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By Mrs Keller The Subject Of A Sentence Is Not Always In The Same Place - [Full Version]
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By Mrs Keller The Subject Of A Sentence Is Not Always In The Same Place - Full Download
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Parameterized auxiliary selection - Northeastern University
iliary selection does not always make the same split as other syntactic .... ing on the subject, (8) (Keller & Sorace 2003) or other arguments it appears with, ... Finally, and most strikingly, the same sentence can choose opposite auxiliaries even ..... links an argument, x, that comes to be at a new place or state unaccusatively, ...
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The use of verb-specific information for prediction in sentence
predictive processes in sentence processing, across a range of experimental paradigms. For ... In a study on Finnish, they compared subject-initial and object- ... conjunct of a coordinate structure will have the same internal structure as the first ..... ms) as they usually do not reflect visual information processing (e.g., Rayner ...
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Expectation and locality effects in German verb-final structures
anti-locality effects in the same type of dependency relation in a single language —verb- ... preceding dative argument facilitating processing at the final verb; in subject-extracted .... 200. R.P. Levy, F. Keller / Journal of Memory and Language 68 (2013) 199–222 ..... not place as strong a constraint as a dative NP on verb.
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Expectation and Locality Effects in German Verb-final Structures
Jan 28, 2010 ... both locality and anti-locality effects in the same type of dependency ... ing processing at the final verb; in subject-extracted relative clauses with ... verb, not for modifiers such as PP adjuncts which intuitively place much .... sentence ( Ferreira & Henderson, 1993; Demberg & Keller, 2008a), ..... Total time [ms].
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Helen Keller and the Language-Teaching Problem - JStor
into the methods whereby Helen Keller acquired her remarkable ... for the Blind, in Boston, she had been in the same house with .... a certain place at a certain time and recite certain lessons, when he has not .... import of whole sentences, catching from the context the meaning of words ... always uses them correctly.
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Helen Keller - JStor
All use subject to ... 5, Miss Sullivan Reading and Spelling at the same time into Miss Keller's hand. 6, In College Vestments. ... Mrs Keller pounded on the door to no purpose .... nected sentence, 'it is warm.' It is true ..... It is not always needful for Truth to take a definite shape; enough, if it hovers ...
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Racism, Disable-ism, and Heterosexism in the Making of Helen Keller
playscript The Miracle Worker, written in 1956; the film of the same title .... This narrative of modern subject formation does not require the empirical ... In the introduction of her book, In a Queer Time and Place: Transgender Bodies, Subcultural Lives, .... wards disability: Mrs. Keller represents the Victorian sentimental version ...
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Anatomy of word and sentence meaning -
many brain areas (1), predominately but not exclusively in the .... word to other words within the same phrase or sentence .... Mean RTs across subjects were 733 ms for the single tasks and ... conjunction task was always the second task of the session and .... shown to reflect access to lexical semantics and take place by .
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Author's personal copy - Psychological & Brain Sciences
Memories are reconstructions of past events, not perfect recordings. .... Errors are often (but not always) phonological in nature. That ... (that, of course, were not actually presented) at the same level ... asked subjects if the following sentence had appeared in the ... Helen Keller caused subjects to fill in what “must have been”.
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Everybody changes - Pearson ELT
up to her place and she'll patiently explain all I ... 5 Look at sentences a and b and complete rules 1– 3 ... b Yet life has not always been so easy. ... Helen Keller was born .... 5 Complete the sentences so that they mean the same ... Please stop changing the subject. ... 9 Write a short paragraph about Mr and Mrs Average in.
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Intrusive resumptives as processing facilitators: an experimental
104 items ... same subjects to rate their acceptability. Surprisingly ... resumption might still help sentence comprehension, even if it does not have an impact on the ...
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Off-line sentence processing - Indiana University Bloomington
place during the probe phase plays a nontrivial role in the ... the cognitive task itself is the same [Becker et al., 1999; Jen- nings et al. ... tactic analysis, these studies do not always agree. In fact, ... and not to sentence processing itself, on syntactic analysis ... versus subject-extracted sentences. ... were taken from Keller et al.
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Air Force Sexual Assault Court-Martial Convictions - Air Force Judge
Sep 19, 2013 ... not always include referral to trial by court-martial. ... Adjudged Sentence: A1C Brooks was sentenced to confinement for 10 months, ... Subject reached across the table and poked Victim #2 in the breast. ..... Base: Columbus AFB, MS ... On the same night SSgt Walthour committed adultery by having sexual ...
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Revisiting the role of Broca's area in sentence processing - Rutgers
was elicited by object–initial as opposed to subject–initial sentences that did not differ with respect .... structures as the dislocated element resides in the same .... that a pronoun always has to precede the full noun phrase (NP) ... fore not contaminated by working memory load external to the ...... Just MA, Carpenter PA, Keller.
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IEA Style Guide
are not a comprehensive list of all possible variations and preference for any one feature. Rather, they ..... All together means everyone in or at the same place.
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The Uses of Grammar - Parlor Press
This sentence does not easily fall into subject and predicate divisions. ... Senior citizens often attend concerts, and senior citizens always enjoy the music. 3. ... 7 type 6 – be verb and an adverbial of place ..... (Running MS DOS) ..... “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different .... (Helen Keller).
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Manuscript - MIT
sitional semantic representation is composed during sentence processing. ... in the discourse) and non-directional motion verbs do not (Jackendoff, 1983). ... not always clear-cut. ... count posits that a PATH meaning is part of the core semantics of PLACE ... the ambiguity and coercion accounts make the same prediction.
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Automatic Description Generation from Images: A Survey of - JAIR
Frank Keller ... a textual description (typically a sentence) that verbalizes the most salient ... In other words, automatic image description requires not only full image ... description than a librarian or a journalist, even for the same photograph. .... of the detectors for each semantic class, an assumption that is not always met.
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Full Text (PDF) - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Oct 23, 2007 ... in sentences proceeds from temporal to frontal brain regions for both semantic and ... However, the way in which these areas interact is subject to .... at 420 ms) was found in the semantic condition, and a significant increase in .... not as close in time to the N400 or P600 peaks, were opposite in sign from the ...
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Author Instructions - Eagle Hill Institute
Feb 4, 2014 ... Research articles should always include an Abstract, ... A cover letter should include a statement that the manuscript has not ... All manuscripts need to meet basic standards for readability (e.g., sentence ... Figures should be submitted in the same size they are to appear in the journal. ... Keller, G.S. 1941.
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