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Conforming Finite Element Computations Applied To A Spatially Periodic Harmonic - Full Download
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Conforming finite element computations applied to a spatially
APPLIED TO A SPATIALLY PERIODIC, HARMONIC ... Two conforming finite element methods are tested on different meshes. The second one uses a classical.
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Sep 16, 2009 ... generally, stationary with respect to spatial variations [21, 10, 24]. ... nowhere, but for a bounded sequence of such finite element functions every weak ... the computation of discrete harmonic maps into spheres that leads to a separately ..... conforming finite element space S1(Th) subordinate to the ...
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Finite Element Approximation of Harmonic Maps between Surfaces
The computation of .... generally, stationary with respect to spatial variations [ Eva91, Bet93a, Har97]. ... Mh with vertices Nh and a subordinated lowest order finite element space S1(Th)n, .... of the connection forms that makes use of non- conforming finite .... 2.2 Weak accumulation of periodic discrete harmonic maps in 2D .
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A Survey of Trefftz Methods for the Helmholtz Equation
larly popular for time-harmonic wave problems, as their trial spaces contain oscillat- ... describe theoretical and computational aspects of these spaces, focusing in particu- ... E. Trefftz, dating back to 1926, where this idea was applied to the Laplace ... Trefftz methods are related to both finite element (FEM) and boundary ...
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The Mathematics of Finite Elements and Applications - Defense
results for general elliptic systems and general hp-finite element methods. Recently, ... These techniques are applied to representative transient and ... The framework of computational analysis is a) mathematical modelling; b) numerical solution; and c) .... spatial derivatives are treated as in a mixed finite element method.
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Coupling of finite element and boundary integral methods for
Oct 8, 2009 ... Consider a time-harmonic electromagnetic plane wave incident on an inhomogeneity ... In this paper, a method of coupling of finite element ... Journal of Computational Physics 229 (2010) 481–497 ..... Define conforming finite element subspaces Xh of H1рXЮ and Yh of HА1=2рCЮ, ..... spatial frequency.
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Finite Element Domain Decomposition with Second Order
ods for the Finite Element (FE) solution of the time-harmonic Maxwell's equations. Domain decomposition ..... 3.1 Computational statistics for coated sphere simulations . . . . . . . . 27 .... metrical features and spatially varying material properties. ... Though very successful when applied to finite periodic problems, these methods.
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Time-integration methods for finite element discretisations of the
element method (DG-FEM) and the H(curl)-conforming FEM. ... point of view of accuracy, stability and computational work. ... The dispersion and dissipation properties of the spatial discretisation and those .... the semi-discrete scheme by solving the time-harmonic eigenvalue problem ...... with periodic boundary conditions.
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Review of literature on the finite-element - USGS Publications
finite-element method, which has been applied to fluid-flow ... with spatially variable resistance. ... method requires fewer nodes and less computational time ..... tion is harmonic but includes the Coriolis terms. ... tions into a set of elliptic Helmholtz equations for periodic .... known as compatible or conforming elements .
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S4: A free electromagnetic solver for layered periodic structures
May 19, 2012 ... Time-harmonic electromagnetism in layered bi-periodic structures. Solution method: ... for computational electromagnetism (CEM), such as the finite- difference ... frequency-domain (FDFD) method [2], and the finite element method (FEM) .... in layer i, the spatial dielectric distribution ϵ(x,y,z) is constant for.
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here - an der Universität Duisburg-Essen
Jul 4, 2016 ... Immanuel Anjam. Functional A Posteriori Error Control for Conforming ... Frank Osterbrink. Time-harmonic Maxwell equations for radiation problems .... condition , the stability and convergence of finite element methods and of the solution of .... on Computational and Applied Mathematics, p. xii+316, 2008.
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The Multiharmonic Finite Element and Boundary Element Method for
apply the multiharmonic finite element - boundary element coupling method to discretize .... 2.3 Boundary integral equations for eddy current computations . ..... H(curl)-conforming finite element spaces have been introduced by Nédélec in [ 120, 121]. .... The first rigorous analysis of MH-FEM applied to the time-periodic eddy ...
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Effective Transmission Conditions for Domain Decomposition - Hal
Dec 2, 2013 ... Decomposition Methods applied to the Time-Harmonic. Curl-Curl ... tained from the vector valued equations in three spatial dimensions need to be solved by iterative ... Preprint submitted to Journal of Computational Physics. December 1 .... For finite-element based non-overlapping and non-conforming do-.
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Domain Decomposition Solvers for Nonlinear Multiharmonic Finite
called multiharmonic FEM or harmonic-balanced FEM, and has been used by many ... ∗The Institute for Applied Mathematics and Computational Science, Texas ... periodic in time, with frequency ω, we have the Fourier series representation .... V0, we assume that the subdomains Ωj are elements of a conforming tetrahedral.
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Untitled - Rice Scholarship Home
The 2D harmonic coordinate finite element method (HCFEM) achieves optimal .... 5.7 HCFEM is applied on a regular grid of diameter h = 2−6 for the square- ... in them. These coefficients also influence the computational cost of a numerical .... with the periodic coefficient tensor Cǫ(x) = C(x/ǫ), where C(y) is 1-periodic and.
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Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach Computational
finite element methods and their applications in computational engineering. This .... DPG applied to various variational formulations of linear elasticity . ... A DPG method for the time-harmonic Maxwell equations in an electrically sealed .... HDG spatial discretization by hybridizing the Lax-Friedrichs with unknown trace q = [.
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when coupling molecular dynamics and finite element discretizations in solid body mechanics, often spurious wave reflections are introduced by the applied coupling technique. ... for the computational model on another scale [BLL02, AG05]. Thus ... constraints (enforcing equality at certain spatial points, e.g., the reference ...
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Standard PDF (925.7 KB) - Wiley Online Library
Jan 3, 2005 ... methodology is similar to the multiscale finite element method, and ... similar accuracy in computations of the fine-scale hydraulic head and ... medium is bounded between the harmonic and arithmetic ... tion techniques that guide spatially adaptive averaging to .... A periodic model problem is discussed in.
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Jun 12, 2007 ... can be extended to higher dimensions and it can be applied to ... dimensions the TFWE are non-conforming Finite Elements. ... the geometry of the computational domain (see [2] and [3]). ... steps. In case of a time-periodic discretization, the linear system of ...... resulting in spatially dependent current flow.
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High Order Nodal Discontinuous Galerkin - Brown University
on curl-conforming elements, we propose to use high-order nodal elements ... The discussion, analysis, and numerous computational experiments sug- ... the applied sciences and engineering, e.g., design and analysis of radars and ... when a straightforward nodal continuous Galerkin finite element scheme is used to.
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