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Continuum Qrpa Calculation With The Skyrme Effective Force - [Full Version]
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Continuum Qrpa Calculation With The Skyrme Effective Force - Full Download
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Continuum Qrpa Calculation With The Skyrme Effective Force - [Complete Version]
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Microscopic HFB+ QRPA predictions of dipole strength for
Jun 2, 2003 ... Large-scale QRPA calculations of the E1 strength are performed on top of HFB cal- ... of the role played by the continuum of single-particle neutron states .... Based on this Skyrme-HFB approach, a number of effective forces ...
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Continuum quasiparticle random phase approximation and the time
Jun 7, 2002 ... In this paper we present the first continuum QRPA calculations with the single- particle ... interaction determined from the same effective two-body force. ... field and the pairing field described by a Skyrme interaction and a ...
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Continuum quasiparticle linear response theory using the Skyrme
(QRPA) in which the velocity dependent terms of the Skyrme effective interaction are explicitly treated except the spin ... imated to a tractable simple contact force[ 10, 11, 12] or ... sults of numerical calculation performed for the isovector.
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Large-scale QRPA calculation of E1-strength and its impact on the
Mar 28, 2002 ... theory [15] or the continuum QRPA equations derived from the ... are calculated from the same Skyrme effective interaction. .... peak energies obtained with the SLy4 Skyrme force are compared with experimental values in Fig.
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Exotic modes of excitation in atomic nuclei far from stability
Jan 26, 2007 ... rich nuclei, as shown in recent large-scale QRPA calculations of the E1 strength for .... states and the particle continuum, the modification of the effective .... Skyrme-type forces, for instance, generally exhibit unrealistic pairing ...
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Deformed quasiparticle-random-phase approximation for neutron
dependent terms of the Skyrme effective interaction for the energy-weighted sum rule is discussed. As a further ... Skyrme force was approximated by its Landau- Migdal. (LM) form [50, 51]. ... We note that fully consistent HFB+QRPA calculations with the .... properties of 20O were investigated using the continuum. QRPA ...
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Spin-isospin nuclear response using the existing microscopic
Apr 22, 2007 ... with the continuum as well as with configurations made up with a p-h pair ... effective pairing force, in the spin-isospin channel by studying the ... There are not many self-consistent QRPA calculations available. The proton-neutron. QRPA based on Skyrme forces in the particle-hole (p-h) channel (with a ...
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Continuum QRPA response for deformed neutron-rich nuclei
Jul 18, 2003 ... full continuum QRPA calculations for deformed nuclei. 1. ... a density- independent pairing force at least) both in the ground state and in the QRPA .... results of HFB calculations with a Skyrme interaction by Terasaki et al. ... value for the renormalization factor in order to define the effective residual interaction ...
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QRPA plus Phonon Coupling Model and the Photoabsorbtion Cross
Apr 3, 2001 ... nucleons to the continuum [12, 13], essentially produced by the optimal ... or HF- BCS plus quasi-particle RPA (QRPA) calculations [22] (which include the contri- ... model is based on HF-RPA with Skyrme effective forces and ...
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Self-consistent calculations of the strength function and radiative
Aug 8, 2011 ... (Q)RPA approach, takes into account the single-particle continuum and the phonon coupling. Our analysis ... consistency between the mean field and the effective in- teraction is also ... parameters, for example the Skyrme force [6, 8], instead ... In partic- ular, the large-scale QRPA calculations of [15] predict.
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Article PDF - IOPscience
calculations were performed either with a zero-range Skyrme-type force or ... pnQRPA calculation beyond those characterizing the effective nuclear force ( namely D1M [1] ... consistent axially-symmetric-deformed QRPA calculations presented in [3] and ... As a consequence, the positive energy continuum is discretized. The.
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Axially symmetric Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov calculations for nuclei
Calculations of observables for nuclei near the neutron drip line are presented ... limited energy in the quasiparticle spectrum continuum. .... This parametrization describes two primary pairing forces: a .... The Hartree-Fock Hamiltonian using the Skyrme effective ..... phase approximation QRPA calculations 28 to investigate.
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Beta-decay properties of Zr and Mo neutron-rich isotopes
Jun 8, 2010 ... crease near the neutron drip-lines because of continuum effects and a quenching of ... QRPA calculations for neutron-rich nuclei have also been performed ... we have chosen the Skyrme force SLy4 [31] as a repre- sentative of the .... account in an effective way all the correlations [39] which are not properly ...
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Beta Decay of r-Process Waiting Point Nuclei in a Self-Consistent
Jun 16, 1999 ... The same Skyrme force is used everywhere in the calculation except in the proton- ... for HFB, approximate the continuum by bound or ... continuum in the QRPA. .... Our effective interaction comes from the Skyrme energy-.
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Microscopic Study of the Isoscalar Giant Monopole Resonance in
Jun 28, 2012 ... tion (QRPA). Three Skyrme parameter sets are used in the calculations, i.e., SLy5 , SkM∗ and SkP, since they .... In this work, we employ the Skyrme QRPA approach on top of ... The single-particle continuum is discretized by setting the ... effective force SkM* is adopted in the particle-hole chan- nel. For the ...
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pdf 1.4 Mb - Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics
Aug 1, 2005 ... Theoretical models based on effective interactions between nucleons: ... and able to handle new situations (continuum, .... Can one relate Skyrme force to a nuclear matter .... Fully consistent QRPA calculations, except for 2-.
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Quasiparticle Renormalization and Pairing Correlations in Spherical
Jul 4, 2011 ... the same effective force employed to obtain the HF mean field. ... vibrational states in semimagic nuclei (for recent QRPA calculations cf. ...... take properly into account the coupling between bound and continuum levels [51, 52]. .... 58]: using the Argonne potential implies using the Skyrme effective mass mk ...
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Gamow-Teller response in deformed even and odd neutron-rich Zr
Mar 6, 2014 ... continuum spherical QRPA with density functionals. [27], and on relativistic .... tions, namely to the nucleon-nucleon effective force, to pairing correlations, and .... calculations with the Skyrme force SLy4. where the sums extend ...
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Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov (HFB) theory - Vanderbilt University
... Random Phase. Approximation = QRPA ... maximum continuum energy is quite small ( 5 MeV). Terasaki ... Binding energies [MeV]. HF / HFB calculations use Skyrme (SLy4) interaction + delta pairing interaction. Note: none of the above nuclei are used in the Skyrme (SLy4) force fit! .... with Gogny effective N-N interaction.
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Microscopic evaluation of the pairing gap
Jan 27, 2010 ... calculations of pairing gap in nuclei [3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10]. ... Hartree-Fock- Bogolyubov method with effective forces, the value of Veff is .... consistent approaches, say, the SHF+RPA (or SHFB+qRPA) ... SLy4 Skyrme force with the effective mass m∗ ≃ 0.7m. ..... A discretization method of the continuum.
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