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Provably Secure Blind Signature Schemes - Département d
ples of blind signature schemes were constructed from traditional signature schemes ... successfully transformed in a provably secure blind signature scheme.
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Security of Blind Signatures Revisited - Cryptology ePrint Archive
what one would intuitively expect from a secure blind signature scheme: It is not ... A formal definition of the unforgeability of blind signatures schemes (or ...
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Cryptography: Authentication, Blind Signatures, and Digital Cash
encryption is the idea that an encryption scheme can be broken up into two parts, ... ∗The blind signature schemes and applications I discuss are primarily the ...
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Security of Blind Digital Signatures - UCLA
tation family. Thus, this paper presents the first complexity-based proof of security for blind signatures. 1 Introduction. A digital signature scheme allows one to ...
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blind signature scheme based on chebyshev polynomials - Aircc
This paper presents blind signature scheme using Chebyshev polynomials. The security of the given scheme depends upon the intractability of the integer ...
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Implementation of an Efficient Blind Signature Scheme
The objective of this paper isto propose blind signature scheme based on Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Problem by applying the strength of the ECC.
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A GOST-like Blind Signature Scheme Based on Elliptic Curve - arXiv
Apr 9, 2013 ... In this paper, we propose a blind signature scheme and three practical ... Several blind signature schemes are proposed in the literature.
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Cryptanalysis of a Partially Blind Signature Scheme or How to make
Abstract. Partially blind signature scheme is a cryptographic primitive ... Blind signatures are variants of digital signature schemes for which the signer does not  ...
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Fair Blind Signatures - Ubilab
A blind signature scheme is a protocol for obtaining a sig- nature from a ... signature schemes called fair blind signature schemes is proposed. Such schemes ...
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Concurrently-Secure Blind Signatures without Random Oracles or
Blind signature schemes are a crucial component of many systems in which ... Chaum [11] proposed a candidate blind signature scheme without any proof.
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A simple forward secure blind signature scheme based on master
ter key scheme and Chaum's blind signature scheme, so that a forward secure blind signature scheme re- sults. This proposed scheme is also fully examined for .
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Efficient Verifiably Encrypted Signature and Partially Blind Signature
new verifiably encrypted signature scheme and a partially blind signature scheme, ... we use blind signature to design e-cash schemes, there are two obvious ...
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A Secure Proxy Blind Signature Scheme Using ECC - Springer
proxy blind signature scheme is a special form of blind signature which allows a ... Blind signature scheme was first introduced by Chaum [3]. It is a protocol.
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On the Security of Some Proxy Blind Signature Schemes - CiteSeerX
Tan et al.'s scheme, Lal and Awasthi further proposed a more efficient proxy blind signature scheme. In this paper, we show that Tan et al.'s schemes do not sat-.
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A New Certificateless Blind Signature Scheme - Innovative
Keywords: certificateless blind signature scheme, unforgeability, blindness. 1 Introduction. Certificateless cryptosystem overcomes the shortcomings of both ...
[ jowua-v5n1-6.pdf - Read/Download File

An efficient certificateless blind signature scheme without bilinear
Printed version ISSN 0001-3765 / Online version ISSN 1678-2690 aabc. An efficient certificateless blind signature scheme without bilinear pairing.
[ 0001-3765-aabc-86-02-1003.pdf - Read/Download File

Provably secure blind signature schemes - Springer
Jun 26, 2005 ... Previous examples of blind signature schemes were constructed from traditional signature schemes with only the additional proof of blindness.
[ d871317x63l11806.pdf - Read/Download File

Linkability Analysis of Some Blind Signature Schemes - Springer
The blindness is an important property which distinguishes the blind signature from other signature schemes. In this work, we analyze security of two ID-based ...
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A Secure Three-Move Blind Signature Scheme for Polynomially
or are limited to issue only logarithmically many signatures in terms of a security parameter. This paper presents an efficient blind signature scheme that allows a  ...
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With high security, the proposed blind signature scheme meets ... the concept of the blind signature and devised a scheme based on the RSA algorithm. [6,8,26 ...
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Secure Identity-Based Blind Signature Scheme in the Standard Model
Since Chaum's first blind signature scheme was proposed, many blind signature schemes have been proposed [6-16], where [6-11] have been proven secure in.
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A Provably Secure Restrictive Partially Blind Signature Scheme
Blind signature schemes were first introduced by Chaum [9] and allow a recipient ... A partially blind signature scheme allows a signer to produce a blind signa-.
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On the Impossibility of Three-Move Blind Signature Schemes
Many blind signature schemes have been proposed in the literature, e.g., ... Given a blind signature scheme with the properties above we can show that for such ...
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A Forward-Secure Blind Signature Scheme Based on the Strong
A Forward-Secure Blind Signature Scheme. Based on the Strong RSA Assumption. Dang Nguyen Duc1, Jung Hee Cheon2, and Kwangjo Kim1. 1 International ...
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