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Determination Of Discharge By Use Of The Pitot Tube - [Full Version]
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Determination Of Discharge By Use Of The Pitot Tube - Full Download
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Determination Of Discharge By Use Of The Pitot Tube - [Complete Version]
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Lecture 13 Flow Measurement in Pipes
There are a wide variety of methods for measuring discharge and velocity in ... The pitot tube can be used not only for measuring flow velocity in open channels.
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MANUAL FOR MEASURING PUMP DISCHARGES WITH. A LOW-COST EASYTO-USE PITOT TUBE by. M.S. Shafique ... Pitot Tube that would be easily affordable. ... In order to calculate the discharge, the cross-sectional area of flow must be.
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EFD Lab2 - User pages - The University of Iowa
The Venturi meter with 5.08cm diameter is used to measure the total flow rate, ... Velocity distributions in the pipes are measured with Pitot tubes housed in .... discharge. Measure velocity profile. Measure pressure drop in pipe ... calculating flow rate (Equation 6) in individual pipes is explained in the Data reduction sheet. 2.
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Download PDF - Emerson Process Management
the devices used for DP Flow measurement. ..... pitot tubes use a velocity calculated by measuring the ... to allow the calculation of the discharge coefficient .
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Laboratory 1 DETERMINATION OF NOZZLE DISCHARGE USING: (1) ... (3) Use control knob C to raise or lower the pitot tube to a position nearest the nozzle so ...
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Engineering Bernoulli Equation - Clarkson University
Whenever you use this equation, be sure to draw a sketch and ..... Determining a local velocity using the Pitot-Static Tube .... V by a discharge coefficient d. C.
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Air Flow Measurements
If such information is not available use the table above as valid for the pitot tube you are using. ... Calculating the Flow Rate from the Velocity Profile. The volumetric airflow rate .... The dimensionless discharge coefficient Cd accounts for the ...
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And this determination of fluid flow velocity to measure the flow rate by a pitot tube is based on the concept of static and stagnation pressures. .... If it is brought to rest isentropically the word isentropically is used as you know the .... First we will discuss the discharge through a orifice discharge through an orifice through.
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Averaging Pitot Tube (Annubar®) Calculations - Cameron
Oct 9, 2014 ... tionality is available for use with averaging pitot tube (Annubar®) meters. An averaging ... mining the discharge coefficient and/or expansion ...
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IS 14973 (2001): Measurement of Fluid Flow in Closed Conduits
b) Comma (,) has been used as a decimal marker while in Indian Standards, the current practice is to use a point (.) ... of Pitot static tubes, with the calculation of local velocities from .... e) determining the discharge velocity from these values;.
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good practice guide an introduction to differential - TUV NEL
This includes orifice plates, Venturi tubes, cone meters, nozzles, variable area ... as the differential pressure) is measured and used to determine the flowrate. ... The discharge coefficient and accuracy may be affected by pipe layout or nature of flow ..... The averaging pitot tube is inserted across the pipe as show below.
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A Pitot tube can be located at different distances from the discharge orifice to ... Appropriate tappings are included along the length of the pipe to determine the pipe ... The test pipe includes different stations to use the transverse Pitot tube.
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Reference Flowmeters
The most commonly used flowmeter is the orifice meter. The orifice .... is the discharge coefficient. By doing this ... sections of the pipe are wet calibrated to determine the discharge ..... The pitot tube was invented in 1732 to measure the flow-.
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1. Introduction to Pitot Tube Flow Measurement - Paab
ITABAR-pitot tube sensors, see sample Fig 1.1, are mainly used to measure the volumetric flow of liquids, gases and ..... method calculation, this computer.
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survey on field discharge measurement instrumentation and - WMO
Dec 26, 2009 ... used by the responding NHSs are: hot film/hot wire, pitot tube, laser ..... survey questions on discharge determination techniques is in table 3.
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Sources of error and uncertainty that are related to tube to tube
the Mag-Tube flow meter for use in 6- to 16-inch diameter pipes flowing full. ... makes use of the very old flow measurement concept of the Pitot tube, and ... chart for determining the discharge coefficient as a function of the pipe size were  ...
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South Florida Water Management District Water Use Flow - sfwmd
2.1 – Approved Water Use Accounting and Calibration Methods ......................... 7 ... 2.2.1 – Pumps and Head Discharge Curves . ...... A pitot tube can calculate the rate of flow in pipelines under pressure from the conduit cross sectional area ...
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Method 2—Determination of Stack Gas Velocity and Volumetric Flow
Method 2—Determination of Stack Gas Velocity and Volumetric Flow Rate .... Alternative positions may be used if the pitot tube-temperature gauge system is.
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Methods of Flow Measurement in Well Bores - U.S. Geological Survey
use in a water well: the brine-tracing method, use of the thermal flowmeter, and use of the Au current .... and at the flow rates commonly found in well discharge, the flow- ... To determine the necessary correction the velocity obtained by tracing ..... device and acts somewhat in the manner of a Pitot tube, as shown in figure 8.
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Irrigation Water Measurement - MSU Extension
Use of Propeller-type Irrigation Water. Meters ... PITOT TUBE. A pitot tube can be used to determine ... full pipe discharging freely into the atmosphere, but in the ...
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3. Fluid Dynamics 3.1 Uniform Flow, Steady Flow
Demonstrate practical uses of the Bernoulli and continuity equation in the analysis of flow ...... We can calculate this from the continuity equation: Discharge into .... and one as a Pitot tube within the pipe can be used in an arrangement shown.
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winegrape schwankl
How to determine sprinkler irrigation application rates: ... Measuring pressure at a sprinkler using a pitot tube: ... Measuring the discharge rate of a sprinkler.
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ME 305 Fluid Mechanics I Part 5 Bernoulli Equation - Middle East
field. . 2. 1. Exercise : A tube can be used to discharge water ... These facts will be used in studying flow measurement with Pitot tubes. Pressure ... Determine the pressure variation along the streamline from point A far away from the sphere ...
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Energy - Bernoulli Equation
A pitot tube is used to measure the velocity of an incompressible fluid in steady flow. ... (149 m/s). 2. Calculate the volume flow rate through a horizontal Venturi meter of inlet ... m in diameter, where it is discharged to atmosphere. If the total ...
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First Revision No. 12-NFPA 24-2013 [ Global Input ] Supplemental
Nov 6, 2013 ... If it is necessary to use a pumper outlet, and flow tubes (stream straighteners) are not ... C.4.9 Determination of Discharge Without a Pitot. 4.C.4.
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Fluid Mechanics FE Review Fluid Mechanics FE - Inside Mines
Make sure you use the ideal gas law when calculating properties for gasses!! FERC. Fluid Mechanics .... the rate of discharge at point B? (A) 0.0035 m3/s ... The static pressure of the fluid at the depth of the pitot tube (p0) must be known.
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By John Replogle,l Fellow, ASCE, and Brian Wahlin,2 Associate
pitot tube system that can be clamped to the outlet of the pump discharge pipe was built and tested for .... and is used to calculate the velocity V as follows:.
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