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Evaluation of Diplopia - Turner White Communications
is whether the patient has monocular or binocular diplo- pia. Ocular misalignment in a patient with normal binocular vision results in binocular diplopia, defined.
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Binocular Diplopia - OphEd
binocular diplopia, with recommendations regarding the utility of each treatment for ... Key Words: binocular diplopia, Maddox rod, ocular motility, optical prisms.
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It is very important to distinguish monocular from binocular diplopia because their possible causes differ significantly. Monocular diplopia is usually caused by ...
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Binocular Double Vision – A Review - American Association of
Feb 13, 2009 ... our emergency department with new onset diplopia. He denied recent trauma. The patient had binocular double vision with abducens nerve ...
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Question: Monocular or Binocular?
The first step in cornering diplopia is to determine whether it is monocular or binocular, said Karl C. Golnik, MD, pro- fessor of ophthalmology, neurology and ...
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Double problems with double vision: How neuroradiologic
Binocular Double Vision. ▫ From ocular misalignment. • Resolves. Resolves by closing EITHER by closing EITHER eye. Resolves. Resolves by closing EITHER.
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A 36-year-old man with vertical diplopia - Brigham and Women's
May 12, 2009 ... presented with binocular vertical diplopia following suboccipital craniotomy for resection of a cerebellar he- mangioblastoma. His diplopia was ...
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“Retinal diplopia” associated with macular wrinkling - Neurology
Abstract—Binocular diplopia is usually due to misalignment from ocular motor ... binocular vertical diplopia and small comitant hypotropic deviations due to ...
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The Eye in Neurology: Evaluation of Sudden Visual Loss and
The Eye in Neurology: Evaluation of Sudden Visual Loss and Diplopia— Diagnostic. Pointers and .... diplopia is binocular and is usually secondary to nerve,.
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Neuro-ophthalmological symptoms in vertigo and -
lack of binocular fusion. These two techniques will allow for the easy detection of a vertical diplopia. Neuro-ophthalmological symptoms in vertigo and dizziness.
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Binocular Vision and Ocular Motility - Cyber-Sight
Physiologic Diplopia 18. Clinical Significance 18. Suppression 19. Panum's Area of Single Binocular Vision 20. Fixation Disparity 21. Stereopsis 21. Physiologic ...
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Neurological evaluation of acute vertical diplopia - SANP
If vertical diplopia is binocular, the neurologist first searches for typical oculomotor (III) or trochlear nerve (IV) palsies. While III-palsy is mostly due to ischaemia ...
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Persistent Binocular Diplopia in Childhood Following Successful
Prisms may be beneficial in controlling the diplopia. Persistent Binocular Diplopia in. Childhood Following Successful. Treatment for Esotropia: A Case. Series.
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Transient diplopia after parathyroidectomy for hyperparathyroidism
complained of transient diplopia along with generalized dysesthesia (pins and needles) associated with muscle cramps. Horizontal binocular diplopia was ...
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Principles and Techniques of the Examination of Ocular - Utah
normal and abnormal monocular and binocular eye move- ments as they ... The pathophysiol- ogy of binocular diplopia with uniocular disease is unclear,.
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Short- and long-term vertical diplopia secondary to blunt trauma
sport. While initial surgical intervention provided evanescent relief of diplopia, there was a progressive loss of the range of superior binocular single vision. This .
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Diplopia after Refractive Surgery: occurrence and prevention.
tent monocular or binocular diplopia (did not resolve spontaneously) after undergoing refractive surgery, either in the form of. LASIK, photorefractive keratectomy ...
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Diplopia - emDocs
Monocular diplopia: double visions that persists when the other eye is closed is ... Binocular diplopia: double vision that results when either eye is closed is the ...
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1/22/2016 1.1. Statins and diplopia Introduction Statins - Lareb
Jan 22, 2016 ... Diplopia, or double vision, may be monocular of binocular. ... Reports of diplopia associated with the use of statins. Patient,. Number,. Sex, Age,.
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The scotogenic contact lens: a novel device for treating binocular
Feb 13, 2015 ... for treating binocular diplopia. Matthieu P Robert,1,2 Fabrizio Bonci,3 Anand Pandit,3 Veronica Ferguson,3,4. Parashkev Nachev3,5.
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Diplopia - Springer
Binocular diplopia is usually second- ary to nervous system dysfunction and therefore will be the focus of this chapter. Monocular diplopia is usually secondary ...
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binocular vision - Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences - University of
Jan 18, 2006 ... Normal – Binocular Single vision can be classified as normal when it is .... This diplopia elicited by object points off the horopter is called ...
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Spectrum of Transient Visual Symptoms in a Transient - Stroke
diplopia, and LBB, do not even fulfill the National Institute of Neurological ..... diplopia and binocular visual disturbances preceded 16% of vertebrobasi-.
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Acute diplopia associated with systemic hypertension - A case Report
in the causes of binocular diplopia to include; orbital disorders, extraocular ... and accounts for more than 80% of all cases of binocular diplopia in patients ...
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Diplopia Was Not Predictable And Not Associated With Buckle
2008, the postoperative occurrence of binocular diplopia was retrieved from the medical charts. ... muscles were affected with a higher incidence of diplopia.

PDF version -
Diplopia: A common complaint you're going to be faced with is “double vision.” ... Binocular diplopia, on the other hand, occurs when the eyes do not move in.
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Isolated Ocular Motor Nerve Palsies -
Binocular diplopia due to ocular misalignment may occur due ... diplopia. ▻ microvascular ischemia. Abstract. An isolated ocular motor nerve palsy is defined as ...
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