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topographic pattern followed by the differentiating procambium. Most of our information on these aspects comes from studies of seed plants, and this information.
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Differentiation in seed germination among populations of Capsicum
Genetic structure and differentiation of wild and domesticated populations of Capsicum annuum from Mexico. Plant Systematics and Evolution. (in press).
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Testing population differentiation in plant species – how important
Jul 31, 2009 ... We found a significant population differentiation in all species and for nearly all .... plant populations grown from F1 seed produced under.
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Origin and Development of Primary Vascular Tissues in Seed Plants
VASCULAR TISSUES IN SEED PLANTS 133 fresh sections and found that in treatment with H202, bubbles arose from regions that were differentiating into pith  ...
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Relation of Seed Weight to Vegetative Growth, Differentiation - jstor
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Initial Differentiation of Vascular Tissue in the - Annals of Botany
Although an initial stage of vascular differentiation preceding procambium has been demonstrated in ferns, its presence in seed plants has not been accepted ...
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Plant ecotypes: genetic differentiation in the age of ecological - Cell
cally, ecological restoration of native plant species often requires seed stock to replace or augment threatened plant communities. Seeds derived from different ...
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On Growth & Differentiation - Louis Bolk Instituut
Growth and differentiation - Life processes in crops. Published in Dutch .... plants, in late summer and autumn, in flowering and seed production). Distinguishing ...
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Evolution of plants - CSUS
Ordovician: First terrestrial plants - non-vascular plants that reproduced with spores. ... vascular, many had no differentiation of seeds, leaves and stems.
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Gibberellins and Reproductive Development in Seed Plants
flower (or strobilus) initiation and differentiation, flower development (includ- ..... flower and good seed set in low-GA mutants, or in plants treated with growth.
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PDF (225 KB) - Annual Reviews
KEY WORDS: selection, genetic variation, microdifferentiation, plants, ... broadly to include eukaryotic algae, ferns, bryophytes, and all seed plants—.
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Origin and development of primary vascular tissues in seed plants
VASCULAR TISSUES IN SEED PLANTS. 133 fresh sections and found that in treatment with H202, bubbles arose from regions that were differentiating into pith  ...
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Origin and differentiation of endemism in the flora of China - Springer
involved in the discussion. 2 Characteristics and evolution of the endemic genera of gymnosperms. In the Chinese seed plants flora, China is the core area of.
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Differentiation of Seed, Sugar, and Biomass-Producing Genotypes
Abstract Plant sinks including grain, stem sugar, leaf, and stem biomass as well as .... 20 Differentiation of Seed, Sugar, and Biomass-Producing Genotypes…
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Differentiation of Mucilage Secretory Cells of the Arabidopsis Seed
structure and differentiation of Arabidopsis seed coat mucilage cells, including ... plants, including members of the Brassicaceae, Solanaceae,. Linaceae, and ...
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Effect of plant growth regulators on floral differentiation and seed
flower meristem, differentiating multiple flower production. © 2007 Elsevier B.V. .... total seed production per plant were recorded in April 2001. 2.3. Histological ...
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γ-Tocopherol Accumulation and Floral Differentiation of Medicinal
The accumulation of γ-tocopherol in the grains of GA3 treated plants was ... Keywords: γ-tocopherol, floral differentiation, plant growth regulators, seed priming.
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Density-Independent Mortality and Increasing Plant Diversity Are
Plants raised from cuttings and seeds of colonizer and resident populations were ... result in a rapid genetic differentiation within a largely apomictic species.
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Plant Embryogenesis - UCLA Department of Molecular, Cell, and
Plant Embryogenesis: Zygote to Seed. Robert B. Goldberg,* Genaro de Paiva, Ramin Yadegari. Most differentiation events in higher plants occur continuously in ...
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Sucrose Synthase Localizati n during lnitiation of Seed - NCBI
Plant Physiol. (1 995) 109: 1285-1 293. Sucrose Synthase Localizati n during lnitiation of Seed. Development and Trichome Differentiation in Cotton Ovules'.
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