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Degree Cognate Objects Unaccusative Verbs - Full Download
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Cognate Objects and Unaccusative Predicates It has recently been
Cognate Objects and Unaccusative Predicates. It has recently ... This paper argues that only unaccusative verbs with obligatory degree modification license COs ...
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Cognate Objects in English - Université Paris Diderot
status, we need to distinguish different types of cognate objects. ... lexical semantic contribution of the verb and the noun. .... turns an intransitive verb into a verb with two elements on its arg-st list, the original subject .... distinct to some degree.
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The nature of cognate objects A syntactic approach Cristina Real
This paper provides a survey of the Cognate Object Construction (COC) .... languages to have unergative verbs with complement DP objects interpreted in this ...... change of state (degree achievements, in Dowty 1979's Terminology), which ...
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The Family of English Cognate Object - CSLI Publications
Abstract. In the Cognate Object Construction (COC) a typically intransitive verb combines with a ... I will capture the “cognateness” between the verb and the noun in all COCs by token ...... should be distinct to some degree. This is expressed in ...
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OBJECTS AND OBJ - Stanford University
Jul 4, 2008 ... use of cognate object and pseudo-objects and we consider the impact of this .... true that both subjects and objects have a degree of semantic ..... normally intransitive verb occurs with what appears to be an object and where ...
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Cognate objects in Vietnamese transitive verbs - Toronto Working
ditransitive verb, a cognate object cannot occur if there are already two regular ... can occur with unaccusative verbs and behave differently with unergative ..... also has a certain degree of questionability, which is independent of the meaning of.
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PDF (614 KB) - MIT Press Journals
analysis of Latin deponent verbs as a further argument for Late Root .... (or similar terminology), which are differentiable on the degree to which the allomorphs for a ..... (11) Hiaki verb suppletion for intransitive subjects (Harley ..... cognate objects receive some kind of additional modification than when such cognate objects.
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First, why can an intransitive verb take an object? ... On the other hand, Jones takes the position that cognate objects do ..... different degrees of acceptability:.
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an unaccusative verb like arrive can realize its single argument either as a ..... types in Hebrew: degree modifiers and cognate objects, exemplified in (35a) and  ...
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Exploring Semantic Information in English Tense - Your Projects
object NPs with verbs traditionally classified as intransitive verbs. ..... posterior adverbials (3.42% or 39 instances) and degree posterior adverbials (1.05% or ..... This type of reading exclusively accords with a cognate object with no adjectival.
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English cognate object constructions and related Phenomena : a
In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of. Doctor of .... which is normally regarded as an intransitive verb, takes an overt object complement.
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Ch.7 Conflation - MIT
sentential syntax, as a standard intransitive verb of the type currently termed .... Eventually, we will have to distinguish the true cognate object construction ..... complement relation to a functional head Delta (δ, suggesting "degree"), the true.
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Unaccusativity handout Unaccusatives do not take passive
An unaccusative verb is a verb that has an internal argument (or arguments) .... direct object in allowing and requiring the clitic ne ('of them') when the DP is a.
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Cross-linguistic Variation in Object Marking - LOT Publications
2.4.1 Ingredients of the Cognate Object Construction in. English . ...... intransitive verbs, discussed in the previous section, the degree of volition- ality of the ...
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Argument Structure and verbal semantic class - Universitat de
presents agentive subjects and passive objects, thus allowing passive constructions. .... This example is very illustrative about the degree in which a verb belonging to ..... Unaccusative-motion verbs associate the internal argument y with a change of .... Diatheses: [+causative(A11)] [+impersonal(=)] [+cognate object(A21)] ...
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subjects are merged in specifier of v, and objects are merged in complement of V. Given ... prefixed to a verb, which in its non-causative use is usually intransitive; either ... One important property concerns the degree of fusion of the causing event and ..... an overt object to be merged in the verb complement position: cognate ...
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Argument Structure of Activity Verbs in Brazilian Portuguese
to predict that manner verbs are intransitive, since manner roots modify a monadic ..... just like cognate objects, are not arguments of the verbs, but modifiers; they can be replaced by a .... achievements (degree achievements, for example).
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Verbs (Argument Structure and verbal semantic class) - Centre de
degree of proximity in relation to its predicate. ... Prepositional object (CREG)3 ..... grammatical subject of an unaccusative verb behaves as the direct object of a ...
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Argument and event structure in Yukatek verb classes J
object in Acehnese may be argued to be unaccusatives, and the same goes ... classes of intransitive verb stems in two ways: First, aspect-mood inflection on the verb is ..... telicity and state change semantics with degree achievement predicates and ..... clauses with cognate objects, like to sing a song, to dance a dance, etc.
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handout 6 - SEAS
B. degree adverbs C. determiners. D. adjectives ... b) you cannot coordinate a clause containing a full nominal object with a clause containing a pronoun. ... The DP argument of an unaccusative verb bears which theta-role? ... cognate object.
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