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Effect Of V Nb And Ta Doping On The 2223 Phase Formation And The Crystal - [Full Version]
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Effect Of V Nb And Ta Doping On The 2223 Phase Formation And The Crystal - Full Download
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Effect Of V Nb And Ta Doping On The 2223 Phase Formation And The Crystal - [Complete Version]
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Effect of V, Nb, and Ta Doping on the 2223 Phase Formation and the
The effects of doping high-valence cations on the high-Tc phase formation and the crystal structure are two-fold: (1) The high-valence cation substitution for the ...
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Preparation and Crystal Structure of Na 2 Zn (HPO 4) 2· 4H 2 O, a
Preparation and Crystal Structure of Na2Zn(HPO4)2 · 4H2O, a New Layered ... Effect of V, Nb, and Ta Doping on the 2223 Phase Formation and the Crystal ...
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Mechanism Of Formation And Peculiarities Of Structure - arXiv.org
compound is caused by specific features of its formation mechanism (as a result of ... the traditional Nb alloy superconductors working at the liquid helium temperature. ... annealing (with enveloping in Ta or Zr foils or without it) in Ar, vacuum or under ... MgO phase serving as a matrix, or, vice versa, fine and coarse crystals of ...
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Developments in high temperature - Research Online
Similar conclusions on the crystal structure have been made on the basis of ... doping MgB2 with carbon would reduce the critical temperature. This is .... only true where M is pentavalent, i.e., for Ta, Nb and Ru.84 ... bulk Meissner effect to the presence of an impurity phase. ...... panied by a clear crossing of the I–V curves.
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May 21, 1996 ... “Doping of BiSrCaCuO Compounds ... “Effect of V. Nb. and Ta Doping on the 2223. Phase Formation and the Crystal Structure in the BiSr—.
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Contents to Volume 53
Effect of Electric Current on Microstructural Evolution in a ... Doped Type-VIII Clathrate Ba8Ga16Sn30 ... and n-Value in Multifilamentary Bi2223 Composite Tape ... K. Zhan, C. H. Jiang and V. Ji . .... Influence of Precipitated Phase Formation on Recrystallization ..... Crystal Grain Morphology Evolution over Ti, V, Nb and Ta.
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Mechanistic studies on lithium intercalation in a - RSC Publishing
Sep 3, 2014 ... changes in the crystal structure during the lithium intercalation reactions is ... of their effects on the power and calendar-life characteris- ... Epitaxial Li2RuO3 lms were synthesized on 0.5% Nb-doped .... Li1.4RuO3 around 3.4 V and a phase transition from monoclinic ..... The observed phase formation on.
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List of Publications (Reverse Chronological Order)
The Effect on Cathode Performance of Oxygen Non-Stoichiometry and .... Formation and Stability of Ferroelectric BaTi2O5, Na Zhu and A R West, J Am ... Phase equilibria, crystal chemistry and polymorphism of Zn7Sb2O12 doped with ..... of the partially ordered rock salt phases, Li3M2XO6: M = Mg, Co, Ni; X = Nb, Ta, Sb.
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A Classification of Superconductors
Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin–Ovchinnikov (FFLO) effect, namely superconductivity could be ... One of the structures existing near x = 0,A3B (where A = Nb, V, Ta, Zr and B = Sn, Ge, Al, Ga, ..... phase segregation, observed often in weakly doped HTSC. .... Fig. A.5. Crystal structures of HTSC: (a) YBCO and (b) Bi-2223, (c) LSCO, and.
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Luminescence detection of phase transitions in crystals and
One can often differentiate between bulk and surface effects by contrasting ... show the host signals are strongly sensitive to impurity phase transitions from inclusions ... the case of doped materials there are inherent stresses and/or ..... transitions which vary as a function of the Nb to Ta ratio. .... precipitate phase formation.
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Download PDF (2669KB) - Springer
wave effects), but on the other hand, there are d-wave antiferromagnetic ... ( ethylenedithio)tetraselenafulvalene, the superconducting phase is induced by a .... density for electron- and hole-doped C60 crystals in different types of intercalation. .... the structures existing near x = 0, A3B (where A = Nb, V, Ta, Zr and B = Sn, Ge,.
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Download Book (PDF, 52151 KB) - Springer
Hydrogen Effects on 22-13-5 Austenitic Steel at Low Temperatures . ... A. Pokhil, M. M. Chemic, L. V. Skibina, V. A. Lototskaya, ..... Phase Formation in Melt- Textured Bi-2212 in the Presence of Uranium Oxide . ... High Temperature Bi2223/Ag Superconducting Tapes Doped with Ultra-Fine SiC ... T. A. Prikhna, W. Gawalek, 1.
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Curriculum Vitae - UH Department of Mechanical Engineering
Sundeep Rele, "Effects of Processing Parameters and Doping on the ... S. Athur, “ Phase-Formation and Melt-processing of Ag-Clad Yb-123 Tapes”, May 2000, Ph. D. .... terbium Single Crystals," IEEE Trans., Sonics and Ultrasonics, SU-19, p. 409 ..... J. L. Cohn, S. A. Wolf, T. A. Vanderah, V. Selvamanickam and K. Salama,  ...
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Some undergraduates coauthor scholarly papers - Clark University
“Doping Effect of Non-magnetic Impurities in. Haldane ... methylpyridine: Synthesis, Crystal Structures and Magnetic Properties of (3-MAP)2CuX4. [3-MAP  ...
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ICM2012 Session List_120702
Temperature- and Field-Tuning of Magnetic Phases in Multiferroic ... X-ray non- reciprocal effects in multiferroic single crystal of GaFeO3. 9 .... Hole doping effect for the T'-Ln2CuO4 (Ln = La,Nd) cuprate. 32 ... structure and critical temperature of Bi (2223) superconductor. 41 ..... Observation of Bose-metallic Phase in Ta Films.
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ReportDPMC 2005 - DQMP - Université de Genève
electronic properties. The NCCR, which has been very successful in its first 4- year phase, has been .... MgB2 by investigating the effect of doping with Al and C. We also report on first STS ... V. [u .a .] Vs [meV]. Fig.1. Density of states of Bi2223 for samples with different ..... (Nb,Ta,Ti)3Sn, a Tc distribution ranging from ~ 13.
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Facet-Dependent Electron Trapping in TiO2 Nanocrystals
Jan 6, 2015 ... studies of polaron formation in the ideal crystal,7−10,27 electron trapping at intrinsic ... been limited to only the (110) surface where the effect of vacancies ..... Augugliaro, V.; Soria, J. EPR Study of the Surface Characteristics of .... Nb- and Ta-doped rutile and anatase TiO2. J. Mater. ... 2011, 2, 2223−2228.
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Other Technical Applications of Strontium Containing - InTech
In order to investigate their properties, various strontium aluminate phases occurring in the .... It is supposed, that brushite act as the precursor at the formation of human bones and teeth .... without doping with mineralizers, were reported, as well as the effects of ..... M=V, Ta, Nb) α-and β –Sr2GeN2 [994] and Sr2TaN3 [995].
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Formation of the high temperature Bi-2223 phase has been studied for samples with ... M represented V, Nb, Ta, their ... The effect of the additives on the growth of ... samples from 62 % (x = 0.2) to 87 % (x = 0.6), in Ta doped ones up to 83% 2. ... conclusion about the penetration of 5B metals dopants into the crystal lattice of.
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publications t.vogt
Vogt, V. Frank Physica B 156 & 157, 195-197 (1988). 10. “Hydrogen ... “ Localisation of excess oxygen in the high Tc 2223-phase ... “Crystal structure and hydrogen bonding in Li/H-exchanged petalite ..... “Bonding and structural variations in doped Bi2Sn2O7. ..... “The Effect of Nb or Ta Substitution into the M1 Phase of the.
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