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A study of the aerodynamics of an intake bump compression surface
1 To study, as a team, the flow around a bump compression-surface at on and ..... M=1.8. Cp vs x (y=25). -0.2. -0.1. 0. 0.1. 0.2. 0.3. 0.4. 0.5. 0. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5 x. Cp.
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Journal of Aircraft_49_5_2012.pdf - Spiral
a single three-dimensional (3-D) transonic shock control bump (SCB) mounted on a ... the requirement of weak shock waves can limit the flight Mach number (M) of ... 1 Effect of SCBs on shock structure: (a) No-control case; (b) compression ...
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A CFD Investigation of a Generic Bump and its Application to - DiVA
3. SUMMARY. This is a Master Thesis done at the Swedish Defence Research ..... M<1. Figure 7. Isentropic Compression over bump. M1=2. M1=2. Wedge.
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The Design of Compression Surfaces for High Supersonic - NACA
2. Streamline Equations and Construction of Compression Surface. 3. ... and these limiting values are plotted, for the case M = 4, as functions of cone ... has been used previously 3 in the design of precompression bump surfaces for use.
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High Quality Normal Map Compression - transporter
M. Olano, P. Slusallek (Editors). High Quality Normal Map ... Bump mapping [ Bli78] is a widespread technique which adds the illusion of .... 3. Improved Normal Compression. In the following three subsections, we present three simple general ...
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Tech Tip: Spring & Dampers, Episode Four - OptimumG
input amplitude is the height of the speed bump, with output amplitude being vertical movement of the body. amplitude ... 3 -. High frequency example. TR = 0.1. Input amplitude = 4in ... The basic curve above has the same damping ratio in compression and rebound. In reality, it is ... Initial Slope = (4πζrideωridemsm) N/(m/s).
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Emerging 3D and TSV Packaging Technology - Invensas
Page 3. 3. Outline. -Introduction to Invensas. -Drivers for 3D IC. -2.5D and 3D IC Packaging. -Technical ... DRAM Memory Growth by Application Driver (m Units). Servers .... Micro-bump and Underfill Challenges ... Compression with Cu pillar.
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Flip Chip Hybridization Using Indium Bump Technology at ARL
Summary. 3. DATES COVERED (From - To). 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER. 5b. ... bump used at the Army Research Laboratory is the indium solder bump. ... Hybrid Bonder and, using thermo-compression as the bonding technique, “flipped” ...
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Gold-stud bump bonding for HEP applications - IOPscience
Aug 12, 2010 ... S.M. Tripathi,a,1 B. Holbrook,a M. Irving,a R.L. Lander,a M. Woods,a J.E. Brau,b. R.E. Frey,b ... 3. 1 Introduction. Bump bonding, using either indium or solder, has been ... Thermal compression of studs via heat and pressure or ...
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A Computational Study on the Efficiency of Boundary Layer
important role as an effective compression surface and also an upstream ... lo. = Non-dimensional length of the bump. M. = Mach number p. = Pressure. V .... Figure 3(b) shows the half geometry of a supersonic bump-type inlet in which the flow ...
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Flow Field and Performance Analysis of an Integrated Diverterless
“bump” compression surface in both subsonic and supersonic regimes. ... AOA. Angle-of-Attack. Ac. Intake capture area m. Intake mass flow ratio β ... characteristics of DSI compared to other “fixed” inlets [3, 4, 5, 6], such as higher total pressure ...
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Evolution of the bump-on-tail instability in compressing plasma
modes can be tailored by choosing a particular compression scenario, offering a new .... The modes with m = 2, 3,..., 15 are plotted according to the mode.
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Modeling, Design and Demonstration of Low-Temperature, Low
controlled collapse of the bumps during thermocompression; d) .... 3. 3.5. 100. 150. 200. 250. 300. 350. Co lla pse (μ m). Bonding Pressure (MPa). ENIG. 1861 ...
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D. Saint-Patrice, F. Marion, M. Fendler, G. Dumont, J. Garrione, V. Mandrillon*, F. Greco, ... control of ultra-fine pitch (<10 µm) and high bumps count ... thermocompression “tip in buried box” (TB2) insertion ... bumps and the wetting surfaces [3].
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Development of the DEPFET Sensor with Signal Compression: a
M. Porro1,2, L. Andricek2,3, S. Aschauer8, L. Bombelli4,5, A. Castoldi4,5, G. De Vita1,2, I. Diehl7, F. Erdinger6,. S. Facchinetti4,5 ... DEPFET Sensor with Signal Compression Consortium (DSSC). (Project ... Cu layer for bump-bonding allowing.
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Foil Bearings Manufacturing
versus deflection test data for three bump strip layers (foil thickness: 76.2 μm, ... Bump strip layers. Upper bump forming die. Lower bump forming die. Fig. 3. ... 4) imposes compression forces on the bump forming tool ... [2] Huh, S., Kim, T.H., and San Andres, L., 2007, “Gas Foil Bearing Manufacturing,” Texas A & M University.
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Final Report on Jerkling - MIT OpenCourseWare
velocity of the compression.2 This means that when the ramp is compressed quickly, a great resistive ... Conventional speed bumps generally range from 3 to.
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Download in PDF format - L-Acoustics
HF: 1 × 3'' compression. Stacked with M-BUMP(i)/KARA-MINIBU. Flown with M- BUMP (i)/KARA-MINIBU. 730 x 250/164 x 482 mm 2. 27.7 x 9.8/6.4 x 19 in 2.
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Performance of External-compression Bump Inlet at Mach Numbers
External-compression bump and ramp inlets were tested with various amounts of .... The compressor-inlet mass flow m3 was determined from the average.
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SPIKES AND BUMPS: ARTEFACTS GENERATED BY INDEPENDENT. COMPONENT ... erties lik e asymptotic M S E [3 , 6] and robustness [6] . T he purpose of this paper is .... of the choice of compression rate and filtering. The sec - ond set of ...
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Open in 30 Seconds - Defcon
Easy to pick and bump open. – No key control .... Plug Compression. • Defeat of sidebar as one .... Reliably bump open Biaxial and m3 locks. • Produce bump ...
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On Reducing Bumps at Pavement-Bridge Interface - STEM
Dec 21, 2010 ... fill materials, respectively, that undergo load induced compression over time .... An approach slab with International Roughness Index (IRI) of 3.9 mm/m were ... [ 3] researched the causes for the settlement of approach slab and.
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Displaced Subdivision Surfaces - Microsoft Research
Additional Keywords: geometry compression, multiresolution geometry, displacement maps, bump .... Bump maps: Blinn [3] introduces the idea of perturbing the ..... [11] DeRose, T., Kass, M., and Truong, T. Subdivision surfaces in character ...
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Brushlets: A Tool for Directional Image Analysis and Image
3; this is serious drawback for image compression. Further- .... 3. Windowing function bn and bump function £ at both ends of the interval [0, 256], with e Е 64. ...... Two-dimensional biorthogonal synthesis brushlet basis functions w˜m,j w˜n,k .
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Sonderapplikation Federbein, mit Leistungsverstellung und Through
2 Formula-Federbein SPS 8, 3-fach leistungsverstellbar ..... low speed high speed. Druckrichtung/Bump (compression). 270° / 8 3 ..... Geschwindigkeit: 2,9 m/ s.
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