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Different Size Limitations For Increased Transepithelial Paracellular Solute - [Full Version]
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Different Size Limitations For Increased Transepithelial Paracellular Solute - Full Download
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Different Size Limitations For Increased Transepithelial Paracellular Solute - [Complete Version]
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Transepithelial paracellular leakiness induced by - Carcinogenesis
in tight junction permeability to a variety of solutes (8). This phenomenon ... has overall dramatically increased transepithelial paracellular permeability, all ..... ( 1997) Different size limitations for increased transepithelial paracellular solute flux ...
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Increased tight junctional permeability is - Carcinogenesis
the transepithelial electrical resistance, the paracellular flux rate of D-[14C] mannitol ... is critical for the separation of two different fluid compartments .... Preparation of human and rat colon for transepithelial electrical measurements. Human colon ..... (1992) The movement of solutes and cells across tight junctions . Ann. NY.
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Ras Mutation Impairs Epithelial Barrier Function to a Wide Range of
This indicates decreased paracellular permeability to NaCl but increased permeabil- ity to nonelectrolytes. ... This implies a “ceiling” on the size of solutes that can cross a .... For measurements of transepithelial voltage at 37°C, 1 M NaCl salt bridges in series with .... ing from one cell grouping to another. Expression of Ras ...
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Protein Kinase C Activation Increases Transepithelial Transport of
Apr 15, 2008 ... consequently, to increased transepithelial (paracellular) solute flux across ... 37Â °C.TER and PD measurements were performed at the beginning and end .... insulin was not significantly different than the basal-lateral to apical.
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Proinflammatory Cytokines Disrupt Epithelial Barrier Function by
Increased paracellular permeability in turn enhances antigenic ex- posure to underlying immune ... TJ acts as a gate regulating solute flux and a fence preventing ...... Different size limitations for increased transepithelial paracellular solute flux ...
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Interferon- selectively increases epithelial permeability to large
Oct 25, 2005 ... along with increased solute permeability. ... pores that could allow different physiological stimuli to induce ... selectively increases the transepithelial flux of large .... of paracellular permeability over a range of molecular sizes that can ... and a second component (C2) where no size restriction is apparent for.
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PDF (379.5KB) - Wiley Online Library
apoptosis increased the contribution of paracellular pathways to the overall epithelial permeability. ... unidirectional fluxes of 3H-tracers of different molecular weights. ... measurements, cells were seeded on Millicell PCF filters (effective area 0.6 cm2 ...... limitations for increased transepithelial paracellular solute flux across.
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Temperature corrected transepithelial electrical resistance (TEER
measurement to quantify rapid changes in paracellular permeability. L.-F. Blume1, M. ... By measuring the impact of temperature and different electrode types on TEER ... Transepithelial electrical resistance measurements are routinely ... ions is increased. ..... Researchers often use solute transport for cell monolayer stud-.
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Paracellular Cl permeability is regulated by WNK4 kinase: Insight
Oct 12, 2004 ... solutes, or the expression or localization of selected tight-junction proteins. ... Tight junctions of different epithelia are selectively permeable for different ions .... TER and dilution potential measurements were performed in triplicate ..... that a PHAII-mutant WNK4 increased transepithelial 36Cl flux 2- fold (37).
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Functional Dissociation of Paracellular Permeability and
selectivity for size or different types of cations was un- changed, expression of wild-type ... high transepithelial electrical resistance (TER) 1 e.g., uri- nary bladder ...
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Full Article (PDF) - World Journal of Gastroenterology
May 15, 2016 ... cant increase in transepithelial leak of 14C-mannitol (Jm). Exposure to TNF-α + IFN-γ .... the TNFα effect on barrier function vary across different cell lines. .... measurements and radiotracer flux studies with 0.1 mmol/L, 0.1 ...... transepithelial paracellular solute flux across phorbol ester and tumor necrosis.
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Use of Ca Modulation to Evaluate Biliary Excretion in Sandwich
showed that Ca2 depletion increased the permeability of the tight junctions to ...... (1997) Different size limitations for increased transepithelial paracellular solute.
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Effects of Proinflammatory Cytokines on the Claudin-19 Rich Tight
transepithelial diffusion of solutes via the spaces that lie between neighboring cells ... can act synergistically with TNFa to increase paracellular permeability.20  ...
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Interrelations/cross talk between transcellular transport function and
Jun 29, 2007 ... transport function and paracellular permeability of solute transport appear to be differentially ... cellular routes, increasing the physical dimension and permeability of tight junctional region. ... TRANSEPITHELIAL AND TRANSENDOTHELIAL NOISE AND. IMPEDANCE ... Another approach deals with white.
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The transcription factors Slug and Snail act as repressors of Claudin
Significantly, in invasive human breast tumours, high levels of Snail and Slug ...... Different size limitations for increased transepithelial paracellular solute flux ...
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Claudin-21 has a paracellular channel role at tight junctions
Jan 4, 2016 ... claudin-21-based TJs allow the passage of small and larger solutes by both .... another that is unknown. ... of channel-type claudins will increase our understanding of .... For the TER and paracellular tracer flux measurements, 1 × 105 ... the transepithelial permeability for various cations of MDCK I-Venus ...
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Full Text - BioTechniques
measurements in animals and patients. Ideally, the ..... Different size limitations for increased transepithelial paracellular solute flux across phorbol ester and ...
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in-depth review - Peritoneal Dialysis International
tight junction and major determinants of paracellular sol- ute fluxes ... layers with different properties according to the organ- ... solutes by providing charge- and size-selective barriers (“bar- ..... increase in transepithelial solute transport (51).
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Paracellular calcium transport across Caco-2 and HT29 cell
tance. Isotopic transport rate measurements were per- ... increase calcium or mannitol transepithelial transport; however ... the mechanism of intestinal absorption of a solute, it .... were removed from the bottom compartment at different times.
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Jan 13, 1998 ... Measurements of Resistance (Direct Current). Analysis of transepithelial resistance to passive ion flow relies on simplified equivalent ... high density (see below), alters junctional permeability as directly determined ... paracellular solute movement also produce substantial decreases in resistance. (10).
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