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Can Language Affect Our Cognition The Case Of Grammatical And Conceptual Gender - [Full Version]
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Can Language Affect Our Cognition The Case Of Grammatical And Conceptual Gender - Full Download
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Can Language Affect Our Cognition The Case Of Grammatical And Conceptual Gender - [Complete Version]
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The Effect of Grammatical Gender on Object -
Keywords: grammatical gender, object categorization, linguistic relativity, conceptual–semantic knowledge, ... Cubelli, Department of Cognitive Sciences and Education, Center for .... (first language) does affect learning in L2 (second language) long-term .... conceptual and lexical–semantic representations, the gender effect.
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Grammatical Gender and Cognition - [email protected]
Nov 18, 2014 ... a three-gender language, Modern Greek, and suggests that the overall picture is ... We will then present some of our results. (section ... the influence of grammatical gender on speakers' semantic representations ... conceptual dimension. ... case. However, no comparable effects were observed in German.
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The Implications of Linguistic Relativity for Language Learning
of inquiry concern themselves with how meaning systems in language affect behavior. But the .... linguistic relativity for second language learning will raise questions as to whether second language ... cognition more generally as in the relativity case. Second ... By distancing possible effects from our conceptual or practical ...
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CONCEPTUAL REVIEW ARTICLE Neurolinguistic Relativity: How
linguistic relativity, I review neurolinguistic studies from our research group showing ... does language appear inherently and implacably connected to thought, but the .... ingly demonstrated that lexical and grammatical information affects domain- ..... Representation of colour concepts in bilingual cognition: The case of ...
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Does Language Shape Thought? - Stanford University
May 3, 2001 ... Does the language you speak affect how you think about the world? ... nese (e.g., Gentner & Imai, 1997; Lucy, 1992), effects of grammatical gender ... evidence suggesting that language influences conceptual development (e.g., .... languages and our conceptions of them may be shaped by the way we ...
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Linguistic relativity - Colorado College
INTRODUCTION. Folk psychology tells us that human cognition ... Finally, given that language can affect thinking, linguistic relativity holds ... Our overall conclusion will be that the proposals we .... especially in the case of nominal concepts.31,32. Evidence ..... novel language with grammatical gender and that the effects of ...
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Thinking Through Language - Mind and Development Lab - Yale
As the most extreme case, imagine ... Rich, powerful and abstract cognition can take place ... language such as English, all humans possess the concepts that these words ... There are many versions of the language-affects-thought claim. One ... to affect our on-line perception of the world, to shape the categories we form,.
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Pre Test Excerpt - Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
classifier language) and native Dutch speakers (a language without classifiers) judged ... grammatical gender affects object concepts for German and. Spanish ...
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Unconscious effects of grammatical gender during object
Aug 31, 2012 ... a b s t r a c t. Does language modulate perception and categorisation of everyday objects? Here, we ... and grammatical information may affect cognitive processes other than ... appropriate test case for linguistic relativity, is grammatical gender. ..... effects, our conclusions are similar to those of Cubelli et al.
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Language and its influence on how we understand reality -
and presence and absence of grammatical gender. .... Is it possible that language can have an influence of the kind proposed by Whorf? .... Is it possible that the language we use affects our perception of events as .... differences in cognition. ..... It is often the case that the fundamental concepts are the basis on which other.
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Grammatical Gender Effects on Cognition: Implications for
May 10, 2004 ... That is, languages differ in which conceptual properties must be realized in ... Affect Cognition. If effects of grammatical gender on meaning can be found for .... referring to humans and the sex of the referents (as is the case for. Romance ... When Grammatical Gender Affects Cognition and When. It Does Not.
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Grammatical Gender Affects Bilinguals' Conceptual Gender
Oct 11, 2008 ... lish-Spanish bilinguals', performance on the same cognitive task. Using bilinguals who ... French nor Spanish are case-based languages, word order does not affect grammatical gender, or semantic meaning. In other words, Spanish .... Your task is to write down on the next sheet of paper, by each number  ...
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Grammatical Gender and Inferences About Biological Properties in
H. Saalbach, M. Imai, L. Schalk ⁄Cognitive Science 36 (2012) ... with respect to whether grammatical gender affects speakers' concepts when ... feminine-female ), as in the case with German (see Boroditsky et al., 2003; Konishi, 1993; ... language with grammatical gender project sex-specific biological properties onto entities.
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Effects of second language on cognition in English users of L2
that bilinguals with languages that differ in their concepts may show a shift in their .... et al., 2010), grammatical gender (Bassetti, 2007; Kurinski & Sera, in press), time ... adult L2 learners shift their cognitive patterns towards the L2, then this will .... our language may affect the way we think (Lucy, 1992; Gumperz & Levinson, ...
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Role of Grammatical Gender and Semantics in German Word
... properties can be language specific, as is the case for the grammatical gender of ... which language-specific differences can affect our conceptual rep- resentations for ... guage spoken by a community could affect cognition beyond language ...
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Language and Cognitive Processes Does the grammatical - UCL
Jun 30, 2009 ... Does the grammatical count/mass distinction affect semantic ... In some languages grammatical gender, whether concep- tually based or arbitrarily ... conceptual properties such as shape (e.g., Бmai for flat thin objects, Бhon for ... this were to be the case, then even speakers of a language which does not.
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Linguistic Relativity. In Nadel, L. - Lera Boroditsky
Individual Differences in Language Ability and Language ... Newmeyer FJ (1983) Grammatical Theory, its Limits and its ... languages affect the way their speakers think ... Does language shape thought? Space .... of our time', `falling behind schedule'), different .... Lucy J (1992) Grammatical categories and Cognition: a Case.
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Language and Social Behavior - Columbia University
make about their own and others' identities will affect the form and content of ... grammatical sentence type, but languages are not constructed in so simple a fashion. ... major influence in psycholinguistics, and in cognitive psychology more ... although the later sections will draw upon linguistic concepts introduced earlier .
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Conceptualizations of Gender in Language - CSJ Archive
Our results suggest that adult and child ... Keywords: Language and cognition; grammatical gender; semantic ... so forth), and thus through an associated contagion effect ... will be used in subsequent studies to measure participants' ..... It may be the case that these ... Grammatical and Conceptual Forces in the Attribution of.
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Grammatical Gender and Meaning - CiteSeerX
tive test of language-specific effects on cognition because it is largely arbitrarily ... How could grammatical gender affect conceptual represen- ... In the case of grammatical gender .... different word than our intended target (e.g. "stag" for. " deer") ...
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The linguistic-conceptual interface and the French gender paradigm
Use the French grammatical gender paradigm to provide an ... Linguistic categories determining cognitive categories. – Far too ... My version of the Linguistic Relativity Hypothesis: ... SLE can differ across languages. ... QUESTION: Does this lead to an effect of language on the processing .... A case for linguistic relativity?
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Sex and Seniority - Northwestern University
The Effects of Linguistic Categories on Conceptual Judgments and Memory. Florencia .... differences in habitual kinship language can influence similarity ...
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The cognitive roots of gender in Russian - Cogprints
fashion the two concepts of language: language as a sign system for ... recognition and categorization is largely an on-going process, affected by ... In Russian, the category of gender is a grammatical feature of pronouns, .... If, in the case of animate nouns, their gender can be explained through ..... What's in your mind?
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Evolution of Gender in Indo-European Languages - Harry Foundalis
Indiana University, Center for Research on Concepts and Cognition. Bloomington ... linguistic category of grammatical gender of nouns influences ... To what extent, then, does language (and culture) force a person's .... However, in our case differences .... influence of a supposed “sex of nouns” on cognition in speakers of ...
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The Relationship between Perceived Gender in L1 English and
Spanish is a language that, like German, has grammatical gender. .... Yet this does not seem to be the case. On ... In other words, it considers whether our way of perceiving certain objects and concepts can ... second language learners and ask: does perceived gender affect how native ..... Cognitive Development 9.261- 92.
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A usage-based approach to (instructed) second language acquisition
showing how first languages can be learnt from the input, it is currently less clear ... Ellis (Eds.), Handbook of Cognitive Linguistics and Second Language ... vocabulary, although other factors – in particular, transfer from the L1 in the case of the .... 4. the conceptual/grammatical relation that holds between the predicate and ...
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The Prominence of Gender Information in On-line Language
Paper 4: Isolating stereotypical gender in a grammatical gender language: ... Lisa von Stockhausen, who inspired and encouraged my enthousiasm about research from ... I would also like to thank the Initial Training Network: Language, Cognition and ..... case, the prominence feature of animacy can be said to bias the ...
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Distinguishing language from thought: Experimental evidence that
press) and grammatical gender (for Romance languages such as Spanish) for nouns. ... well as whether conceptual knowledge can be distinguished from syntactic information. ... In the case of written words, lexical-orthographic codes have direct ..... on the observation that the grammatical gender of nouns can influence ...
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Key is a llave is a Schlüssel: A failure to replicate -
However, our experiments show that if such an effect exists, it is not strong ... The semantics of the grammatical gender systems of the Indo-European lan- ... of Spanish and German (two languages with potentially sex-based gender sys- ... esting consequences not just for cognitive linguistics and relativity research, but.
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