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Design and experimental demonstration of a high-directive emission
Apr 11, 2011 ... transformation optics and metamaterials has led to staggering electromagnetic devices.8–19 Proposals of new electromagnetic devices such as .... directive emission based on the transformation of an isotropic source at ...
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A Kind of Potential Practical Sensors of Metamaterial in
We present a new kind of method of electromagnetic flaw nondestructive ... rent element is investigated and analyzed using Ansoft HFSS based on finite element method (FEM), which ..... Metamaterial for Directive Emission,” Physical Review.
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Antenna Design Concepts Based on Transformation
posite metamaterials that realize the space coordinate ... characterization of three types of antennas: a directive, a steered ... have offered new opportunities for the design of active ... directive emission by stretching a source into an extended.
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Planar metamaterial based on hybridization for directive emission
R. W. Ziolkowski and A. Erentok, “Metamaterial-based efficient electrically small ... N. Guérin, and P. Vincent, “A metamaterial for directive emission,” Phys. .... It results in the formation of two new hybrid modes. .... Antennas based on this kind of.
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radiation of a dipole antenna embedded in metamaterial substrates. ... of using a rod medium to direct the emission of an embedded source towards the normal .... For simulation, we use CST Microwave Studio r which is based on Finite ... Mesh type of .... directive radiation around the electric plasma frequency of 13.5GHz.
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Ultra directive antenna via transformation optics -
produce a highly directive emission, a physical space where lines θ = constant ... tain the material parameters of the new rectangular space: ) det( .... show that the directivity of this metamaterial-based antenna is competitive with conventional.
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uncorrected proof - Tel
Phase-varying metamaterial for compact steerable directive antennas ». Electronics ... wavelength by using a novel type of metamaterial-based resonant cavity in order to ... variation of g leads us to a new design of the PRS (Fig. 1) with a ... 209–215. 2 Zhou, L., Li, H., Qin, Y., Wei, Z., and Chan, C.T.: 'Directive emissions.
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Get PDF - OSA Publishing
value of the permeability, a directive radiation at the broadside of the slab ... Y. Yuan, L. F. Shen, L. X. Ran, T. Jiang, and J. T. Huangfu, “Directive emission based ... In this work, by utilizing a kind of artificial material called metamaterial, we ..... This can be used to design a new kind of dispersive antenna which radiates EM.
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State-of-the-Art of Metamaterials: Characterization - [email protected]
different types of metamaterials and their application in topical .... 2012) presented a new type of dual-band negative permittivity metamaterial based on a cross ..... transformation optics lens for highly directive multibeam emission,” Phys . Rev.
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Broadband High Directivity Multibeam Emission Through
Abstract—A new broadband two- and three-dimensional, polarization ... resonator, highly directive, metamaterials, monopole, multiple beam ... types of functionality. One major ... dimensional coordinate mappings based on the transformation.
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Lower RCS directional antenna by left-handed material | SpringerLink
The directive emission is explained due to the negative refraction and the focus effect ... This kind of sensor has important usages in military, such as stealth antenna. ... People are trying to design new antennas with metamaterials to improve the ..... size highly directive antennas based on the SRR metamaterial medium.
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A Review of Metamaterial based Radiation Pattern - FERMAT
The recent article on new scientist magazine “Metamaterial: ... a good candidate for the design of a highly directive beam steering antenna. ..... isolation. A strip mesh type FSS unit-cell based superstrate .... results on emission in metamaterial .
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Session 3A2a Metamaterial Applications: from Antennas to - piers
Mar 27, 2009 ... Directive Emissions of Antennas on Metamaterial Ground Planes: ... Most of LHM are based on artificial subwavelength metallic structures ... In this talk, two kinds of magnetic resonances, which derived from ... It is shown that the magnetic resonance in dielectrics supply a new way for generation of negative.
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Experimental realization of an epsilon-near-zero metamaterial at
Oct 13, 2013 ... could be made in the visible, entirely new forms of waveform shaping3,12 ... towards strongly negative values due to the Drude-type response of free electrons in ... medium material to that of a waveguide-based metamaterial. ..... Luo, J., Xu, P. & Gao, L. Directive emission based on one-dimensional metal.
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A Review of Metamaterials and its Applications - IJETT
paper presents a review of different types of metamaterials, their own unique properties and ... which have a new sub section within electromagnetism and physics. ... F. Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) based Metamaterials. FSS based ..... [37] Enoch “A metamaterial for directive emission” Phys Rev. Letters. 2002.
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A Study of Significance of Metamaterial in Antenna - IJARCSSE
This type of material combines an array of metallic wires to attain negative effective ... his colleagues, constructed the first LHM, which is based on a periodic array of ... emission of a source embedded in a slab of meta-material in 2002. .... The next idea was to design directive antennas by using planar defects in a photonic ...
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Generalized method for retrieving effective parameters of anisotropic
parameters of metamaterials based on a waveguide method", Opt. Express ... J. Huangfu and J. A. Kong, "Directive emission based on anisotropic meta- ... E. Popov and M. Nevière, "Grating theory: new equations in Fourier space ... an anisotropic metamaterial with negative properties involving pure dielectric rod- type struc-.
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bandwidth widening techniques for directive antennas based - Hal
Jun 19, 2007 ... Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) materials, or metamaterials is their narrow directivity ... It is well known that the bandwidth of a directive antenna based on a Fabry-Perot cavity ... It is composed of a Fabry-Perot type cavity composed ..... A new analytical expression for the directivity bandwidth of Fabry-.
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State-of-the-art of Metamaterials: Characterization, Realization and
Jul 2, 2014 ... generation of different types of metamaterials and their application in topical .... presented a new type of dual-band negative permittivity metamaterial based on a cross circular ..... lens for highly directive multibeam emission.
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A new patch antenna with metamaterial cover*
Nov 28, 2005 ... Key words: Metamaterial, Patch antenna, FDTD, Plane wave expansion method .... Fig.2 S11 of conventional type and metamaterial type.
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