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Cluster Cluster Aggregation With Complete Collisional Fragmentation - [Full Version]
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Cluster Cluster Aggregation With Complete Collisional Fragmentation - Full Download
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Dust coagulation and fragmentation in molecular clouds
Monte Carlo coagulation code the dust aggregate collision model is applied ...... that form by particle-cluster aggregation (PCA), up to compact aggregates that may ... The complete presentation of the redesigned recipe is discussed in § 6.3. 3.
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Preplanetary scavengers: Growing tall in dust collisions
Besides collisional fragmentation other destructive mechanisms are thinkable. ... from complete). ... Cluster aggregation by Brownian motion has been found in.
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Collisional evolution of dust aggregates. From compaction to
collisions of equal mass aggregates, where the same impact energy can lead to perfect sticking. .... referred to as aggregates, clusters, or particles) individually. Since we are ..... sented by studying the full distribution of fragment masses.
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Jun 6, 2012 ... amples of simulations on aggregate collisions using this method include work by Sirono ... This allows us to obtain a rather complete picture of the outcome ... compaction and of cluster fragmentation distributions. Finally,.
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astro-ph/0701385 PDF -
Aug 4, 2006 ... formed by the collision of spherical monomers and aggregates where the charge is ... the sticking probability is unity for monomers or clusters. Formation of Cosmic ... for the aggregate and its orientation as a whole, plus a substructure .... resistant to crushing or fragmentation in subsequent collisions. IV.
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Dust coagulation in protoplanetary disks: porosity matters
Oct 2, 2006 ... used formulations of Particle-Cluster Aggregation (PCA) and. Cluster-Cluster ..... gies complete fragmentation (e.g., catastrophic collision).
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Molecular fusion within fullerene clusters induced by femtosecond
May 24, 2007 ... Molecular fusion is induced in clusters of fullerene molecules on excitation with .... collisional-fragmentation from clusters. ... sure of the He gas inside the cluster aggregation source. .... entire cluster) increases with cluster size.
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Monte Carlo models of dust coagulation - IMPRS HD
pile the recent laboratory experiments on dust aggregates into a collision model that ... assumed growth-fragmentation cycle, but growth is halted by bouncing before the frag- ..... We do not attempt to go the whole way in this thesis, but .... Star formation mostly happens in star clusters in which roughly half of the stars are.
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Disruption of fragmented parent bodies as the - Observatoire de la
from previous studies of the collisional evolution of the asteroid belt9, which ... has led to the formation of a full size spectrum of aggregates (also called fragments), whose properties we compare with the real Karin cluster. For this, we use two ...
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A Self-consistent Numerical Treatment of Fractal Aggregate Dynamics
Mar 1, 1995 ... Keywords: Collisional Physics, Computer Techniques, Interplanetary Dust, ... Some of the key features required for a fragmentation model, not .... ulations are divided into two regimes: particle-cluster aggregation (PCA) and ... a full description of the mathematical formalism and numerical tools needed to.
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Ions colliding with molecules and molecular clusters: fragmentation
... thesis "Statistical and Non- statistical fragmentation of large molecules in collisions with atoms". ... 4.2 Collisions with clusters of PAH or fullerene molecules . . . . 30 ..... Figure 2.3: Schematic of the the cluster aggregation source. An oven is ..... We have also used the computationally more demanding Complete. Basis Set ...
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Aggregates in the strength and gravity regime: Particles - Unesp
the size dependence of the specific break-up energy for fragmentation to occur reported in the literature, ... ing a change in the particle size distribution due to higher collision .... ticle Cluster Aggregates (BPCA), and modified BPCA including par- ..... 100% damage done, the aggregate is completely disintegrated cor-.
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Molecular fusion of „C60…N clusters in the gas phase after
May 26, 2005 ... fragmentation behavior for excited clusters of fullerene molecules can be understood in terms of the energetics of molecular ... both collisional and laser excitation have uncovered a wealth ... the parent cluster is completely dissociated . This ... expected to be the highest temperature in the gas aggregation.
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Unimolecular decomposition of antimony and bismuth cluster ions
... cluster ions studied by surface collision induced dissociation mass spectrometry ... Fragment ion distributions of antimony clusters Sbn. + (n ¼ 3–12) and ..... vapor is allowed to condense in a cooled gas aggregation clus- ter source, solely ...
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Surface-induced dissociation shows potential to be more informative
Mark, T. D. Cluster Ions-Production, Detection and Stability. ... M. M.; Uggerud, E. Collisional Excitation and Fragmentation of Alkali-Metal Halide Cluster Ions.
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Request reprint © (pdf) - Research at the Department of Chemistry
macromolecular complexes, but collisions with small gas atoms currently provide very limited ... complexes and inorganic salt clusters by surface-induced dissociation (SID), which provides .... be used to transmit product ions over the entire m/z range, transmission .... duce mass-stripped doubly charged cluster fragments but.
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May 12, 2005 ... INTRODUCTION. Atomic (or molecular) clusters are aggregates of a ..... Subsequently, collisions between smaller clusters can lead to coa- ..... with low cluster fragmentation. ... energy up to 10 eV/atom led to the complete de-.
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Dust Coagulation In Protoplanetary Disks - UC Berkeley Astronomy w
aggregate fragmentation through high-speed collisions. A very simplified calculation .... settling equations for the entire ensemble of grains in a vertical slice in a disk, ... Cluster-Cluster-Aggregates (CCA) in which growth of an ag- gregate is ...
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Table of contents and preface - Boston University Physics
Feb 21, 2010 ... 3.4 Collisional Impact . ... 6.4 Collisional Fragmentation . ..... aggregation process — in which two clusters irreversibly merge to form a larger ... to Kirone Mallick who read the entire book and provided numerous suggestions for ...
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Planetesimal formation by sweep-up: How the bouncing barrier can
Jan 23, 2012 ... 3 Excellence Cluster Universe, Boltzmannstr. ... collisions between larger aggregates tend to lead to fragmentation or bouncing rather than sticking. Recent .... To provide a more complete and realistic collision model,.
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Nature 419, (51 - 54)
from the initial collision have further fragmented, creating smaller objects that have ... largest Koronis family members16, but if the spin clusters were ... the behaviour and evolution of gravitational aggregates. ... The complete inverse problem.
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