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Chromatographic Analysis Of Lysosomal Degradation Of Unlabeled Native Proteins - [Full Version]
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Chromatographic Analysis Of Lysosomal Degradation Of Unlabeled Native Proteins - Full Download
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Chromatographic Analysis Of Lysosomal Degradation Of Unlabeled Native Proteins - [Complete Version]
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Scale of autophagy estimated through lysosomal accumulation of L
level of liver proteins is considerably decreased by starvation and is rapidly restored by ... leupeptin-induced suppression of intralysosomal degradation of native LDH ..... Chromatographic analysis of lysosomal degradation of unlabeled native ...
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Metabolism of Native and of Lactosylated Human Low Density
(lysosomes/glycoproteins/cholesterol/protein degradation/colchicine). ALAN D. ATTIE ... Uptake of native human LDL had no significant effects on these enzyme  ...
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Identification of Intracellular Degradation Intermediates of - jstor
rum to denatured enzyme and 42sI-labeled protein A. Seven peptides with ... intracellular degradation of specific native proteins have been identified in .... tions that facilitate the removal of intact lysosomes without disruption and prevent ... used for further analysis. .... labeled with 125I and repurified by chromatography on a.
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Analysis of degradation of proteins labeled with fluorescein
CHROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS OF PROTEIN DEGRADATION 401 was mixed ..... Chromatographic Analysis of Lysosomal Degradation of Unlabeled Native ...
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Full Text (PDF)
(lysosomes/glycoproteins/cholesterol/protein degradation/colchicine). ALAN D. ATTIE, RAY ... 25I-labeled LDL and 13II-labeled Lac-LDL differed signifi- cantly.
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Identification of intracellular degradation intermediates of aldolase B
May 28, 1985 ... rum to denatured enzyme and 1251-labeled protein A. Seven ... intracellular degradation of specific native proteins have been ... The void volume was retained for further analysis. ... tions that facilitate the removal of intact lysosomes without .... labeled with "25I and repurified by chromatography on a.
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Oxidized low density lipoprotein leads to macrophage accumulation
lipoprotein(s); FCS, fetal calf serum; TLC, thin-layer chromatography. 'To whom correspondence ... somes (16, 17), and macrophage lysosomal degradation of the Ox-LDL protein .... LDL protein degradation was measured after a 5-h in- cubation of ... chromatography analysis of the labeled Ox-LDL and of the native labeled.
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Low Density Lipoprotein Degradation by Secretory Granules of Rat
HPLC, high performance liquid chromatography; SDS, sodium do- decyl sulfate. Portions ... volume of the column (V,) and the elution position of native LDL are indicated by arrows. ... Sephadex G-10 analysis of the labeled degradation products of '"I-LDL. ..... But, unlike lysosomes, which degrade proteins at acidic pH, mast ...
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Properties of Abnormal Proteins Degraded Rapidly in Reticulocytes
free polypeptides, might assemble into tetramers like native ... Preparation of Reticulocytes and Labeled Proteins-In order to obtain a ... Preparation of Samples for Column Chromatography-Labeled ...... cytes are not degraded by a lysosomal mechanism but instead .... Of particular interest in this regard will be the analysis of.
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Mol Cell Proteomics 4 1-14 - Biological Mass Spectrometry Facility
Comparative Proteomic Analysis of Native and. Density-shifted ... and analyzed by two-dimensional liquid chromatography ... proach for identification of lysosomal proteins and under- score the ... sponsible for the degradation of macromolecules delivered via ..... among the eight individual fractions before the iTRAQ labeled.
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Interaction of Oxidized HDLs With J774-A1 Macrophages Causes
native lipoproteins could compete for binding of '"I-oxidized HDL. The data support the .... Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography Analysis .... ing from 12.5 to 250 ^g protein/mL, of the unlabeled competing ..... A defective lysosomal degradation.
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Global Subcellular Characterization of Protein Degradation Using
cells have shown that the rate of protein degradation can vary from the .... Subcellular Fractionation of SILAC-Labeled U2OS Cells—For the ... tion and liquid chromatography-tandem MS (LC-MS/MS) analysis. ...... blocks the degradation of both native proteins and nonnative proteins. ... uses lysosomal proteases (47).
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Endosome-lysosome transfer of insulin and glucagon in a liver cell
Analysis of the A and β subunits of the insulin receptor by cross-linking to [125I] iodoinsulin and. Western immunoblotting ... gon in lysosomal fractions results from their rapid degradation in .... [125I]galBSA (2040106 cpm each) or native insulin (50 μg) ... cubated with 125I-labeled protein A in NaCl/Pi for 1 h at 20°C.
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Quality control for unfolded proteins at the plasma membrane
Jun 2, 2010 ... proteins. (B) Immunoblot (IB) analysis of CD4tl and CD4tl- / C expression before (top) or after CHX chase at 37°C for ... (ESCRT)–dependent lysosomal degradation of ubiquitinated native cargo molecules (Katzmann et al., 2001; Raiborg and .... liquid chromatography (LC)–MS/MS and database searches.
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Article - eLife
Dec 8, 2015 ... Niemann-Pick C1 (NPC1), a lysosomal membrane protein, has .... into cholesteryl [14C]oleate is measured by thin layer chromatography and scintillation counting ( see ... degradation of its protein, we incubated CHO cells with 125I-labeled .... Immunoblot analysis and image scanning were carried out with ...
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Full-Text - MDPI
Aug 16, 2013 ... Antibodies, like other proteins, are not very stable relative to small molecule ..... chemical degradation include deamidation, oxidation, isomerization, ..... Labeled mAb is added to the unlabeled high concentration ..... Size exclusion chromatography analysis demonstrated, however, a molecular weight of.
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Low Density Lipoprotein Modification by Cholesterol Oxidase
unlabeled LDL, but not acetyl-LDL (Ac-LDL), effec- tively competed with ““I-CO- LDL ... roquine, thus implying lysosomal involvement in the ... Unlike the uptake of native low density lipoprotein (LDL)' ... HPLC, high performance liquid chromatography. 218 ..... protein/ml) for 5 h at 37 "C prior to analysis of cellular degradation.
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accepted - Molecular and Cellular Biology - American Society for
Jul 21, 2008 ... cytosolic proteins are sent to lysosomes for degradation. .... cells were labeled with leucine (2 μCi/ml) for 48 h at 37°C and then extensively washed and ... native electrophoresis (BNE), molecular exclusion chromatography and sucrose density gradient ..... Interestingly, analysis of binding of CMA substrates.
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LDAI-Based Chemical Labeling of Intact Membrane Proteins - Cell
Aug 14, 2014 ... analysis of these proteins to determine the half-life, as well as their degradation ... constantly internalized and degraded in lysosome. However,.
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Intracellular Delivery of Functional Proteins and Native Drugs by
Sep 4, 2015 ... proteins and native small-molecule drugs have not been demonstrated. With our ... lysosomal degradation.8 To deliver hydrophobic small mole- .... (F) Quantitative analysis of CPD-assisted protein delivery to HeLa cells by flow cytometry. ... gel permeation chromatography, giving an average molecular.
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