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Design Of Star Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna For Ultra Wideband Uwb Applications - [Full Version]
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Design Of Star Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna For Ultra Wideband Uwb Applications - Full Download
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Design Of Star Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna For Ultra Wideband Uwb Applications - [Complete Version]
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Design of Star-Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna for Ultra Wideband
4, August 2013. DOI : 10.5121/ijwmn.2013.5405. 65. Design of Star-Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna for Ultra Wideband (UWB) Applications. Mustafa Abu Nasr.
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anovel compact star shaped planar ultra- wideband antenna
Ultra-Wideband radio systems use a bandwidth ... tion and bandwidth enhancement are becoming major design considerations for practical applications of microstrip anten- nas [4]. One of the ... Many antenna configurations have been used in UWB an- ... In this paper, a low profile star shaped patch antennas for ultra-wide ...
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WIDEBAND APPLICATIONS IN C AND X BANDS ... antenna with a rectangular patch which is located on top of two slots ... shaped feed line can increase impedance bandwidth in aperture coupled .... Milligan, T. A., Modern Antenna Design, John Wiley & Sons, .... microstrip square-ring slot antenna for UWB applications,”.
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HUE Shaped Slotted Microstrip Antenna for Bandwidth Enhancement
An H-U-E shaped slotted microstrip antenna with improved bandwidth is presented ... design of compact, low profile, and wideband antennas for wireless ... slot for Ultra Wideband (UWB) applications is presented in [13]. .... [8] M. Abbaspour and H. R. Hassani, “Wideband star-shaped microstrip patch antenna”, Progress in.
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Design and Analysis of Ultra Wide Band Giuseppe Peano Fractal
proposed antenna in this ultra wide band range is 2.37 dBi. Hence, the ... Keywords: Microstrip patch antenna, FR-4 substrate, Giuseppe Peano fractal geometry, coaxial feed line. IE3D ... modified to form wang shape followed by fractal antenna. ... For UWB Application. It uses .... “A Novel Modified Star Triangular Fractal.
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Bandwidth Enhancement of UWB Microstrip Antenna with a Modified
Jul 22, 2009 ... T-shape cut for the design of compact antennas. The proposed ... 1. Introduction. Ultra-wideband (UWB) technology has been regarded as ... Applications of corner cut technique ... impedance bandwidth for microstrip patch antennas [4–. 6 ]. ..... [15] M. Abbaspour and H. R. Hassani, “Wideband star-shaped.
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A Compact UWB Microstrip Antenna with Modified Ground Plane for
International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887). Volume 49– No.19 , July ... modified ground plane with diagonal edges, L-shaped slot and parasitic patches with main patch for the design of compact antennas. ... Ultra Wide Band. 1. ... developing ultralow-profile microstrip antenna with enhanced bandwidth ...
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Stacked Stair-case patch antenna for High Gain and Ultra Wideband
A stacked type stair-case patch antenna with dielectric substrate (εr= 2.33) has ... the size of microstrip patch antennas such as increasing ... Wideband Applications. 1Kaushik .... Where h1 = 1.8 mm in our present design and δ is the inherent phase shift ... [11] M. Abbaspour, H. R. Hassani, “Wideband star shaped microstrip ...
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design analysis of micro-strip patch antenna using cross and u
Jul 22, 2013 ... This paper presents Micro strip antenna design with novel shapes of ... Wideband antennas find its applications in mobile sensors, data collection, precision ... FOR UWB ... can be used like circular, rectangular, star and H-shape. .... R. Movahedinia, M.N. Azoreans,” Ultra-wideband band-notched printed ...
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A Triple band Y-slot Patch Antenna for UWB Applications
Jan 5, 2016 ... However, the microstrip patch antenna has limitations like low gain and narrow ... design is suitable for WLAN and UWB applications. ... paper, a triangular patch with Y shaped slot is introduced. ... star shaped patch shown in Fig. 2. Fig. ... Profile Antenna for Ultrawideband Application‖, IEEE Antennas and.
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07_chapter 1.pdf - Shodhganga
Microstrip Antennas [1-10] are miniature antennas that find application in ... constraint in microstrip antenna design is narrow bandwidth, and hence bandwidth enhancement is ... Figure 1.1: Y-shaped symmetrical patch antenna array used in the soil ..... monopole-like slot antenna for ultra-wideband (UWB) applications.
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Compact Design of H-Shaped Fractal Microstrip Patch Antenna
important to have wideband characteristics, hence defected ground structure ... H -shaped fractal microstrip patch antenna with DGS has been designed for ... Proposed antenna covered WLAN and Wi-MAX frequency band applications. ..... “An Ultra Wideband Monopole Antenna with Multiple Fractal Slots with Dual Band.
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ijari-ec-15-3-103 - International Journal of Advance Research and
Mar 15, 2015 ... Star Shape Slotted Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Application. Mohd. Nadeem Khan ... of six corner star. The feeding techniques used in all designs ... The simulated antennas is used for wireless application such as. IEEE 802.11 (a, b .... compact ultra wide band (UWB) planar antenna using glass as ...
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9 Methods to Design Microstrip Antennas for Modern Applications
Apr 4, 2011 ... Conventional microstrip antennas have a conducting patch printed on a ... do not exist , criteria to rank an antenna as ultra-wideband have been enacted. In accordance with these criterions an antenna is characterized as UWB if its .... spiral shaped antenna b)the tapered slot, especially the antipodal ...
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5.2 Design Procedure of Fractal Microstrip Patch Antenna. 33. 5.3 Design .... Universal Mobile Telecommunications System. UWB. Ultra Wide Band. VSWR.
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microstrip antenna with combined star and elips pattern patch
Keyword: combined star and elips patch, microstrip antenna, wimax, CST microwave studio. ... GHz this application for WIMAX/WBA on this frequency.[3] ... To show the shape of this antenna design, it can be seen in Figures 1 ... UB Logo -shaped ultra-wideband microstrip antenna ... for Ultra. Wideband Frequency ( UWB).
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Download - International Engineering Research Journal
Mar 23, 2016 ... requirements of the antenna design for the wireless applications a novel .... been applied on triangle to obtain star shape antenna. This ... used for ultra wideband and short wideband applications. ... antenna and E-shaped fractal microstrip patch antenna. ... bandwidth, these antennas were useful for UWB.
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ICMARS 2015 Proceedings
Dec 17, 2015 ... 7. Invited Talk-7. 0.22 THz TWT for Ultra Wideband Communication ..... Circular Dumbbell Slot for UWB application. Rahul Singha ... T-Slot Microstrip Patch Antenna Array for Wi-max and ... Design of Z-Shape Microstrip Antenna with I- slot for Wi- ... A Star Shaped Dielectric Resonator Antenna with Fractal.
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Multi-fractal Triangular Microstrip Patch Antenna for UWB Application
Page 112. Multi-fractal Triangular Microstrip Patch Antenna for UWB. Application ... for ultra wide band application is presented in this paper. ... ANTENNA DESIGN. A. Steps of ... AND PROPOSED MULTI-FRACTAL ANTENNA. Shape of. Antenna. Return loss. (dB) ... [1] SanjeevYadav, RuchikaChoudhary, “A Dual Band Star.
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Nasimuddin, Z. N. Chen, X. Qing, and T. S. P. See, Sectorized
Sep 15, 2009 ... sented and analyzed for ultrawideband applications. The proposed antenna consists of a suspended radiator fed by an n-shape microstrip feed. Study ... This design exhibits good mechanical tolerance and man- ufacturability. Index Terms —Broadband antennas, microstrip patch antennas, sus- pended ...
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Design of Fractal Antenna for Multiband Application - IJARCSSE
Keywords - Multiband antennas, fractal antennas, Microstrip patch antenna, ... presents the multiband rectangular fractal antenna where this famous shape, the ... in antenna miniaturization, multi-frequency, ultra-wideband application, and this ..... Thakare and M. Bhattacharya, “Novel Design of Star Shaped Circular Fractal.
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Frequency Reconfigurable T-Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna
Jun 2, 2016 ... and VSWR. Keywords: Microstrip Patch Antenna, Reconfigurable frequency, p-i-n Diode. ... applications such as mobile, radio and wireless ... design reconfigurable antenna (Pourziad et al, 2013; ... (MIMO), ultra wide band system and security based .... A Star Shaped Reconfigurable Patch Antenna,in Proc.
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Design of Koch Fractal Patch Antenna for UWB Application - SSRG
Application ... Abstract—This paper presents the Koch fractal patch antenna ... days ultra wide bandwidth has become a rapid growth in ... paper, Koch snowflake structure is used to design a wide band ... They are micro strip feed, coaxial feed, proximity ... hence star shape structures get formed. similarly the structure.
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List of publications - IIEST Shibpur
sapphire with ultra thin buffer‖, AIP Advances, vol. 4, pp .... feed Spanner Shape Monopole Antennas for Ultra Wide Band Applications‖ Journal ... TapanMondal and Santanu Das, ―Design and Analysis of a Coplanar Waveguide Fed Ultrawideband ... Polarized Stacked Patch Microstrip Antenna,"-- Microwave and Optical ...
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view profile - IIT (BHU)
Sep 11, 2006 ... (Antennas for mobile phones and UWB applications). • Department of .... Ultra Wide Band fractal microstrip patch antenna. 8. Rajveer Singh.
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Final Program - ICEAA
Study of the Interaction User Head-Ultrawideband MIMO Antenna Array for .... A Square Patch Antenna Loaded with Wrench-shaped Tuning Rings for CNSS ..... Modeling of Bonding Wires Array and Its Application in the Design of a 120 ... Development of Dual-band Microstrip Bandpass Filter Based on Split Ring Resonator.
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