's inhibition of the guanine ... transport could be inhibited by 3.3 pg/mL BFA ( Matsuoka et al., 1995) ... intracellular proteins were precipitated, processed, and used to measure ...
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1 Inhibitors of COP-mediated transport and cholera toxin action
Feb 26, 2002 ... In addition we demonstrate a potent inhibition of SV40 infection by the ..... Thus, it was apparent that the first effect of BFA on SV40 infection was the ..... brefeldin A of intracellular transport of secretory proteins in cultured rat ...
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ADP Ribosylation Factor 1 Is Required for Synaptic Vesicle Budding
Aug 11, 1997 ... brefeldin A; COPI and COPII, coat proteins I-II; HMW, high molecular weight; SV ... that regulates coat assembly on intracellular membranes is ... In addition to clathrin and COPI, BFA affects the recruit- ..... 15 C and BFA inhibit SV formation, transport to the peri- .... Consistently Q71L was more potent when.
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Golgi Bypass - Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology
Mar 14, 2011 ... of this transport route, the Golgi stack has a major role in modifying, processing, sorting, ..... effects dependent on cell type and BFA concentration used. ..... Inhibition by brefeldin A of protein secretion .... lysosomotropic reagents on intracellular trafficking of ... GTP-binding mutants of rab1 and rab2 are potent.
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Relationship between fluid transport and in situ inhibition of Na(+
tions of Na+ or HCO"3 and with brefeldin A, an inhibitor of protein trafficking. Results. Continuous ... Twenty percent of Na+-K+ ATPase in the endothelium is estimated to be intracellular, and about 20% of ... hours.6 Comparable effects on swelling are obtained ..... sertion of new enzyme, 2 nM brefeldin A, a potent inhibitor of ...
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Inhibitors of the Cellular Trafficking of Ricin - MDPI
Jan 6, 2012 ... molecules disrupting intracellular trafficking have been shown to block ricin toxicity. .... assessment, the inhibitory effect of ricin on protein biosynthesis in ... Inhibitors of Retrograde Transport Toxins that Act Inside Cells ... factor 1 (GBF1), and the trans-Golgi localized GEFs, Brefeldin ... GCA is a potent and.
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Standard PDF (368.6 KB) - Wiley Online Library
glycosylation has a dramatic effect on the intracellular transport of the storage glycoproteins. When ... unglycosylated storage protein, is mostly unaffected by the inhibitor, indicating that the observed ... tunicamycin, a potent antibiotic that blocks the formation ..... in the ER, in the presence of brefeldin A, could be taken as.
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Molecular mechanisms in the dramatic enhancement of HIV-1 Tat
Microscopy and flow cytometry showed that this effect was associated ... LTR- transactivation inhibition assay. Thus, the hydro- ..... Hydrophobic peptides and inhibition assay of the Tat-LTR transactivation .... intracellular protein transport by brefeldin A (Fig. 6) signif- ... molecular mass showed more potent inhibition (Fig. 7C).
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Thalidomide and its analogues have distinct and opposing effects
intracellular) TNFR2 protein expression, suggesting inhibition of trafficking to the cell membrane. The ... are potent inhibitors of monocyte/macrophage-derived TNF-α, although T .... the protein transport inhibitor Brefeldin A (10 µg/ml; Sigma).
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Download PDF - Springer
plants, appeared to be the most potent inhibitor of endocytosis in tobacco. ... Keywords: Endocytosis, PIN1 protein trafficking, Inhibitors of endomembrane trafficking, Brefeldin A, Adenosine ... recognized as a major transport in plant cells [5]. The ..... intracellular aggregations of PIN1-GFP. c TYR A23 (50 μM) preventing the ...
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