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Compact Wfsa Based Language Model And Its Application In Statistical Machine - Full Download
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Modeling uncertainty in statistical translation
this dissertation, a model of language processing is advocated in which multiple inputs ... However, to deal efficiently with large (or infinite) sets, compact rep- ... A Formal Model of Ambiguity and its Applications in Machine Translation by ..... 2.3 Encoding the WFSA in Figure 2.2 as a weighted context-free grammar.
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Alignment Models and Algorithms for Statistical Machine Translation
Alignment models are used in statistical machine translation to determine translational corre- spondences between the words and phrases in a sentence in one language ... investigates algorithms for the training and application of alignment models. ... words can influence the way in which as word translates, as can its part.
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Pushdown Automata in Statistical Machine Translation
coder based on a finite state automata representation, showing that PDAs provide a more suitable ... language model in the first-pass to address the results of PDA complexity analysis. .... expanded into a single WFSA, as shown in Figure 1c. ..... This is adequate for the translation applications we describe, with the exception.
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A Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Computing N - emnlp 2015
Sep 17, 2015 ... probabilities from lattices has applications ... coding in statistical machine translation and the ... tions in the estimation of language model statis- ... ciating each n-gram with its posterior for efficient .... ficient and compact data structure for representing ..... rithm 2 and the WFSA based expected count com-.
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Graphical Models over Multiple Strings
in morphology, cognate modeling or language re- ... some natural applications in computational lin- .... of all paths in F3's WFSA that accept the string x ∈ Σ∗ ... requires a k-tape weighted finite-state machine .... U's value based on its other neighboring variables .... if Q is large but parameterized by some compact parameter.
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paper+supplement - Department of Computer Science - Johns
applications include grapheme-to-phoneme (G2P), ... state to its final state represents an alignment of x ... machines: the position in x and the most recent output ... Figure 4: A compact lattice of the exponentially many .... bilinear language model (Mnih and Hinton, 2007): ... We describe our gradient-based maximization.
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algorithmic framework for speech recognition based ... naries, statistical grammars, and word or phone lat- tices. ... ure 1(a) is a toy finite-state language model. The ... state acceptors (WFSA), since they accept or recog- .... sive weighted finite-state machine software library ..... Its applications to speech recognition are dis-.
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Contrastive Estimation: Training Log-Linear Models on Unlabeled
Contrastive Estimation: Training Log-Linear Models on Unlabeled Data. ∗. Noah A. ... Department of Computer Science / Center for Language and Speech Processing ... We discuss the application of CE to log- ..... acyclic WFSA, and sum the u-scores of all its paths ..... mentation of multiclass kernel-based vector machines.
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N-gram posterior probability confidence measures for statistical
Aug 28, 2012 ... measures for statistical machine translation (SMT). ... ability distribution based on the translation model and language model ... There are many potential applications of confidence measures .... A WFSA can be derived from a WFST by ... The resulting acceptorEn is a compact lattice ofn-gram sequences of ...
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Towards Developing Generation Algorithms for Text - Radu Soricut
Towards Developing Generation Algorithms for Text-to-Text Applications ... ation mechanism based on algorithms for ... bilistic language models. ... A machine translation or ... it is a compact representation, while formalisms ... model for IDL- expressions encoding bags-of-words ..... its IDL-graph, and W($ ) its wFSA under.
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Training Tree Transducers - Association for Computational Linguistics
However, language problems like machine transla- tion break this mold, ... cently, specific probabilistic tree-based models have been proposed not only ... lel, with each subtree transformed depending only on its .... trees are given weights, as are strings in a WFSA. A weighted ..... An inequality with application to statistical.
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Download as a PDF - CiteSeerX
caded weighted finite state machines and generic dynamic tries. ... uniformly in one data structure (called the text chart) in a highly compact and ... named entity recognition and chunk parsing based on a divide-and-conquer ... Therefore one important application area for language technology ...... set and class model.
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Learning a Discriminative Weighted Finite-State Transducer for
language model, the pronunciation mapping and the acoustic ... machine translation [5]. As such, we ... as a compact weighted finite-state transducer, an approach that .... acceptor (WFSA) and its utilization in speech recognition in ... based on the observation that the baseline recognizer provides .... NIST statistical tests.
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Minimum Error Rate Training - Research at Google
Aug 2, 2009 ... lattice-based MERT and MBR algorithms ... Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) systems ... compact representation for encoding a huge num- ... duces a translation hypothesis E along with its se- ... linear model, the cost function of any candidate ..... does not exceed the order of the n-gram language.
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Lattice Minimum Bayes-Risk Decoding for Statistical Machine
Lattice Minimum Bayes-Risk Decoding for Statistical Machine Translation ... Statistical language processing systems for speech recognition, machine ... tical MT system — both phrase-based and syntax- based ... lying probability model P( E|F), the MBR decoder has the ... plied to all paths in the lattice via WFSA intersec -.
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Learning Constructions of Natural Language - Aalto-yliopiston kirjasto
Dec 10, 2012 ... cal applications for statistical methods include information retrieval, speech ... heuristics or grammatical rule-based methods, this thesis proposes the use ... language modeling and machine translation. ... Morfessor is shown to have psycholinguistic competence: its ..... Compact n-gram models by incremen-.
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Structure Learning in Weighted Languages - Association for
via weighted finite state automata (WFSA). ... standard n-gram based language modeling meth- ... to show that by consistent application of MDL ... both man and machine work toward the same goal, .... statistics. In particular, negative generalizations, that something is forbidden by some .... subsample and its complement.
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Speech Summarization using Weighted Finite-State Transducers
spontaneous speech into written-style compact sentences. Most ... cause it is usually difficult to estimate a good language model for a specific style if few data  ...
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based discriminative training, wide phonetic-context, efficient acoustic scoring, large n-gram language models, and the most common ... statistics or estimating model parameters according to some .... through the use of alignment objects, is more compact. .... On the other hand, the WFSA decoder performs recognition.
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a scalable method for voice search to nationwide business listings
can be verbally queried; 2) modeling the spoken queries (language ... This has motivated statistical methods based on machine translation ... In DA applications, each database entry (or record) is organized in a ... age ASR to improve its accuracy. .... efficient and compact framework for representing recognition net- works in ...
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