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Effect of staggered arrays on cooling characteristics of impinging
Keywords: Staggered array - Water jet cooling - Boiling - Hot steel plate ... of staggered arrays on water impinging jet cooling were mainly investigated at fixed jet ...
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heat transfer behavior of a high temperature steel plate cooled by a
Impingement water jets are used as a fast cooling system ( ≈ 85°C/s) for hot steel plates, ... regimes during a hot steel plate cooling at high temperatures.
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Experimental Study of Water Jet Impingement Cooling of Hot Steel
Water Jet Impingement. Cooling of Hot Steel Plates. Experimentelle Untersuchung der Prallkühlung von heißen Stahlplatten mittels Wasserstrahlen.
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heat transfer of laminar flow cooling during strip acceleration on hot
steel strip. Accelerated cooling has been implemented in hot strip mills to reduce the ... of water impingement on a stationary plate, heat transfer adjacent to a jet.
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Effect of Controlling Parameters on Heat Transfer during Jet - ijcer
Array Impingement Cooling of a Hot Steel Plate ... an experimental investigation of cooling a hot thick copper plate by impinging a plane water jet to clarify the.
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Study of Characteristics for Slant Slit Jet Cooling on Hot Rolled Plate
Jul 21, 2015 ... Run-out table cooling of steel products after hot rolling is recognised as ... cooled by an array of water jets impinging on the surface of the steel.
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The Use of Water Cooling during the Continuous Casting of Steel
... and turbulence of the liquid metal jets, which in turn control the flow pattern .... is cooled by direct contact of water with the hot metal surface, as shown in ...
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The effect of ambient air condition on heat transfer of hot steel plate
It has been observed that the cooling capacity of an impinging water jet is affected ... cooling experiments utilizing a hot steel plate cooled by a laminar jet were ...
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transfer coefficient (HTC) while cooling 18Cr-8Ni steel plate. 10 mm thick with water ... for plate cooling by a set of water jets, water sprays or water curtains.
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Water Quenching CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Simulation
cooling speed and the boiling curve with cylindrical impinging jets are calculated and com- ... with our water cooling prediction technique for hot steel materials.
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Heat Transfer Technology for Steel Rolling Process Yoshihiro
roll hot steel in the hot rolling process; since the rolls are subject to ... of cooling technology using water and gas jet and the research of heat conductance via.
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Experimental Investigation of Effect of a Surfactant to Increase
Feb 8, 2013 ... the study of ultrafast cooling (UFC) of a hot steel plate. The initial temperature ... laminar water jet cooling rate of 30 C/s of a steel plate and this.
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Gas jet floatation for the touchless cooling of sensitive stainless steel
heat treatment of stainless steel strips. ... In contrary to water cooling the gas jet cooling .... 5: Stainless steel strip floatation cooling plant with “hot cooling.
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The industrial hot rolling mills are equipped with systems for
The proper cooling rate affects the final mechanical properties of steel which strongly dependent .... for plate cooling by a set of water jets, water sprays or water.
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Effect of controlling parameters on heat transfer during spray
flux applications like Runout Table Cooling in Hot Strip Mill. Heat fluxes as high ... open literature. Using air/ water spray impingement cooling instead of conventional laminar water jet .... on a hot steel plate by water/air mixture spray cooling.
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Effect of Nozzle Exit to Surface Spacing on the Cooling - IJAREEIE
Abstract: The transient surface cooling of a hot stainless steel surface is obtained by a water jet impingement cooling method. The surface is electrically heated ...
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Engineering Effect Of Flow Rate On The Cooling Of Electrically
The transient surface cooling of a hot stainless steel surface is done with the round water jet impingement cooling. The stainless steel surface of 3 mm thickness ...
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On the Application of Intrinsic Thermocouples in Temperature
ing process of hot steel plates is investigated using the finite-element method. ... water jet cooling process using intrinsic thermocouples were conducted ...
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jet impingement cooling of hot horizontal surface through sharp
A hot stainless steel surface of 3 mm thickness was cooled with the round water jet of 2.5 mm diameter ... Water flow rate is varied such that the jet Reynolds.
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Numerical and experimental study on the flow distribution in a water
4]. In general, impinging circular water jets are used as a rapid cooling system for hot steel plates [1]. Impinging water jets require the uniform mass flow.
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Transient Thermal Analysis of Hot Rolled Plates under the - IJETAE
steel rolling mills with water jet cooling. From analysis, it can be found that no previous information is required for both functional forms of time wise and space  ...
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descaling with high pressure nozzles - Lechler
Sep 6, 2001 ... Descaling of steel in hot rolling processes is an application of ... On the other hand the water jet causes an intensive cooling of the surface and ...
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influence of the impact angle and pressure on the spray cooling of
SPRAY COOLING OF VERTICALLY MOVING HOT STEEL ... Two different sizes of flat-jet nozzles were tested with different water pressures and angles of the.
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(SSAB), revamping of a continuous annealing line, Sweden - Andritz
the furnace section with its water quench ... steel grades of this market. SSAB ... new gas jet cooler for operation with hot water. The heated water is pumped in a.
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