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Ctrl - C Ctrl – V Ctrl – X Ctrl - Z Ctrl - A Ctrl - K Shift - F3 F7 F12
Ctrl-X to remove it and put it into memory so you can paste it somewhere else. It will now be in memory. Use the Paste action above. Undo the last action. Ctrl - Z.
[ windows_shortcuts_doc_carolyn1.pdf - Read/Download File

Cuts/erases the currently selected or highlighted text and copies to the windows clipboard. Ctrl Z (Undo). Allows a user to take back the last action taken.
[ mac_pc_basics.pdf - Read/Download File

Stupid and Useful Microsoft Word Tricks - Carson-Newman College
but MS word will try to remove the spaces. 10. Finally ... The most important trick is Ctrl Z. If you hit simultaneously the Control and Z keys, the computer will undo ...
[ 10-stupid-and-useful-microsoft-word-tricks.pdf - Read/Download File

Coot Crib Sheet - CCP4
May 20, 2010 ... Keypad . Pull View (-Z translation). 1.13 Keyboard Undo. Ctrl-z Undo last modification u. Undo last move/navigation. 1.14 Keyboard Zoom and.
[ coot-crib-sheet.pdf - Read/Download File

Blender Hotkeys Cheatsheet General ESC Stops ongoing operation
Blender Hotkeys Cheatsheet. General. ESC. Stops ongoing operation. TAB. Toggles Edit/Object mode. ZKEY. Toggles Solid/Wireframe display. CTRL-Z. Undo.
[ Blender Hotkeys Cheatsheet.pdf - Read/Download File

Blender HotKeys In-depth Reference - Blender.org
CTRL-Z. Undo. Mac users may use CMD-Z. SHIFT-CTRL-Z. Redo. Mac users may use SHIFT-CMD-Z. Object Mode HotKeys. These hotkeys are mainly bound to ...
[ BlenderHotkeyReference.pdf - Read/Download File

Windows shortcuts - 21 Things for the 21st Century Administrator
you can use Ctrl-Z to undo it. Print quickly Ctrl – P. Hold down Ctrl and press P to open the Printer menu. Hyperlink Ctrl - K. Add a hyperlink. Double-click Triple- ...
[ windows_shortcuts.pdf - Read/Download File

LibreOffice Quick Keyboard Shortcuts
Cut. Ctrl-z. Undo. Undo. Undo. Undo. Ctrl-1 (one) n/a n/a. Format cell n/a. F1. Help. Help. Help. Help. F7. Spelling/Grammar check. Spelling check Spelling ...
[ libreofficeBackcover.pdf - Read/Download File

Cisco Packet Tracer Version 5.2 Keyboard Shortcuts
Sep 2, 2009 ... Undo. Ctrl+Z. Redo. Ctrl+Shift+Z. Preferences. Ctrl+R. User Profile. Ctrl+Shift+U. Algorithm Settings. Ctrl+Shift+M. Zoom In. Ctrl+I. Zoom Out.
[ CiscoPTkeyboardShortcuts.pdf - Read/Download File

Coot Crib Sheet
Aug 27, 2015 ... Pull View (-Z translation). 1.14 Keyboard Undo/Redo. Ctrl-z Undo last modification. Ctrl-y Redo last modification u. Undo last move/navigation.
[ crib-sheet.pdf - Read/Download File

A Guide to Microsoft Paint (Windows XP)
place, you have to use Undo (<Ctrl z>) to erase it and then try again. When creating a picture you will find you have to use Undo quite frequently! Setting the  ...
[ A_Guide_to_Microsoft_Paint_(XP).pdf - Read/Download File

Microsoft Excel 2013 Sorting, Subtotals and Outlines - University of
Press <Ctrl z> (or click on the [Undo] button) twice to return the data to its original order - or, with this data, you could use [Sort & Filter] on Column A. Note how all ...
[ sorting2013.pdf - Read/Download File

Illustrator Tutorial: Part II
Oct 18, 2009 ... Just push Ctrl Z to undo. You can delete artboards by selecting one and then clicking on the trash button on the Artboard properties panel on ...
[ ai_tutorial part2.pdf - Read/Download File

Ctrl - N n/a Clean First and Remove Bookmarks Bookmarks Ctrl
Ctrl - Enter n/a. Split Utterance. Editing. Ctrl - Z n/a. Undo Last Change. Editing. Ctrl - Enter n/a. Accept Changes. General. Ctrl - W n/a. Close Document. General.
[ KeyboardShortcuts.pdf - Read/Download File

Camtasia Studio 8 REF.pdf
(to undo, press CTRL-Z or the undo arrow). 5. Add a Callout a. Position Player Head (D) where you want to start the Callout. Then click the “Callouts” button (A).
[ Camtasia Studio 8 REF.pdf - Read/Download File

Neurolucida 360 - MBF Bioscience
A sphere represents the starting point. 7. Hover over the next point, adjust the thickness, and click to place the next point. • To undo the last click, press CTRL-Z.
[ 360manualTracing3D_Rev.pdf - Read/Download File

Cadence ICFB Hot Keys
or ctrl-z zoom-in by 2× c copy m move: if you move an object, none of the wires ... undo shift-U redo. <delete> delete an object ctrl-d deselect all. Schematic ...
[ CadenceHotkeys.pdf - Read/Download File

Kinesis® Freestyle®2 Convertible Keyboard (KB800PB) for PC
Undo: Performs Ctrl-z action to undo the previous action in most applications. Web: Takes your internet browser to its home page (Alt-home). Cut: Performs the  ...
[ kinesis_freestyle2_pc_insert.pdf - Read/Download File

Final Cut Pro 7 basic guide - Royal Holloway
Many of you will be used to using shortcuts e.g. CTRL-Z for undo. ... now use the Command (Apple) Key instead of the CTRL key i.e. Command-Z for undo.
[ fcp.pdf - Read/Download File

Inserting Graphics into Grant Applications & Other Word Documents
Use Ctrl-Z to undo and Ctrl-Y to redo. 6. When you click on an object, a Format tab for that object will appear on the menu bar. Wrapping and position options ...
[ inserting-graphics-grant-applications-2012.pdf - Read/Download File

Web CRD - finra
If the information is not sorted the way that you want, click Ctrl-Z to Undo the sort. Other Report Notes: The ability to view Social Security Numbers and Fingerprint ...
[ 2014.4_Web CRD Reports.pdf - Read/Download File

Coot Crib Sheet
Apr 4, 2006 ... 1.8 Keyboard Undo. Ctrl-Z Undo last modification. U. Undo last move/navigation. 1.9 Keyboard Zoom and Clip. N. Zoom out. M Zoom in. D.
[ coot-keys-and-buttons.pdf - Read/Download File

Readme file for AntCLAWSGUI 1.00 Developed by Laurence
Apr 23, 2012 ... Other standard shortcut keys, such as CRTL-X (cut), CTRL-C (copy),. CTRL-V ( paste), CTRL-Z (undo), CTRL-Y (redo), should work as expected ...
[ help.pdf - Read/Download File

ATLAS.ti 7-Network Views
the new layout, or if you add or remove nodes, then you need to save it explicitly ..... revert to the previous placement by using UNDO POSITIONING (Ctrl-Z).
[ ATLAS.ti-7-Network-Views.pdf - Read/Download File

The task is to write an undo-redo mechanism for a simple system. The example is a Square ... through shortcuts such as CTRL-Z for undo and CTRL-Y for redo.) ...
[ assignment2-solution.pdf - Read/Download File

Hardcopy - MathBits.com
To remove a table of values, you can repeatedly press (3 times), a) CTRL - G b) CTRL - T c) CTRL - TAB d) CTRL - Z. 13. When finding the maximum value of a ...
[ TIGURU QUIZ.pdf - Read/Download File

User's Guide - Microsoft Research
Remove the battery cover by placing a finger on the end of the pen, applying light ..... and use the Undo button or Windows shortcut (CTRL Z) to remove the.
[ e-Pen Users Guide.PDF - Read/Download File

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