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bloggers as newsmen: expanding the testimonial - Boston University
B. Current Treatment of Blogs/Bloggers by the Courts................. 1095 .... they write or how popular they are,”6 can become a journalist. The increased ..... In contrast, the implications of exposure for whistleblowers – such as the sources ..... that are embarrassing or harmful to an individual, [while] data protection theory deals.
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A Closer Look at Why People Blog - CiteSeerX
who exposed Lott's segregationist rhetoric and continued to rally against him despite an initial lack of .... there is a way such blogs can become public. .... particularly embarrassing outfit, and even the instructor pronounced it "indulgent.
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Information Disclosure Concerns in The Age of - Internet Society
Feb 21, 2016 ... efits but also potential information disclosure risks that could expose users' ... using it daily [10], ubiquitous computing is becoming a reality. This trend will ... risks. Fitbit's default privacy settings inadvertently exposed information about .... especially those containing personal or embarrassing content, nudity ...
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A symbiotic relationship between journalists and bloggers
Moulitsas of becoming what he claimed to be railing against.3 .... In the same post, a blogger can offer news, add commentary, and urge action on the part of the audience and policymakers. ..... would soon be exposed by Time magazine. ..... embarrassing the press when they miss a story or make a major mistake. Moreover ...
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Bloggers' Expectations of Privacy and Accountability_ An Initial Survey
May 30, 2009 ... individual entries will not be plucked out of their original context and exposed to radically different ... As will become clear, unfortunately, most blog authors today ... Regular readers thus can get a sense of the identifying "voice" behind the .... embarrassed to discuss with anyone, stuff they have never told ...
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Unwanted and wanted exposure to online pornography in a national
Feb 5, 2007 ... net,14,17 unwanted exposure could have a greater impact on some youth than ... sure has become a hazard of cyberspace, unrelated to the types of Internet .... or blog; to talk online with friends; to talk online with people they did ..... cause they were embarrassed to admit that they sought out such material.
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the rise and impact of digital amnesia - Kaspersky Lab Official Blog
helping people understand the risks their data could be exposed to, ... have become not just the primary source of knowledge, but the default storage space for their ..... memories we may wish to forget (e.g. traumatic or embarrassing events).
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Beyond Access Control: Managing Online Privacy via Exposure
Instead,. Timeline made accessing old (and potentially embarrassing) ... exposure occurs when the set of users who become aware of a piece ... that could provide users with improved privacy via exposure controls. .... blogs. B. Making the predictions transparent. We argue that system operators (e.g., Facebook or YouTube.
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Internet Safety and Substance Abuse Guide for Parents
While the Internet is incredibly useful, in the hands of a cyber-predator it can become a ... can also be exposed to many negative influences such as substance abuse, alcohol and smoking . ... can become a target of a Cyber- ... they have provided on their blog or profile on a ..... embarrassing photos or personal information ...
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White Paper: A Nurse's Guide to the Use of Social Media - NCSBN
Aug 17, 2011 ... Social media can benefit health care in a variety of ways, including fostering ... Nurses are increasingly using blogs, forums and social networking sites to share ..... of what appeared to be an elderly female wearing a gown with an exposed ... management had become aware of the photo and began an ...
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Blogging as Social Activity, or, Would You Let 900 - The Artifex
Feb 14, 2004 ... Would You Let 900 Million People Read Your Diary? Bonnie A. .... URL, although there is a way such blogs can become public. If ..... exposure (outside “a drawer”). .... embarrassing outfit, and even the instructor pronounced it.
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Social Media: The Business Benefits May Be Enormous, But Can the
social media, everyone can become a commenter, editor .... up blogs to communicate product development .... embarrassing information, has the potential to.
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New Media and Contentious Politics - United States Institute of Peace
becoming more widespread, powerful, and affordable. ... link, such as blogs and many traditional media outlets, can be mapped. One way .... Does participation in or exposure to new media lead to new political competencies? □ ..... positive light, expose information embarrassing to the regime, and communicate and coordi-.
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Invited expert discussion paper Cyberbullying: An overrated - Blogs
May 10, 2012 ... negative effects of being exposed to cyberbullying. I will also discuss briefly ... a school or community can take to further reduce and prevent cyberbullying among their ..... exposed to a single episode of a personally embarrassing picture might not ..... tend to become depressed later in life? A systematic ...
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“Celebrities have become focal points for the discussion of a wide range ... Blind items are usually published on websites, blogs or social networking plat- forms .... On the other side, gossip can be the first step toward solving a conflict. ..... embarrassing or otherwise interesting trivia (such as, for example, that a star is reading.
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Think Like a Hacker for Better Security Awareness
You are exposed to new threats every day. Foreign hackers ... subscribe to security blog sites, rely on your partners and peers, and use ... Data breaches are more than just embarrassing. Service ... breach, loss of customers, and permanent brand damage can be very .... Don't let your staff become complacent about these.
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Government, Whistleblowers and the Press: An - SUNY Oswego
watchdog of the government has become increasingly difficult with the ... embarrassing and illegal activity cannot be covered up (Executive order 13526). ... will analyze the classification system and how it can be altered to balance .... could enact prior restraint regarding the classified information because exposure of the.
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Self-Help Strategies for Social Anxiety - Anxiety BC
FACT 2: Anxiety can become a problem when our body tells us that there is danger when ... concerned that they will do something embarrassing, or that others will judge them. It is .... For more information, see Facing Your Fears – Exposure.
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Implementing an Effective Corporate Blog -- Final - IIA
While visitors to blogs can post comments, blogs are not entirely public forums. ... To prevent situations that might put the organization in a legal, financial, or otherwise embarrassing .... Many bloggers become part of existing conversations by linking to other blogs .... organizations could be exposed to by either creating a.
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Online Communication and Adolescent Relationships
Summary. Over the past decade, technology has become increasingly important in the lives of ... such as blogs, social networking, and sites for sharing photos and videos. ... strate that online content itself can be both positive and negative. ..... percent reported feeling embarrassed, .... exposure may affect sexual identity and.
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Too Much Experience - Stanford Graduate School of Business
Just as lacking exposure to others' experiences can create gaps in ... participants who faced a purely hypothetical choice to engage in an embarrassing performance ... people underestimate how they will become desensitized in the future (e.g., ...... people seek out experts' blogs to guide their own hedonic choices (e.g., ...
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Communicating Online: Adolescent Relationships and the Media
Over the past decade, technology has become increasingly important in the lives ... such as blogs, social networking, and sites for sharing photos and videos. ... strate that online content itself can be both positive and negative. ..... reported feeling embarrassed, uncomfortable, .... exposure may affect sexual identity and inti-.
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A Definitive Guide to High-Traffic Blog - CoSchedule
3 Ways You Can Accidentally Become A Content Marketing ... Do You Have Enough Evergreen Content On Your Blog? 5 Ways To Make Your ..... we are embarrassed by our clumsy initial attempts and constantly go back to clean things up when we ..... exposure and who show great promise in their writing. Be A Headliner.
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Political Fandom in the Age of Social Media - LSE
Haenlein (2010), social media includes: blogs, SNS (such as Facebook and .... who stated, “'If an actor can become a president, a president can be an ..... The findings suggest that first, politicians are gaining greater exposure on .... did not often showcase public displays of political activism and was often embarrassed when ...
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