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theory and experience on corrosion - The Fu Foundation School of
3.5.3 Corrosion in high alloy steels and nickel-containing alloys 64. 3.5.4 Influence of ... species through the molten layer of alkali-metal sulfate. 40. Figure 12.
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Electrochemical Monitoring of the Corrosion of Ni, Fe, and Their
polarization curves of some ferritic steels in molten sulfates and evaluated the ... behaviors of commercial alloys in motten alkali carbonates and measured the ...
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Corrosion of materials in fused hydroxides - Oak Ridge National
Some of the fused alkali-metal hydroxides are of potential interest in reactor ... Nickel is the most corrosion- .... oxysalt anions such as carbonate and sulfate.
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full paper - Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering
CORROSION OF Fe- AND Ni-BASED SUPERALLOYS. Harpreet Singh1 ... is a general agreement that condensed alkali metal .... tures these deposits of Na2SO4 are molten (m.p.. 884 °C) ... such as vanadates or sulphate-vanadate mixtures.
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Comparison of Coal-Ash Corrosion Resistance - Babcock & Wilcox
Oct 22, 2013 ... sulfate led to less hot corrosion attack, at least during the early stage of the laboratory ..... at the base of the pits, along with nickel and the alkali elements. ..... “Measurement of Superheater Corrosion Caused by Molten Alkali.
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Hot corrosion in gas turbine components
Keywords: Corrosion; Oxidation; Turbine blade failures; Failure analysis; Fatigue failure .... as Na2SO4, NaCl, and V2O5 that combine to form molten deposits, which ... nition of alkalis in the fuel or in the air often sums up the content of sodium .... [31] suggested sulfidation as the mechanism of LTHC in nickel-based alloys. 6.
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High temperature corrosion in practical systems - Hal
Jan 1, 1993 ... or the reliability and lifetime is limited by high temperature corrosion processes. .... example, most nickel-base superalloys lie very close to the sigma-forming ..... location, it is unlikely that the alkali sulphates would be molten.
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Hot corrosion of MCrAlY coatings in sulphate and SO2 - DiVA
sulfidation of Cr and Ni could take place after the alumina scale lost its protection. The ... of alumina scales on MCrAlY coatings in molten sulphates is also coating- composition ..... For instance, in an alkali-chloride-induced corrosion situation ...
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Literature Review of Inhibition for Vanadate Attack,
to vanadium-alkali corrosion in order to assess the feasibility of attenuating .... oxidation of nickel base alloys to markedly increase as if they were coated. with Na2 ... react vith and reduce the oxide ion content of molten sodium sulfate (66). S.
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recovery boiler superheater corrosion -
high nickel, high chromium, low iron alloys where nickel provides molten salt ... sodium sulphate had formed on the metal and exacerbated the corrosion rate [4]. The ... Oxyanion melts of common alkali salts can exhibit acid/base behavior.
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Bimetallic Corrosion - National Physical Laboratory
referred to as a galvanic corrosion, dissimilar metal corrosion or contact corrosion . ... Cu. 304 stainless steel. Balance. 0.03. 18. 10. -. -. 316 stainless steel. Balance . 0.03. 17 .... alkaline solutions and are anodic to iron, whereas in acid solutions they are ... bicarbonate and decreased by sulphate and chloride. ... Molten salts.
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Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steels During Thermal Cycling in
THERMAL CYCLING IN ALKALI NITRATE MOLTEN SALTS .... The only prior work concerning the effect of thermal cycling on corrosion Fe-Cr-Ni alloys nitrate salts of which ... mixtures, including perchlorate, sulfate, and carbonate are listed.
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The effect of oxygen and SO3 on corrosion of steels in molten
The corrosion of 18 ~ Cr, 8 Ni steel has been studied in alkali metal sulphate eutectic melts as a function of the partial pressures of oxygen and SOs in ...
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The LM-LS experiment: investigating corrosion control - [email protected]
in Liquid Fluoride Salts, by Liquid alkali Metal .... D. Corrosion mechanisms in molten fluoride salts . ..... 2 with this sign convention, the most noble metals (Au, Cu, Ni) have the most negative ε °. ..... The sulphate's thermal decomposition.
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Corrosion and materials selection are key issues in the practical design and .... breakdown of the passive film protecting stainless steel and nickel alloys. ..... A significant corrosion process is that caused by deposition of molten alkali sulphates.
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Choose Materials for High-Temperature Environments - Clarkson
corrode because of aqueous (dew point) corrosion at lower temperatures dur- ... with Type 304 stainless steel (UNS S30400, iron, 19% Cr, 9% Ni, 0.08% C). Type 304 ..... sulfates, including acid and basic ... ered to be triggered by molten alkali.
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High-Performance Alloys for Resistance to Aqueous Corrosion
properties, the Special Metals nickel-based alloys are used for a broad range of .... environments, nickel is more corrosion resistant than iron, but not as ...... Up to 20% sulfuric acid, 100 gm/l cupric sulfate, 10 gm/l nickel sulfate,. 195 (91). 7.
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The role of chlorine in high temperature corrosion in - Nickel Institute
(Keywords: waste incineration; chloride corrosion; alloy performance) ..... of molten sulfates, pyrosulfates and alkali iron trisulfates, the corrosive species ...
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FOR nETECTION OF HOT CORROSION CONDITIONS IN PFBC FLUE GAS ..... dation of nickel, cobalt, and iron-base alloys which occurs in the presence ... molten alkali hetai sulfates (Na2S04 and K2SO4) are the principal agents respon -.
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Corrosion Problems Arisen from the Use of Alternative Combustibles
Inside the refractory lining, at higher temperatures, molten salts can also deposit ... Alkali sulphates on the other are significantly less volatile than chlorides. .... hot corrosion and erosion protection Alloy [11, a Ni-base alloy, has been specially ...
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