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Introduction to the special issue on African Language Technology
Jul 6, 2011 ... elsewhere, have come forward to share the common goal of ... We define the scope of African Language Technology as follows: ... machine translation, morphological analysis and speech technology (Brits et al. ... linguistic diversity in sub-Saharan Africa therefore does not find ..... application to Swahili.
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2nd Workshop on African Language Technology - LREC Conferences
Tuesday, May 18, 2010. 09:00–10:00. Invited Talk - Do we need linguistic knowledge for speech technology applications in African languages? Justus Roux.
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human language technology - CSIR
Linguistics ... Information can be accessed in a natural, understandable way. Information ... Examples of applications involving speech technology include: ... many HLT R&D efforts emanating from South Africa have ... To harness the knowledge and skills developed in these pockets of excellence into a .... We aim to deploy.
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African Languages and Information and Communication
access, but this paper will focus on a less talked about aspect – the linguistic ... of African languages in ICT – on the levels of policy, attitudes, and ... “access” to technology that accounts for user profiles emerge as key factors to ..... significant number of less widely spoken languages apparently do not have any established .
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Collecting and Evaluating Speech Recognition Corpora for Nine
Mar 31, 2009 ... cO2009 Association for Computational Linguistics. Collecting ... We describe the Lwazi corpus for auto- ... to our knowledge no service available to the gen- ... and for most applications speech from a large ... is important to have tools and guidelines that can ... speech corpus of South African languages cur-.
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Improving Literacy in Developing Countries Using Speech
the learner‟s linguistic knowledge that may impact reading. Second, we ... software applications can support via speech recognition. (which checks that ... vocabulary training applications. ... 11 South African languages, but to our knowledge, has yet to deploy a ..... Informed by the above theoretical framework, we have the.
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Building Capacities in Human Language Technology for African
Mar 31, 2009 ... cO2009 Association for Computational Linguistics ... African Languages Technlogy Initiative (Alt-i), Ibadan, Nigeria ... the development of knowledge and skills in HLT for ... formation revolution is the need for humans to ... Africa. The application of Language technology to Afri- can languages is relatively ...
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the english language in the digital age - META-Net
search and development of language technologies also differ. e required actions .... So, how can we alleviate the burden of coping with lan- ... rent applications for the English language. ... guages) and South Africa (11 official languages) have ... of deeper linguistic methods and knowledge. .... In terms of speech, we had to.
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Speech data collection in an under-resourced language - MICA
opment of an automatic speech recognition (ASR) system in typical under- resourced ... performance, which implies that the data does not need to be perfectly ...
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1 The Spoken language corpora for the nine official African
computer-based linguistic resources for the nine official African languages of ... The effective and rapid development of science and technology in Africa ... indigenous knowledge systems of the various speech communities of South Africa. We ... even for English, since most spoken language corpora have been collected for ...
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Automatic Speech Recognition for Under-Resourced Languages:
We propose, in this paper, a survey that focuses on automatic speech ... in 2012), Siri ASR application (8 languages in 2012), Wiktionary5 (~80 ... Human Language Technologies have a lot to offer to revitalize and (at least) document languages and ..... text analysis only and do not use any additional linguistic knowledge, ...
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Benefits of linguistic diversity and multilingualism - Sus.Div
of the diversity of languages should be one of the main goals of linguistics. ... use of two or more languages in a speech community and it does not necessary ... the main language of science and technology in the world and its spread is .... As we have already seen there are many languages 'at risk' in the world nowadays.
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Unifying Speech Resources for Tone Languages - International
synthesizer is available at the local language speech technology initiative consortium web site. ( and can be downloaded and tried. We have ...
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Voice Search for Development - Research at Google
Sep 30, 2010 ... that speech technology can play a significant role in improv- ... South Africa (Zulu and Afrikaans) are summarized. Index Terms: voice search, ... thourgh the use of voice-search applications. Below, we ... we have carried out initial investigations. ... to codify linguistic knowledge about the languages of the de-.
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Linguistic & Paralinguistic Phonetic Variation in Speaker
paralinguistic information in speech is mainly signalled with prosodic cues, the systems .... When we speak, we use the lexicon and grammar of a language, and we use one of ... Unlike automatic speech recognition, ASrR does not have to handle ... to South Africa, or from Malmö to Stockholm), some of the speaker's speech ...
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Proceedings - University of the Basque Country
May 22, 2012 ... The joint SALTMIL/AfLaT workshop on “Language technology for ... African Languages and Cultures, Ghent University, Belgium ... dictionaries with HFST and using them in HFST applications .... sociolinguistic variation: we aim to include Irish .... Some aspects of speech do not need to be recorded in the.
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Collecting Resources in Sub-Saharan African Languages - ALFFA
ysis (language phonetic and linguistic description, dialec- tology) and speech technologies (automatic speech recog- ... For this, speech fundamental knowledge ... since it does not only gather technology experts but also in- ... african languages (Swahili, Hausa, Amharic and Wolof). ... In the ALFFA project, we have de-.
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A Robust Language Processor for African Tone Language - GESJ
We discuss the problems and challenges of this design and proffer ... Various tools for Linguistics data processing are outlined in [1] and the need to ... The West African Language Archive (WALA) and the Local Language Speech Technology ... NLP is an area of research and application that explores how computers can be.
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Issues in Porting TTS to Minority Languages - Outside Echo
We describe issues that are arising in the Local Language Speech Technology Initiative (LLSTI) ... linguistic knowledge, and thus can be considered a form.
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Controlled natural language in speech recognition based user
In this paper we discuss how controlled natural language can be used ... grammar-based speech recognition, an Android app that mediates the communi- ... application platform for speech based user interfaces has emerged in the form of ... The grammars have been implemented in Grammatical Framework (GF) [9] making.
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African Languages and Information and Communication Technology
5 African languages are defined here as the modern languages indigenous to the ... in Africa most likely to have access to the technology. A quick ... to ICT infrastructure and applications, and 'soft access,' which we define as software and .... lack of knowledge about African languages and linguistics or .... and text- to-speech.
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The Basic Language Resource Kit - Elsnet
in language and speech technology, both in research and in development or ... categories (at this moment resources, technologies and applications), with a ... For presentation on the web we have adopted a graphical metaphor, which displays ... But we are NOT living in one linguistic space, as can be illustrated by the ...
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Download - CORDIS
Feb 13, 2009 ... Language Resources (LRs) and Language Technologies (LTs). The growth .... FLaReNet does not have the resources to implement alone the necessary ... South Africa), "An African Perspective on Language Resources and ..... How can we identify/promote applications/technologies of “greatest exposure”?
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Syntactic Theory A Formal Introduction - Stanford University
3.3 The Linguistic Application of Feature Structures. 54. 3.4 The Head ... use certain forms or constructions that are common in everyday speech. A prescriptive ... That is, we can formulate general hypotheses about linguistic structure and test them ..... languages does not have to be learned, because much of our knowledge.
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Natural Language Processing at the School of Information - SICS
application of computational linguistic methods to ... tries is growing, while most people do not speak the ... in Ethiopia and in the entire Horn of Africa region. ... And finally, we have the problem that the course ... knowledge both of language processing techniques ..... devoted to speech technology and spoken language.
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The South African Human Language Technology Audit | SpringerLink
Jun 24, 2011 ... Hence a technology audit was conducted for the South African HLT ... Based on the Basic Language Resource Kit (BLaRK) framework Krauwer (ELRA Newslett 3 (2), 1998), we used various data collection methods (such as focus ...... in South Africa; eleven of these have been declared official languages ...
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