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A comparison between concept maps, mind maps, conceptual
and disadvantages of each format for learning and knowledge sharing are re- viewed and discussed. ... Keywords: Concept map; mind map; conceptual diagram; visual metaphor; concept skeleton .... text above the branches. Label all boxes. Fill all ..... in student learning styles and a more adequate matching with respective ...
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On the Role of Metaphor in Information Visualization -
The concept of metaphor, in particular graphical (or visual) metaphor, is central to the field of .... visualization design process that matches characteristics of the data and ...... presents a hierarchical branching structure originating at the head, which is .... Problems involving dynamic phenomena, for example the conduct of  ...
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Usability Issues in the Design of Novice Programming Systems
Aug 1, 1996 ... Match Between System and the Real World . ..... tion contains Nielsen's definition of the heuristic, followed by our interpretation of the ..... those that may have been skipped due to branching: that any statements .... frequently encounter difficulty with the limits of the metaphor or analogy: mistakes arise out of.
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Metaphor Interpretation as Selective Inferencing: Cognitive - ISI
stages in the life of a metaphor, and the definition of metaphor. METAPHOR is .... necessary to solve the discourse problems posed by the text. The inferencing .... [ e.g., 47}, in which one travels down a tree-like structure, branching one way ..... Congress. We can complete this match by assuming, or drawing as an implica-.
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The dilemma of dominance
conceptual problems are illustrated in the history of studies on the evolution of .... assumptions and default concepts'), yet the metaphor conveys this impression. Further ..... various definitions or interpretations do not match each other, although ex- ..... maps the branch of potential causal threads associated with the allele.
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Digital Literacy: A Conceptual Framework for Survival Skills in the
eracy; branching literacy; information literacy; and socio- emotional literacy. ... sociological skills in order to perform tasks and solve problems in digital en- vironments. ... the concept of digital literacy, incorporating five types of literacy: (a) photo- .... with those children, they have learned English by synchronic matching of.
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The Cognitive Linguistics Enterprise: An Overview - Vyvyan Evans
main branches of the cognitive linguistics enterprise: cognitive semantics, and cognitive .... This position holds that conceptual structure (the nature of human concepts) ..... it may only partially match up with other cognitive models. .... Conceptual metaphor theory was one of the earliest and most important theories to take.
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The Garden of Branching Paths - Library of Babel
... The Garden of Branching Paths slipped out of print, Borges managed ... concepts, 'Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius' – widely consid- ered his ..... m) Problems with a Problem (Paris, 1917), a book discuss- ... pages that matched word for word and line for line those of ..... Magus - and he was cited rather more as a metaphor . The.
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some problems of basic organization in problem-solving programs
concerned with advanced concepts of machine use and machine ... May 1962, sponsored by the Information Systems Branch of the Office of ..... Associated with a transform goal was a method (the match .... Alternative metaphors are possible.
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Contents - Columbia University
13 Exporting Metaphors, Concepts and Methods from the ..... partial determination, branching effects, and irreversibility, albeit to different degrees and with varying ..... problems and prospects of such concept migration will be the topic of this section. ... matching methods originally developed for DNA sequences by historical.
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Get PDF (141K) - Wiley Online Library
Apr 20, 2015 ... Metaphors, verbal or otherwise, play a large part in ... KEYWORDS: concepts; geomorphology; hierarchy; lexicon; terms ..... processes – like spreading electrical discharges branching from ... conceptual and technical problems involved, including the scale of ..... to be matched with real-world occurrences.
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Bilingual Polytechnic Dictionary of Metaphors: Spanish to English
procedure adopted for metaphor identification and the problems and solutions ... be seen, in most cases no direct matching from language to language can be .... sustains important concepts and linguistic realizations branching civil ...
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Metaphor Interpretation as Selective Inferencing - IJCAI
discourse problems posed by a text to select the relevant ... given — a spatial metaphor schema from computer ..... The concept of .... travels down a tree-like structure, branching one way .... Ve have almost a complete match between the.
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Will New Regionalism survive? Tracing dominant concepts in
Feb 7, 2003 ... Regionalism is attributed to the variation in concepts which, while evolving individually, have all converged by invoking a network metaphor. .... 'branch plant economy', Sayer (1985) shows that abstraction is an intellectual ...... matching of historical stages of industrial phases characterised by particular ...
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Letting the brain speak for itself - Frontiers
Sep 22, 2011 ... Metaphors of Computation and Information tended to detract attention from ... information theory, the concept of the Turing machine and the ..... The second branch of the Coding Problem's history takes an ..... ingly stringent conditions of complexity matching (West et al., ..... straint satisfaction problems and.
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Modeling Cognition with Probabilistic Programs - Andreas Stuhlmüller
Mar 28, 2015 ... bilistic programs in the domains of concept learning and social reasoning. ... initial experimental evidence that they match human generalization patterns. ... metaphor by outlining new research questions that have been ..... that can solve the same problems that human cognition is solving, and in ways that.
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Experiencing OptiqueVQS - Department of Computer Science
to recall domain concepts, and the terminology and syn- .... problems primarily by bringing a visual query system ..... and metaphors ... of matching concepts and instances are displayed. After .... (i.e., queries with branching and without cycles); .
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A dynamical systems perspective on action and perception
search and formulated new theoretical and experimental problems. It began with the rebellious rejection of the ``computer metaphor'', the too literal translation of concepts from the theory of information processing to per- ceptual, cognitive .... account of bimanual coordination is now branching into other levels of analysis.
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A Practical Guide for Policy Analysis
mentation and public management, and most recently on problems of facilitating better ... This handbook serves as a guide to concepts and methods applied in ..... the past two or three decades, branching into domestic policy. It is there- ..... ing, matching, clustering, and other such rationalizing arrangements, it may be ...
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Change and Identity in Complex Systems - Ecology and Society
A useful metaphor for thinking about change and identity comes from .... problems in the ecosystem concept is of particular importance ..... expected of systems that match different kinds of ..... (branching) at an ecosystem level would be difficult.
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Paper - DFKI
causes and consequences of these problems are discussed, along with their .... branching logic (cf. [4]). Each node ... (no input) or interpreted (no matching concepts) from the .... activity of the speech signal (the assistant metaphor). 3 Method.
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here - Case Western Reserve University
space and the metaphor of an argument as a container (Lakoff & Johnson, ... will provide a solution to many organizational problems. ... individual's cognition is composed of discrete concepts or idea units and that ... to be matching. ...... space or to frame action with a branching model in an information processing sense.
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The Design Framework: An Organizing Artifact - Jen Scott Curwood
Abstract: Design provides a unifying metaphor for describing research .... We propose a framework that centers on a concept of the artifact (Halverson, 2002; 2004). .... Branching Up, Out or Off: How Features Become Affordances ... Where there is a match between a feature's intentions and affordances, there is growth.
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Symmetry and collective fluctuations in - Santa Fe Institute
May 11, 2011 ... nects to fundamental problems in development, multi- level selection, and ... tal concept in stochastic evolutionary game theory, where the fact that ... are free of metaphor. In these .... more about the statistics of matching, we may resolve the normal ..... eral branching processes (subject to fixed population),.
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retrieving semantically distant analogies - Stanford University
latest problems, Rich was always there with the right answer. The other ..... 5.7 Cost of KB search as KB's branching factor grows : : : : : : : : : : : : : : 69 ... political speechwriters often use surprising metaphors in order to enliven their prose; clever .... the target concept matched, and the relevance of that portion to the goal .
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chapter - Lawrence University Faculty
Jul 12, 2011 ... Image Schemas and Conceptual Metaphor in Action Comics. Elisabeth Potsch and ... The static, soundless nature of comics poses problems of.
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The Control - EECS - University of Michigan
The relevant computer-metaphor concepts will be introduced as needed in the ... has very simple syntax and semantics, but is implemented with a full rete-match .... and problems, as consulting any textbook on the voluminous literature on ..... When the subroutine completes its work, it returns by branching to the saved ...
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Download (156kB) - Philsci-Archive
Feb 14, 2006 ... their own presentation of the theory was tied closely to the metaphor ... work of Wallace, I will call this approach to branching subjective uncertainty4. ..... The concept of objective chance and the physical posit of quantum ...... But there is in fact good reason to think that Everettian modal realism will match up ...
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Indexicality, Transparency, and Mental Files - University of St Andrews
But too much focus on the metaphor sells Recanati's project short;. Recanati .... whose label matched the output of the GPS device. ..... Recanati mentions as potential problems for the transparency thesis what .... the branching should refer. .... and Walter, S., editors, Phenomenal Concepts and Phenomenal Knowledge: New.
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