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Can The Vacuum Energy Be Dark Energy - [Full Version]
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Can The Vacuum Energy Be Dark Energy - Full Download
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Dark Energy and the Preposterous Universe - SLAC
What is the nonzero dark energy? A tiny vacuum energy, a dynamical field, or something .... Could dark−energy dynamics solve the coincidence problem?
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Preludes to dark energy: Zero-point energy and vacuum -
dark energy is a modern concept, some elements in it can be traced back to the ... cosmologists, the cosmological constant and the zero-point energy density of.
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Dark Energy and the New Cosmology - Supernova Cosmology Project
structure coming soon from the SDSS and 2dF will test inflation much more stringently. .... Vacuum energy is almost the perfect candidate for dark energy. Here is ...
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Vacuum energy density resolved, thus dark energy solved
Vacuum energy density resolved, thus dark energy solved by Houston Wade ... to the vacuum between can resolve a constant for the acceleration component.
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Dark Energy Condensate and Vacuum Energy - Springer
new interpretation of vacuum energy in QFT in curved spacetimes which can poten- ... models a vector field—is responsible for what is called dark energy.
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Can the Existence of Dark Energy Be Directly Detected
through observation of the motions of galaxies [P. J. E. Peebles and B. Ratra, The . Cosmological Constant and Dark Energy. arXiv:astro-ph/0207347v2, (2002)].
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Dark Energy Theory:
Dark Energy Important? Michael S Turner ... Can Expand Forever, ... vacuum. QM vacuum energy problem known since 1930s (Pauli),. T vac not optional!
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Dark Energy and Dark Matter as Inertial Effects Introduction -
understand the nature of the cosmological constant/dark energy, as aptly .... Consequently, in a rotating universe, there will be some extra energy that will be  ...
[ 1210.3021 - Read/Download File

Dark Energy
Unraveling the nature of dark energy will help to answer some of the most ... Inflation theory proposes that a “vacuum energy” engorged the universe by a factor ...
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Dark Energy: how the paradigm shifted - UCL
The idea that our universe is dominated by mysterious dark energy was revealed by two paradigm- shifting studies ... Λ can be interpreted as the vacuum energy.
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Explaining Holographic Dark Energy - Philsci-Archive
The physical origin of holographic dark energy (HDE) is investigated. ... However, a concrete calculation shows that the method will give more vacuum energy.
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Dark energy and dark matter in a superfluid universe - MIT
Quantum field theory: dynamical vacuum. These will come together and offer explanations to puzzles. These will ... Dark energy = Energy density of superfluid.
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Zero-point energy of vacuum fluctuation as a candidate for dark
In order to clarify why the zero-point energy associated with the vacuum fluctuations cannot be a candidate for the dark energy in the universe, .... energy. It was said that some experiment like the Casimir effect can be performed in laboratories ...
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Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe - MPA
“Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe”, J. Frieman, M. Turner and D. Huterer, Ann. Rev. Astron. ..... Dark energy could well be energy of vacuum, given .
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Dark energy: back to Newton? - UCL
field equations the cosmological constant, Λ, a term that Einstein introduced in 1917 and subsequently abandoned. In this context, dark energy can be described ...
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Lecture 5
(also known as dark energy or cosmological constant). 1917 vacuum. V. 1. V. 2. E . 1. = ρ v. V. 1. E. 2. >E. 1. Negative pressure! E. 2. = ρ v. V. 2. Λ. Does not dilute ...
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Unit 11: Dark Energy
future: if dark energy takes the simplest form we can think of, the universe .... Einstein found he could choose the value of the cosmological constant to produce ...
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Throwing Light on Dark Energy - Astronomy
New observational programs can trace the history of cosmic expansion more ... the dark energy is a modern version of Einstein's cosmological constant or ...
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dark energy and modified gravity - Physique Théorique
General relativistic models are mostly based on a dark energy field with .... theory , changes in the vacuum energy (e.g. during a phase transition) can be ...
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Dark energy and dark matter
gravity or matter-energy? • Why now? - why does dark energy become important billions of years after the Big Bang? • If dark energy is vacuum energy, how can ...
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