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Degrees which do not bound minimal degrees - ScienceDirect
Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 30 (1986) 249-276 249 North-Holland DEGREES WHICH DO NOT BOUND MINIMAL DEGREES Manuel LERMAN* Dept. of ...
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DEGREES WHICH DO NOT BOUND MINIMAL DEGREES. Manuel LERMAN*. Dept. of Mathematics, University of Connecticut, Storm, CT 06268, USA.
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On Varieties of Minimal Degree - MSRI
Bertini theorem classifying the varieties of minimal degree, which relies on ... it is reduced and irreducible, and that it is nondegenerate if it is. not contained in a hyperplane. There is an elementary lower bound for the degree of such a variety: ..... S (8) is normal and P8 —> SE is birational, we may do this by defining X C P8.
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An upper bound for the minimum rank of a graph - Iowa State
rank in terms of minimum degree of a vertex is valid for many graphs, ..... G) ≤ 2, then G does not contain as an induced subgraph any of the graphs P4, Dart,.
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Minimum Bounded Degree Spanning Trees - MIT Mathematics
mize the maximum degree k∗ of a minimum spanning tree in a weighted graph. ... are not. To attack the conjecture, we could relax the prob- lem and try to .... has an upper and a lower bound on its degree; Theorem 11 shows that we can relax  ...
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Degrees of Unsolvability - UMass Boston Computer Science
Mar 20, 2006 ... bound;. • the degrees do not form a lattice. All but the last of these results ... minimal nonzero elements of the degree ordering) and hence the ...
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An exact minimum degree condition for Hamilton cycles in oriented
n ≥ 3 vertices with minimum degree at least n/2 contains a Hamilton cycle. ... lower bound of Häggkvist, thus answering Thomassen's question for large oriented .... semi-degree ⌈(3n − 4)/8⌉ − 1 which does not contain a 1-factor, and so does ...
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Branch and Bound Algorithm for Computing the Minimum Stability
Nov 18, 1991 ... Minimum Stability Degree of Parameter-dependent. Linear Systems .... does not hold, i.e., a parameter value that results in an unstable system.
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Computing the Minimum Stability Degree of Parameter-dependent
lower bounds, we present a branch and bound algorithm that computes the minimum ... 0 Does the feedback system (1) make sense for all q E Q-m“, that is, do we have ... We note that the stability margin and minimum stability degree are not ...
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P2P Streaming Capacity under Node Degree Bound - Princeton
degree in each streaming tree but not the degree across all trees. Then, for the case of ... and PRIME [23] bound node degree but do not provide any streaming rate ...... The minimum rate supported by Cluster-Tree scheme with. M ≥ 2, defined ...
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reduction exponent and degree bound for the defining equations of
sequence, minimal reduction, reduction exponent, degree bound for .... (/ii • • • > fi -i) whose associated primes do not contain R+, the last inclusion is satisfied iff ft ...
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degree b. We prove by a very simple argument that 0" is not a minimal cover for any n. ... We also point out how this latter result can be ... "least upper bound.".
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Graph Theory -
Jul 24, 2015 ... Notation 1.19. The minimum degree of a graph G is denoted δ(G); the maximum degree is denoted ..... High minimum degree does not imply connectivity. Consider two ..... (best-possible minimum degree bound): • The graph ...
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A new bound on the domination number of graphs with minimum
Apr 30, 2009 ... the minimum degree among the vertices of G. A vertex x is called a ... If G does not contain a graph F as an induced subgraph, then we say that ...
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Approximating Minimum Bounded Degree Spanning Trees to within
bound Bv for each vertex v ∈ V , find a spanning tree of minimum cost which .... 1 -edge does not exist, then there must be a vertex with degree up- per bound Bv ...
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A note on quantum algorithms and the minimal degree of ε - CWI
minimal degree degε(f) among all polynomials (over R) that approximate a .... The lower bound on degε(f) follows immediately from combining Paturi's tight bound ... do not construct the ε-approximating polynomials explicitly (though one may ...
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Spectra of random graphs with given expected degrees
plotted, which do not follow the semicircle law. It is conjec- tured that the eigenvalues of ... we weaken the condition on the minimum expected degree, we can still have the following strong bound for the eigen- values of the Laplacian, which ...
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A degree bound for codimension two lattice ideals
Let mi = min {di; j ∈ Ji} be the minimum degree shift at the ith step and let Mi = ... So we know that the lower bound does not hold for non-Cohen–Macaulay ...
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Upper bound on the number of edges of an almost planar -
Jul 3, 2013 ... and maximal vertex degree of a graph G are denoted by δ(G) and ∆(G), respectively. In many ... 2) Let cr(G) denote the minimal number of pairs of crossing edges in a ... Two intersecting edges do not have a common end. 4◦.
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Questions in Recursion Theory
(Yates) Does every minimal degree have a strong minimal cover? 1.6. (Chong) Is there a ... that for all e <T d, e is not a uniform upper bound? What if I is a Scott ...
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