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Caching Data Outside Java Heap And Using Shared Memory In Java - [Full Version]
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Caching Data Outside Java Heap And Using Shared Memory In Java - Full Download
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Caching Data Outside Java Heap And Using Shared Memory In Java - [Complete Version]
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Luna: a Flexible Java Protection System - Usenix
share data using special remote pointers, which have. different types from local .... KaffeOS is oriented. towards a shared memory style of programming, at the.
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Integrating Caching and Prefetching Mechanisms in a Distributed
Our approach makes aggressive use of both prefetching and caching of remote objects to hide network ... Index Terms—Distributed Shared Memory, Software Transactional Memory, Prefetching ... However, accessing remote data in such implementations .... subset of Java to support distributed transactional memory.
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Jaguar: Enabling Efficient Communication and I/O in Java
external to the Java heap (such as communication and. I/O buffers). Java native ... of memory (e.g., use pointers) to access memory- mapped I/O and network ...
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In-Memory Data Management for the Enterprise - Software AG
If your applications use data stored in a central resource, such as a database, Web service or other type ... As your in-memory data demands grow, the Java heap can remain consistently small, ... application and keep hundreds of gigabytes or more of data cached in-memory ... sets in-memory, but outside of the Java heap.
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Dynamically Loaded Classes as Shared Libraries: an Approach to
... of memory to hold a few instances of the Java virtual machine (JVMTM). [2]. .... SLVM's shared libraries moves certain meta-data outside of the heap, and the ...
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IBM Java Diagnostics guide (pdf)
IBM Developer Kit and Runtime Environment, Java Technology Edition, Version 6. Diagnostics ... Cache allocation . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 ..... Using Heapdump to debug memory leaks. . . 161 ...... v Addition of persistent shared data cache information in Chapter 4, “Class data sharing ..... has a reference to it from outside the heap.
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Understanding Shared Pool Memory Structures - Oracle
Sep 7, 2005 ... distributed to anyone outside Oracle without prior written consent of Oracle. This document is not part ..... the shared pool memory management to configure and tune shared pool usage; with the tight time .... Figure 2: Memory heap structure for important library cache objects ..... JAVA SHARED DATA. 2 .00.
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Proceedings of the 5th Symposium on Operating Systems - Usenix
virtual machine enables domains to share data easily ... between local and remote pointers allows the Java run- ... server, and an extension of the Squid web cache to .... systems with fixed sized shared memory buffers of ..... Allocating a new permit, however, requires heap ..... resources that fall outside the task model. Using ...
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Using Memory Errors to Attack a Virtual Machine - Computer Science
bit error in the Java program's data space can be ex- ploited to ... grams: object- oriented shared-memory interfaces can be used ... First, it fills the heap with ...
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BigMemory Max Configuration Guide - Terracotta
Apr 3, 2015 ... Use of this software is subject to adherence to Software AG's licensing conditions and ..... Configuring Robust Distributed In-Memory Data Sets. ..... Cache configuration can be changed more easily at deployment time. ..... Direct memory, which is part of the Java process heap, is separate from the object.
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BigMemory Go Configuration Guide - Terracotta
Apr 3, 2015 ... Use, reproduction, transfer, publication or disclosure is prohibited except ..... Cache configuration can be changed more easily at deployment time. .... Disk store – Backs up in-memory data and provides overflow capacity to .... Direct memory, which is part of the Java process heap, is separate from the object.
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Performance Modeling of Maximal Sharing - CWI
dundancy Profiling (ORP) to model the effect on memory ... This paper is about performance modeling of Java libraries. “Premature ... a global cache, and for each object allocation, extra calls to ... Maximal sharing is associated with immutable data struc- tures [17] ..... I.e., references to library objects that are outside the in-.
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Jackal, A Compiler Based Implementation of Java for Clusters of
compiler-driven distributed shared memory implemen- tation of the Java ... same way that a multiprocessor manages cache lines. ... Our work differs by using a fine-grained DSM system to manage shared data. .... obtains a value) is outside the loop, we can safely pull .... memory is full (malloc fails for the local heap). When.
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Elastic Memory for Java - VMware Documentation
Using Elastic Memory for Java with Apache Tomcat . .... ESXi ensures the efficient use of physical memory by employing shared memory pages, ... However, caching inactive data in one virtual machine while another .... When you enable EM4J in a virtual machine, memory outside of the Java heap cannot be reclaimed .
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Evaluating Selected Java Best Practices for SAP - VMware
EVALUATING JAVA BEST PRACTICES FOR SAP BUSINESSOBJECTS BI 4 ON .... Java Heap Size . ... Use Memory Reservations on Production Systems . .... Processing tier: Data analysis and report generation ..... reduce the ability for VMware vSphere's to use Transparent Page Sharing (TPS) ... caching and optimizations.
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Low-Level Detection of Language-Level Data Races with LARD
against an accurate dynamic Java data-race detector and other low-level race ... shared-memory multithreaded programs notoriously result in ..... access outside the Java program and its execution abstraction. ... Consider JVM accesses to the Java heap. .... cache the low-level to logical address mapping could speed.
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Scratch-Pad Memory Allocation without Compiler Support for Java
They then annotate the Java bytecodes with these allocation decisions for the Java ... found absolutely no advantage to using a cache, even in high-end .... first dynamic SPM allocation method to place a portion of the heap data in the SPM. ..... Each JVM designates one heap data area that is shared among all Java threads.
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The Runtime Structure of Object Ownership
In this paper, we consider the problem excessive memory footprint in object- ... to mask unresolved performance problems, applications aggressively cache data .... highlights the two dominator trees of Figure 2(b) with shared ownership. .... is visible from a Java heap snapshot are many of those data structures with no.
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Code Sharing among Virtual Machines
executes in a separate operating system process, using shared memory. The sec - ... Several characteristics of the Java programming lan- guage and of the JVM .... tation of a class are allocated in the garbage-collected heap. ..... data structures dynamically allocated outside of the code cache or the garbage collected heap.
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Spark - DBS
SPARK. Big Data Management and Analytics. 167 ... Cloudera replaces classic MR framework with Spark. • IBM puts ... Can be cached in memory between operations ... Serialized java objects in memory and on disk. Serialized on disk. Off Heap. Big Data ... RDDs are persisted outside of Java Heap ... Shared variables.
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The KaffeOS Java Runtime System - People
runtime systems implement memory protection in software through the enforce- ... For Java, an efficient way of sharing data should be supported that does not ..... assumption: KaffeOS monitors writes to the heap through the use of write bar- ... outside the current heap, it will not traverse that object, but the corresponding.
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Enforcing Isolation and Ordering in STM - Computer Science and
even in the presence of threads that access shared data outside trans- ... The Java Memory Model [38] was designed to support such ... threaded Java programs modified to use our atomic construct. ..... full effect of code duplication, we use heap specialization, mean- .... has a 64MB L4 cache shared by its 4 processors.
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JVM Susceptibility to Memory Errors - Computer Engineering
static data area and that we can detect up to 39% of all memory errors in the JVM and application. ... Virtual Machines (JVM) and Java applications for exception ...
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Source-Level Global Optimizations for Fine - Cornell University
ysis in Jackal, a fine-grain Distributed Shared Memory (DSM) sys- tem for Java. .... to protect object data with the same object's lock. A barrier ob- ... The memory model allows each Java thread to cache variables .... Jackal's compiler frontend adds access checks to all heap ac- ..... and one aggregate outside the inner loop.
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ByteSTM: Virtual Machine-level Java Software Transactional Memory
We present ByteSTM, a virtual machine-level Java STM imple- mentation that is ... With TM, code that read/write shared memory objects is organized as memory.
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Runtime Optimizations for a Java DSM Implementation
but only in conjunction with the Jackal compiler optimizations ... Remote Method Invocation (RMI) instead of shared memory. 1. ... the Java memory model to cache regions across a synchroniza- ... ject from outside a synchronized block, Java does not specify ... the start of the Java data stored in the region, a pointer to the.
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ORDER: Object centRic DEterministic Replay for Java - IPADS
needs to cooperate with the Java virtual machine (JVM) to achieve automatic ... ity by inlining shared-memory access information within .... the heap. Thus, when using data addresses or cache-lines to iden- ... ject allocation order, total heap size, garbage collection ..... are method-local objects, which do not escape outside.
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Executing Java programs with transactional memory - Computer
shared data is coordinated through ownership of one or more locks. ... programs using transactional memory, we investigate how Java parallel programs interact with ... there is no execution outside of transactions. ... memory consistency and cache coherence only at transaction boundaries, when object ..... heap was used.
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