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Crystal Chemistry, Chemical bonding and Physical Property studies
Abstract. Single-phase samples of Yb4LiGe4 and Yb5Ge4 were synthesized using high ... Gd5Si4 type of crystal structure and lattice parameters a = 7.0571(1) Å, ... dimensions and shape for measurements of physical properties like electrical and thermal .... behavior of ytterbium, and the formula can be written as [Yb. 2+. ] ...
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Spin dynamics, electronic and thermal transport properties of two
2-Dimensional (2D) CrPS4 single crystals have been grown by the chemical vapor transport method. ..... insulating behavior, we can ignore the electronic contribution to the heat capacity, the Cmag (T) can ..... ChemInform Abstract: Coupling of.
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Thermal Analysis - ACS Publications - American Chemical Society
The publications that appear in Chemical Abstracts Thermal. Analysis (CA ... make it certain that some contributions to thermal analysis have escaped the present .... phase behavior of pure and gas-saturated liquid crystals (99). DTA analysis finds many ...... (117) Vyazovkin, S.; Linert, W. J. Chem. Inform. Comput. Sci. 1994,.
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Preparation of Bionanomaterials and their Polymer Nanocomposites
Abstract. Nature is gifted with several nanomaterials which could be easily .... However, the crystal structure of the β-chitin hydrate remains to be refined, ..... The thermo mechanical behavior has been enhanced by increasing the filler content. ... In this figure polymer transitions in the PLA phase and the contribution from the ...
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Full-Text -
Oct 22, 2012 ... Abstract: In order to obtain the properties of the sintered as-dried calcium ... synthesis [10], and the hydrothermal method [16,17]. .... nanopowders and pointed out that a poor crystalline nature of the HA crystal structure with broad ..... contribution, HA was obtained from the calcium phosphate powders with ...
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Phase transformation studies on anthranilic acid by thermal analysis
Phase transformation studies on anthranilic acid by thermal analysis, ... Chemistry Department, St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, N.S., Canada BOH ... cated the crystal form to be highly sensitive to .... transition is assigned to the net contribution of ... ChemInform Abstract: PHASE TRANSFORMATION STUDIES ON.
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Crystal Structure and Phase Transformations of Sodium Diarsenate
Crystal Structure and Phase Transformations of Sodium Diarsenate, Na4Asz07. Department ... length is 1.658 8, uncorrected for thermal motion. Both Na ... morphic behavior has been noted for a large number of .... contributed by these four anions and bridges ..... ChemInform Abstract: CRYSTAL STRUCTURE AND PHASE.
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PDF Plus - NRC Research Press
Deportment of Chemistry, St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scoria BOH 1CO ... The G-T behavior of K2S04 crystal doped with radioactive "Zn, however .... Differential thermal analysis heating traces .... cation migration energy contribution, i.e. 0.85 + .... ChemInform Abstract: ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY AND.
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Size and stress dependent hydrogen desorption in metastable Mg
abstract. Mg is a promising light-weight material that has superior hydrogen storage capacity. However H2 storage ... Thermal desorption spectroscopy studies show that thinner dense MgH2 ... contribute to destabilization of Mg hydride as proposed by. Mooij et .... Detailed crystal structure analysis for O- MgH2 can be found.
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still available to view - Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society
PROGRAMME & ABSTRACTS ... use isotope effects to characterise the structure and mechanistic behaviour of the ... materials preferm strong, anharmonic thermal fluctuations and small energy ... Benzene, pentacene and rubrene crystals are .... These findings contribute beneficially to the development of computational ...
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PDF (413 KB) - Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
ABSTRACT: Molecular relaxation in ultraviscous melt and glassy states of ... Crystallization and chemical degradation of an ... crystal nucleation rate in an amorphous pharma- ... one, and quinidine, and compare their behavior ..... temperature range, is due to the contribution from ...... J Chem Inform Comput Sci 40:1315–.
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Burdette, S.C., Walkup, G.K., Spingler, B., Tsien, R.Y. and Lippard, S.J.
Contribution from the Department of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ... Abstract: Two new fluorescent sensors for Zn2+ that utilize fluorescein as a reporting group, Zinpyr-1 ... The X-ray crystal structure .... behavior were not described. ..... locations and given isotropic thermal parameters 1.2× the thermal.
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Download the conference abstracts - ICCP2015
Nov 1, 2015 ... Crystal Yen-Hua Huang ([email protected]) ... Web design & abstract book ... Solution structure of the circular bacteriocin acidocin B ..... J. Cheminform. , 5:12, ..... reproduction, learning, memory and behaviour [2]. ..... Colgrave, M. L., and Craik, D. J. (2004) Thermal, chemical, and enzymatic stability of ...
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A systematic study of transport, magnetic and thermal - UKnowledge
Aug 22, 2012 ... STUDENT AGREEMENT: I represent that my thesis or dissertation and abstract are my original work. ..... 5.2 Crystal structure and basic properties . .... Mab(T), magnetic contribution to specific heat ∆CM (T) and magnetic .... influencing the behavior of the compounds in these phases is the Jahn–Teller effect.
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Phase Equilibria and Crystallography of Ceramic Oxides - NIST Page
Aug 22, 2001 ... libria, crystal chemistry, physical properties of materi- als, and ... would be important to determine its behavior in the cement to ... thermal analysis (DTA). Phases were .... made significant contributions to the phase equilibria.
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Vanadium Sulfide on Reduced Graphene Oxide - ACS Publications
Sep 2, 2015 ... ABSTRACT: As an alternative system of rechargeable lithium ion batteries ... We also investigate the sodium storage behavior of the VS4/rGO. Different ... nature in 190632 and its crystal structure was established in .... partially reduced to rGO after the hydrothermal process. More ..... Author Contributions.
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Full-Text PDF - MDPI
Dec 9, 2011 ... Abstract: This study reports the synthesis and characterization of ... chemical shifts and calculation of relative coordination-induced ... The physiological behavior and bioactivities of carnosine depend .... Thermal Analysis DSC/TGA for Ru-Complex ..... The reddish-brown product formed sticky crystals with.
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Materials for soft matter photonics
Predominant physical behaviour in such materials occurs at energy scale, comparable ... physical structure of molecules and the intermolecular forces are considered ... A distinct soft matter material for use in photonics are liquid crystals (LCs) [4], .... transformed into surface integral, contribute to the stability of the director ...
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CNA web server: rigidity theory-based thermal unfolding simulations
Apr 22, 2013 ... Computational Pharmaceutical Chemistry Group, Department of ... ABSTRACT ... thermal unfolding simulations that considers the .... covalent interactions, which contribute significantly to ..... percolation behavior is that the TLP structure is composed .... flexibility and adaptability seen in 25 crystal forms of T4.
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Full-Text PDF - MDPI
Feb 26, 2016 ... Abstract: Pot-in-pot reactions are designed such that two reaction ... tools to control chemical potential across the polymeric membranes .... dominate the behavior of ILs hence significantly influence their .... of secondary interactions between several molecules, thermal ..... ChemInform 2002, 818, 69–87. 34.
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