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International Portfolio Diversification and Market Linkages in the
Papers may only be downloaded for personal use only. ... crucially on the relative size, frequency and persistence of idiosyncratic and common shocks. ... implications for portfolio management given that if markets display increased co-.
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Stages of Diversification and Industry Productivity Differences
Mar 11, 2013 ... This paper shows that persistent productivity differences across .... on their work by performing a rigorous quantitative analysis of the implications of ..... Community, Social and Personal Services, which has the lowest gi value ...
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Global equities: Balancing home bias and diversification - Vanguard
The rationale for diversification is clear—U.S. stocks ..... We discuss the implications of such a view in the .... observed in recent periods to persist indefinitely.
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Global fixed income: Considerations for US investors - Vanguard
diversified portfolio, this paper finds that foreign bonds can play such a role. • For investors ... implication is clear: Investors can now view global bonds as an ...
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Jeremy Siegel vs. Zvi Bodie - Advisor Perspectives
Sep 23, 2014 ... Either view has profound implications for whether equity allocations should ... Time diversification has implications for how advisors build .... international stock returns, there is no guarantee that time diversification will persist in the future. ... personal financial planning department at Texas Tech University in ...
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The effect of cultural distance on entry mode choice - University of
Feb 3, 2005 ... distance and entry mode choice, international diversification, and MNE .... As personal experiences and ... tend to consider the implications of cultural distance. ...... change, and the persistence of traditional values', American.
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Diversifying the Teaching Force: An - Montclair State University
Apr 16, 2010 ... diversifying the teaching force and assessed the extent to which they are validated by empirical research. The results are reported, and implications of the findings for ..... schools, hold potential for reversing the persistent racial/ethnic .... personal lives is the primary reason teacher candidates of color give for ...
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Diversification as a Public Good: Community Effects in - Ron Kaniel
These community effects have a number of important implications. First, they imply that ... policies that subsidize diversified portfolios and limit agents' ability to trade in .... their own personal consumption. Hence, the ...... still persist. Indeed, we ...
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Author's personal copy Aggregate implications of micro asset market
the aggregate implications of the market segmentation frictions. ... match the systematic return volatility of a well-diversified market portfolio and key ..... Indeed , because of persistence, high idiosyncratic endowment volatility this month predicts ...
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The Role of Mountain Ranges in the Diversification of Birds - Besøg
Sep 4, 2012 ... birds, global, marine impacts, mountains, persistence, speciation. Abstract. Avian faunas vary ... on 11/14/12. For personal use only. .... www.annualreviews.org • Mountain Ranges in Bird Diversification. 251. Annu. Rev. ...... Comparative phylogeography of five avian species: implications for. Pleistocene ...
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National Cultural Differences and Multinational Business - AACSB
The persistence of cultural value differences is particularly relevant for large ... Section 4 discusses business implications and how multinational companies can .... on tender values such as personal relationships, care for others, and quality of life. ... such as entry mode choice, international diversification, and performance of.
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Portfolio Investment in an Intertemporal Setting - OECD
ASSESSMENT OF THE LITERATURE AND POLICY IMPLICATIONS ... Several countries around the globe have established mandatory pension systems based on personal .... diversification across issuers is a reflection that the advice being given to many households has ..... In the more persistent slow growth and bull.
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Diversify with care - Columbia Business School
Diversification, performance, portfolio strategy, private equity, relatedness, unrelatedness ...... proves to have a positive implication on performance. .... First, management might invest in strategies and projects that have high personal returns, such ... On a similar note, Kaplan and Schoar (2004) show a strong persistence in.
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Who is internationally diversified? Evidence from 296 401(k) plans
More generally, if the inter-personal characteristics are not well diversified ... persistent, identifying them is important for predicting future trends in .... allocation by about 1.6% over a decade, making the aggregate trend implications of the.
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time varying integration, the euro and international diversification
Keywords: International portfolio diversification, Country versus Industry .... betas lead to a systematic increase in the assets' total risk, an implication that ..... switching volatility models are better suited for dealing with spurious persistence often ..... other industries have decreased (e.g. Oil and Gas, Personal and Household ...
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Cross-Border Diversification in Bank Asset - Federal Reserve
diversified portfolio for banks located in France, Germany, the U.K., and the U.S. under ...... of Poland, which is the country with the most persistent pattern of non- zero ..... political risk variable has an interesting implication in the mean-variance  ...
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Technological Diversification: implications for the firm - Druid
This paper considers technological diversification and its implications for the firm. Neo-classicists .... keeping successful routines, the firm builds persistence into its profile of ..... personal computers, to become a possibility. The firm is assumed ...
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Money Matters: The Influence of Financial Factors on Graduate
what effect do financial factors have on persistence in graduate school? Descriptive and hierarchal ... to persistence. Implications .... Statistics (P. Knepper , personal communication, July 1, 2006) and, thus, a restricted database ..... graduate students' loans is to diversify their aid package with other sources of support such as ...
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Department of Finance - New York University
to persist for some time before de-diversification occurs. ... implication is that providing CEOs with forms of performance-based incentive compensation .... reduces the risk of the manager's undiversified personal wealth portfolio [Amihud and ...
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Rural Diversification: What hope for the poor? - Overseas
diversification can be defined as economic development of non-agricultural activities .... Social, cultural and personal values also play a part in the trade-offs made. .... and non-agricultural components but the continued persistence of art- time, marginal ..... The implications for rural societies, traditional ways of peasant.
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The Diversifying Academic Profession? - Cambridge Journals
the countervailing forces to diversification grow as well: 'academic drift' and ... persistent and salient issues in the discourse on higher education for a period of ..... implications of this priority for teaching or are not pushed by their institution to ... Teaching-oriented professors more often report personal influence on both.
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Student Success - Indiana State University
Student Retention (Persistence): Entering college students remain, re-enroll, and continue their ... Spiritual Development: appreciating the search for personal meaning, the purpose of ... The implications of this holistic definition of student success for one very desirable ..... Diversified program delivery recognizes the reality.
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Baccalaureate Attainment and College Persistence of Community
Perceived locus of control and community college GPA are significant predictors of persistence. Implications for policy and future research are also discussed.
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Managerial Overconfidence and the Diversification Discount
Dec 10, 2011 ... Corporate Diversification and Managerial Overconfidence ... bias, as gauged by managers' reluctance to divest firm-specific risk on their personal .... Overconfidence also has implications for the performance of diversifying firms. In .... order to assess the persistent overconfidence effect of managers, rather ...
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Optimal Portfolios for the Long Run - Morningstar
Nov 15, 2013 ... the Department of Personal Financial. Planning at Texas Tech ... However, uncertainty over the persistence of time diversification will reduce the optimal allocation to equities. The most convincing ...... doesn't exist. This has important implications for equity investors over longer time horizons. In order to ...
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Evolutionary Mechanisms of Persistence and Diversification of a
Sep 12, 2006 ... Evolutionary Mechanisms of Persistence and Diversification of a ..... This has important implications for both viral ..... personal computers.
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Social determinants of songbird vocal activity and implications for
implications for the persistence of small populations. P. Laiolo1,2 ...... personal information. Ecology ... (2001). Geographic diversification in the call repertoire of.
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Financial Literacy among the Young: Evidence and Implications for
Jan 28, 2010 ... diversification than a female with less than a high school education whose ... concepts (NCEE 2005), confirming evidence provided by the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal ..... Thus, financial illiteracy seems to persist for long.
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