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Modeling and Design of Fault-Tolerant and Self-Adaptive
ered in the design of fault-tolerant and self-adaptive recon- ... embedded systems , which makes use of dynamic hardware ..... using a given message type.
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An Approach for Adaptive Fault-Tolerance in Object-Oriented Open
middleware (AFTM) using a CORBA-compliant object ... In such large-scale complex systems, fault-handling and resource .... N-Self-checking. Diverse Objects.
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Self-healing systems — survey and synthesis - School of Management
tems fault-tolerant or self-adaptive,1 however, these meth- ods are ... under the rubric of fault tolerant computing systems; these ..... complex structures using techniques inspired by biology. .... on enabling the automatic detection of semantic.
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Self-Adaptive Hardware/Software Reconfigurable Networks - OPUS 4
2.1 Basic Definitions and Fault Tolerance Techniques . . . . . . . . . . 10 ..... For offline optimization, an automatic design space exploration methodology will be discussed which 1. ... Thus, a task may be executed using hardware or alterna- ... tation of a self-healing and self-adaptive distributed system will be presented. As.
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Engineering Self-Adaptive Systems through Feedback Loops
telligence, mobile and autonomous robots, multi-agent systems, fault-tolerant ..... In contrast to self-adaptive systems built using control engineering concepts, .... A major breakthrough in making feedback loops explicit came with IBM's auto-.
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A-SOFT-AES: Self-Adaptive Software-Implemented Fault-Tolerance
integrity, privacy, and confidentiality and hence the security of the system. Therefore, techniques to ... a self-adaptive software-implemented fault-tolerance methodology for .... MixCols and AddKey are executed using the expanded key. In the ..... [18] R. Vemu et al., “Acce: Automatic correction of control-flow errors,” in .
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A Case Study on Formal Verification of Self-Adaptive -
self-adaptive systems, in particular those with decentralized control of adaptation, is to ...... [7] A. Ebnenasir (2007): Designing Run-Time Fault-Tolerance Using ...
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Formal Verification of Self-Adaptive Behaviors in - DiVA
interest is in decentralized self-adaptive systems, in which central control of adap - tation is ..... approach that is based on automatic slicing technique of models with respect to prop- .... Designing run-time fault-tolerance using dynamic updates.
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Fault Tolerance Analysis and Self-Healing Strategy of Autonomous
hardware system, which uses a combination of partial dynamic reconfiguration and ... This self-adaptive system, based on ... Keywords: Evolvable Hardware, Fault Tolerance, Self-. Healing ... (EA) to the automatic design of circuits which map tasks into hardware ... Circuit evolution can be performed off-line, using simulators ...
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Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems - UCL Computer
tablish a baseline from which key aspects of different self-adaptive system can be easily ..... The first mechanical system that regulated its speed automatically using .... ual vs. automatic control or for decoupling control loops from one another. These .... fault tolerant computing are a special case of context identification.
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High-Quality Specification of Self-Adaptive Software Systems
self-adaptive software systems using a UML based concern- specific modeling ... bility, dependability, fault-tolerance and context-awareness at the same time. ... well as an automatic server management depending on the current workload.
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Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems - Lirias - KU Leuven
have the first attempts in building self-adaptive systems emerged within specific application ..... to structuring and reasoning about the raw data (e.g., using applicable models, .... ual vs. automatic control or for decoupling control loops from one another. .... fault tolerant computing are a special case of context identification.
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Software Systems Facilitating Self-Adaptive Control Software
applications that demonstrate robotic systems using self- adaptive control software. ... address the problem of designing robust, fault-tolerant mo- bile robots by ...
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Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems - DROPS - Schloss
engineering of self-adaptive systems focusing on four views, which we identify as ... Biologically-inspired, software architecture, fault tolerance, scala- bility ... Keywords: Model-driven engineering, high-assurance systems, automatic UML .... ment, context monitoring, adaptation decision making using property predictor.
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An Approach to Self-Adaptive Software based on Supervisory Control
Self-adaptive software systems use observations of their own behavior, and that of their ... based fault tolerance is yet to be demonstrated in a practical situation. ... Figure 2 illustrates the architecture of systems using supervisory control. ..... Trial Use Standard for Artificial Intelligence and Expert System Tie to Automatic.
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Ali Ebnenasir - Michigan Technological University
Automatic addition of fault-tolerance concerns to software systems. Contributions. ... Designing Run-Time Fault-Tolerance Using Dynamic Updates. IEEE/ACM ... Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems (SEAMS), 2007. • Ali Ebnenasir, S. S. ...
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Self-healing and self-repairing technologies - CUI
fact, most natural systems and organisms are able to self- heal, which ..... system to optimally configure its fault-tolerance mechanisms through awareness of the ...
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Achieving Service Portability using Self-adapative Data Paths - EECS
area using self-adaptive data paths. We evaluate ... drives the design of our system. Alice wakes up in ... We achieve automatic composition of operators by mandating services .... bandwidth. E. Achieving fault-tolerance for composed services.
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2014 NASA/ESA Conference on Adaptive Hardware and Systems
Jul 14, 2014 ... Adaptive Hardware and Systems (AHS-2014), held at University of ... architectures, fault-tolerant and self-repair systems, embryonic hardware, adaptive image and ..... High-profile missions using SpaceWire include: Gaia, ExoMars .... A Novel Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration Design for Automatic White .
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Network Support for Mobile Multimedia Using a Self-adaptive
We propose a self-adaptive distributed proxy system that pro- ... Automatic Path Creation Service (APC), which provides a platform. for building ..... tolerance. Their persistent state is kept in a fault-tolerant, dis-. tributed data structure (e.g., [ 13]).
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Dissecting Self-* Properties - Computer Science
self-healing, self-stabilizing, self-organizing, self-adaptive, self- optimizing, self- protecting, and .... the system can only read, but cannot modify using the internal actions. External ... the performance of a system are also called fault actions or adversarial actions. ... system exhibits masking tolerance w.r.t. an action C, when.
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Spectrum-based Health Monitoring for Self-Adaptive Systems
adaptive systems is information about their internal health state,. i.e., the extent to ... Fault Localisation (SFL) combined with automatic health moni- toring for ...
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Orthogonal Fault Tolerance for Dynamically Adaptive Systems
Keywords—dynamically adaptive systems; fault tolerance; orthogonal fault .... the home is occupied, but the Automatic Lights feature is on. These interactions ...
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Online Spectrum-based Fault Localization for Health - HASLab
Recovery of Self-Adaptive Systems. ´Eric Piel∗. , Alberto ... applying SFL online, using monitoring, can successfully provide ... works in adaptive systems have tried to automate. This step ...... automatic diagnosis in our approach avoids these drawbacks. .... in Annual Symposium on Fault Tolerant Computing, Sendai,. Japan ...
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An Autonomous Self-Aware and Adaptive Fault Tolerant Routing
Aug 18, 2015 ... We achieved this by using a combined continuous and slotted prioritized ... technique; fault tolerant; route repair; self-healing; ASAART ... Autonomous self- aware and adaptive systems provide the means to solve the computational ... The sender node with the auto-self-awareness back-off information now ...
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