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Deposition of Oil Drops on a Glass Substrate in Relation to the
The attachment of emulsion drops to glass substrates is investigated in relation to the redeposition of oil drops in the process of washing. It turns out that t.
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Deposition of Oil Drops on a Glass Substrate in Relation to the
doi:10.1006/jcis.1999.6650, available online at on. Deposition of Oil Drops on a Glass Substrate in Relation to the Process of ...
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Spontaneous detachment of oil drops from solid substrates
We carried out experiments on detachment of oil drops from glass substrates in solutions of an anionic surfactant. ... in relation to the cleaning of solid surfaces from oily de- posits. ... cluding processes of liquid deposition on a moving or porous.
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Contact Angle and Wetting Properties - Springer
as oil recovery, lubrication, liquid coating, printing, and spray quenching [1–6]. In ... 1.1 Illustration of contact angles formed by sessile liquid drops on a smooth .... higher risk/impact of impurities due to the small size of the liquid and substrate. .... method by using glass barriers to clean the surface and a film balance to detect ...
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p. 29-38 - Leonardo Electronic Journal of Practices and Technologies
2 Institute of Particle Science & Engineering, School of Process, ... liquid coatings [2], as well as flows in oil reservoirs [3] and chemical reactors. ... An aqueous drop deposited on the same glass substrate spreads out only partially ... solid– liquid–fluid system and can be related to the interfacial tensions of the system by the.
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Publications - Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Borwankar, R. "Charging of Oil-Water Interfaces Due to Spontaneous Adsorption of ... “Deposition of Oil Drops on a Glass Substrate in Relation to the Process of ...
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Uniting Superhydrophobic, Superoleophobic and Lubricating Fluid
lubricating nature of Silicone oil, the Silicone oil infused slippery surfaces (SOIS) show low ... Young's relation for determining wettability (contact angle θY) of a liquid on smooth surface .... precursor solution is singly deposited on the substrate surface. 43 ... For synthesizing CuO nanoparticles on PDMS film, glass and.
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Apparent Thixotropic Properties of Saline/Glycerol Drops -
Feb 16, 2009 ... PBS/glycerol spots with the streptavidin-coated glass substrate .... immunoassay ( i.e., they were not removed in the washing steps). 2.2. ..... Deposition of oil drops on a glass substrate in relation to the process of washing.
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Bath-Substrate-Flow Method for Evaluating the Detersive and
The method, called bath-substrate flow (BSF), is based on the separation of the ..... processes are of the first order with respect to the mass of soil both on the ..... P.; Broze, G.; Mehreteab, A. Deposition of oil drops on a glass substrate in relation ...
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Air-stable droplet interface bilayers on oil-infused surfaces
May 27, 2014 ... exhibit noncoalescence due to the formation of a thin oil film that ... using oil- infused substrates for processes involving droplet–droplet interactions ... When a water droplet was deposited onto an oil-infused ... strate, these condensate drops were primarily submerged beneath ..... Superhydrophobic Glass.
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Symmetric and Asymmetric Coalescence of Drops on a Substrate
Nov 2, 2012 ... The coalescence of viscous drops on a substrate is studied experimentally and theoretically. We consider ... coalescence process. .... Although the silicon oil perfectly wets the glass, the ... time between the deposition of drops we achieve a range .... metry is due to the contact angles, a similar effect was.
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Wetting and spreading - Universiteit Twente
contact line dynamics, and explore its relation to the thermodynamics of wetting. In addition .... wetting plays an important role in oil recovery (Bertrand, ... liquids deposited on a solid or another liquid, and how ... If we consider a liquid drop on a solid substrate, there ... rather rare (with mercury on for instance glass as a no-.
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Fluid characterisation and drop impact in inkjet printing for organic
Acceleration due to gravity h. Drop height .... 2.5 The drop impact process in inkjet printing . .... 4.4.1 Drop deposition and high-speed imaging system . ..... anode coated on to a glass substrate. ..... such as UV, solvent and oil-based inks.
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Controlled Formation of Surface Patterns in Metal Films Deposited
Feb 9, 2016 ... patterns are closely related to the stress anisotropy and stress evolution in the ... deposited on the elasticity-gradient PDMS substrates. The ... process, one short edge of the glass slide was lifted up by an insulated plastic box. ...... Films Deposited on Silicone Oil Drops with Constrained Edges. Phys. Rev.
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Static Magnetowetting of Ferrofluid Drops - ACS Publications
Jul 1, 2016 ... concentrations deposited on flat substrates and subjected to the action of permanent ... ferrofluid drop surrounded by immiscible mineral oil is stretched by ... distance of 2 mm from the glass substrate coated with a Teflon layer. ... They are synthesized according to the Massart process.33 In brief, ammonium.
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Super spreading of oil by condensed water drops - Lehigh University
... of oil–substrate interfacial energy in comparison to the increase of oil–vapor ... initiates the spreading process. ... drop of hexadecane on a polystyrene substrate , it was quickly covered with ... indicates a polystyrene surface covered with y1 mm size glass beads .... deposited liquid spreads out of the main liquid drop within.
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Standard PDF - Wiley Online Library
Sep 1, 2014 ... substrate and, ideally, be deposited in a simple process on ... and infiltrated with fluorinated oil, forming a smooth, highly repellent coating .... cycle (red line), calculated using Sauerbrey's equation [ 52 ] from the frequency drop ... light transmittance for all coatings as compared to a normal glass slide.
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Techniques for characterising the wetting, coating and spreading of
process. It describes methods for assessing substrate wettability and surface ... and compared with water drop contact angle measurements. ..... was fixed to a standard laboratory glass slide using double-sided tape and the ..... accurately measured diameter remaining in the image after depositing the drop can provide this.
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Electrodes on a budget: Micropatterned electrode fabrication by wet
Sep 8, 2009 ... the manipulation of single cells and drops of water-in-oil emulsions. Here we present a very ... ricate functional electrodes: The wet-deposited metal film can sustain patterning by ... can be achieved and no additional alignment steps are required. ... trodes on a glass substrate with micron-scale feature sizes.
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PDF (1.115 MB) - cea - EDP Sciences
In this study, we fabricated lotus leaves like surface on a glass substrate. Firstly, SiO2 ... more than 150 deg. water drop contact angles, and oil- repellency.
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