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Deamidation Of Model Turn Cyclic Peptides In The Solid State - [Full Version]
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Deamidation Of Model Turn Cyclic Peptides In The Solid State - Full Download
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Deamidation Of Model Turn Cyclic Peptides In The Solid State - [Complete Version]
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Deamidation of model [beta]-turn cyclic peptides in the solid state
Deamidation of Model b-Turn Cyclic Peptides in the Solid ... tion in the solid state, two cyclic b-turn peptides and their linear analogs were used as models of Asn ...
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PDF (178 KB) - Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
proceed through an intra-molecular cyclic imide (Asu) intermediate. The formation of .... deamidation rates of the peptide in rubbery solids formulated using PVP. ... obtained from kinetics studies conducted with model peptides VYPNGA and VYPDGA. 2324. WAKANKAR ..... Asn residue in the turn peptide with an Asp or an.
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Synthesis and chemical stability of a disulfide bond in a model cyclic
ABSTRACT: Many cyclic peptides are formed using a disulfide bond to ...... Nonenzymatic deamidation of ... model beta-turn cyclic peptides in the solid state.
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Chemical stability of peptides in polymers. 1. Effect of water on
In the glassy state, the peptide is more stable in PVA than ... the deamidation of a model hexapeptide (Val-Tyr-Pro-Asn-. Gly-Ala ... solids.1,2,4,8 The effect of water as a plasticizer may be ..... neutral pH, the cyclic imide is usually not observed because it is rapidly .... However, as the formulations became more rubbery, pep- .
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Repair of Spontaneously Deamidated HPr Phosphocarrier Protein
Jul 13, 1994 ... products of the deamidation reaction, L-isoaspartyl (or ... of peptides and proteins containing these abnormal resi- dues. ... physiological conditions through a cyclic succinimidyl interme- ..... Computer Modeling of the HPr Enzymatic Repair- Mathematical ... gen bond between residues 1 and 4 of the turn.
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Peptide Formulation: Challenges and Strategies - IPT Online UK
turn of an a-helix. While their ... peptide and protein degradation are deamidation and oxidation ... liquid formulation of a peptide is to use a sacrificial additive ... through a cyclic imide intermediate formed by ... state should have a high glass transition temperature (well ... peptide, VYPNGA, an often-used model for peptide .
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Molecular Clocks - jstor
deamidation of 306 asparaginyl sequences in model peptides at pH tio. 7.4, 37.0 ?C, 0.15 M ... Measurements of in vivo turn- re( over rates, in vivo steady-state concentrations, in vivo and in vitro ha ... ptides at neutral pHs proceeds by way of a cyclic five- ... Merrifield solid-phase peptide synthesis (23, 24) in an Advanced.
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emtcv - 1993 - College of Pharmacy Applications server - Purdue
Apr 21, 2015 ... amorphous solid state, drug stability, immune response to protein drugs ..... Deamidation of model beta-turn cyclic peptides in the solid state.
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Full Text (PDF)
deamidation of 306 asparaginyl sequences in model peptides at pH. 7.4, 37.0°C, 0.15 ... Measurements of in vivo turn- over rates, in vivo steady-state concentrations, in vivo and in vitro deamidation ... peptides at neutral pHs proceeds by way of a cyclic five- ... solid-phase peptide synthesis (23–24), the entire library of 800.
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Thermal Deamidation of Proteins in a Restricted - ACS Publications
Nonenzymatic deamidation reactions of soy protein, egg lysozyme, milk casein, and ... When a peptide model reaction system was used, many ... reaction via formation of a six-membered cyclic imide but ..... observed during this investigation that the gliadin became ... Hageman, M. J. Water sorption and solid- state stability of.
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Comparative Study on Kinetics of Nonenzymatic Deamidation of Soy
The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, New Jersey 08903 ... Several peptide model systems have been used to study the effects ... deamidated lysozyme at this pH became a foam-like solid which .... of a cyclic imide intermediate.
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complete CV - National Chemical Laboratory
Synthesis of cyclic peptides for β-turn mimetics for deamidation studies. .... Deamidation of model β-turn cyclic peptides in the solid state, Stephanie L. Krogmeier ...
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Cleavage, Deprotection and Isolation of Peptides after Fmoc Synthesis
peptides from solid supports assembled via Fmoc/tBu- based strategies.1. 2. .... intramolecularly, forming a cyclic peptide, or ... and the state of the Nα-amino group during chain elongation. .... residues. 2. Possible deamidation of Asn and Gln residues. 3. ... His, Asn, Gln) the resin may turn deep yellow during the cleavage ...
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Innovative Strategies for Stabilization of Therapeutic Peptides in
as hydrolysis, deamidation, isomerization, racemization, oxidation, disulfide exchange, dimerization, and ... model proteins (the larger peptides) lysozyme and insulin in aqueous solutions. ..... hydroxyl group to the neighboring amide bond forming a cyclic intermediate resulting ..... solid-state chemical stability studies: Some.
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Analysis of Deamidation of Small, Acid-Soluble Spore Proteins from
Total spore core protein also deamidated in vivo, although the rate was two- to threefold slower ... Under mild con- ditions (37°C, pH 7.4), model peptides containing NG, NS, or ... tate residues through the hydrolysis of a cyclic succinimidyl ...... facilitated, which in turn promotes deamidation. Thus, in .... Solid state chemical ...
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The Role of Thiols and Disulfides on Protein Stability
solid line shows the increasing number of indications approved for the use of the protein .... repeated scans of the same protein sample imply a two-state reversible .... (cyclic peptides) that stabilize specific secondary structures. (i.e., β- and γ-turns). ..... aginyl residue on the rate of deamidation using model pentapep- tides.
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Protein aging hypothesis of Alzheimer disease - The FASEB Journal
Our model studies and a ... β-turn. Although only a portion of succinimide- containing soluble Aβ undergoes such ... well as deamidation of asparagine constitute the ... pathway involving formation of a transient cyclic ... Succinimide also forms during solid phase peptide .... ent folding states, Aβ easily interconverts between.
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Amino Acid Racemization - NCBI
A more complex model of peptide bound Asx (Asn+Asp) racemization, which occurs via the formation of a cyclic succinimide (Asu), can be used to correctly predict Asx racemi- ... Keywords: aspartic-acid racemization; deamidation; kinetics; dating; bone; collagen .... methionine (Met, solid squares), proline (Pro, solid circles).
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Age-Dependent Deamidation of Lifelong Proteins in the Human Lens
deamidation between crystallins of aged normal and nuclear ... of hundreds of peptides in which the residues flanking Asn and. Gln were varied ... involve a cyclic succinimide intermediate that, in the case of. Asn, also .... addition to retention time, peptide mass, and charge state. Only pep- .... Solid bars: normal. Hatched ...
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A Peptide & Peptide Nucleic Acid Synthesis Technology for
May 7, 2014 ... Nowadays the solid phase synthesis (SPPS) chemistry emerges as a key ... sidered as a promising methodology to design peptides for the ..... Ser10), and deamidation of Asn2 have been observed ... peptide module (NLS) which in turn was connected .... active state in the desired target while avoiding side.
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