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Aspects Of Postnatal Growth Ontogeny Of Organ Systems - [Full Version]
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Aspects Of Postnatal Growth Ontogeny Of Organ Systems - Full Download
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Human ontogeny - a Ludens
the biological aspects of physical growth and development of children and ... postnatal growth and development (neonatal stage, infancy, childhood, puberty) ... formation of almost all organ systems including the muscles, skeleton and ...
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Postnatal ontogeny of the musculoskeletal system in the Blacktailed
muscle were measured in a complete postnatal growth series of the highly cursorial hare .... can be learned by careful evaluation of specific aspects of the ontogeny of ... relevance to locomotion (i.e. body proportions, muscle lever systems and ...
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Development during the first seven days post -
1987), it has been suggested that the rate of growth after hatching is ... sised that growth and organ function come into conflict when ... and growth of several organ systems during the initial stages of ..... rapid growth, the ontogeny of some systems may be ... drate effects on some plasma organic acids and aspects of glucose ...
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Download PDF (10383KB) - Springer
maturation, for example, natal down, sense organs, muscle, and brain. Avian hatchlings also differ in their postnatal growth rate. Altricial birds ... Based on a classification system suggested by Nice (1962), eight different forms of .... Stresemann (1927-1934) discussed some aspects of ecological ..... ONTOGENY AND TIME.
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postnatal development of body architecture and gait in several
locomotion in ontogeny and in phylogeny (Eilam, 1995) and the implication of such order for ... of the locomotor system change during growth. The present ... used in the present study for comparison with the other four species in aspects not.
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Nonclinical Safety Evaluation of Pediatric Drug Products - FDA
Thus, evaluation of postnatal developmental toxicity is a primary .... Organ systems identified as undergoing considerable postnatal growth and .... nervous system (CNS) functions, including assessments of reflex ontogeny, .... Burri, P, 1997, Structural Aspects of Prenatal and Postnatal Development and Growth of the. Lung ...
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August 2000 - OECD
Postnatal endpoints: Neonatal growth, developmental landmarks and functional/ behavioural neurotoxicity . .... Measures of Behavioural Ontogeny . ..... This document is intended to provide guidance on methodological aspects, interpretation of data ... reproductive organs or related endocrine systems i.e., effects on:.
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Perinatal Ontogeny of Brain Growth in the Domestic Pig (44469)
brain growth spurt is postnatal or the guinea pig whose growth spurt ... to total organ weight, total protein mass, total cell number .... curve of all biological growth systems. ..... Dobbing J, Sands J. Comparative aspects of the brain growth spurt.
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Differential Growth and Development of the Upper and Lower - Plos
Sep 20, 2013 ... these regions are related to different organ and body systems that mature ... of whole ribcage postnatal ontogeny and its spatial and temporal ...
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The Physiology of Human Growth - Library of Congress
Body composition in children: methods of assessment. Growth and tissue ... Insulin-like growth factors in the nervous system: characterization, biosynthesis and .... deceleration in postnatal growth. ... If this aspect of growth rate is related to the developmental timetable of .... The ontogeny of epidermal growth factor receptors ...
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Nonclinical Safety Evaluation of Pediatric Drug - Teratology Society
Jan 30, 2003 ... postnatal growth and development can affect drug disposition and action. ... It is thought that pediatric organ systems at highest risk for drug ..... central nervous system, including assessments of reflex ontogeny, .... Burri, P. “Structural Aspects of Prenatal and Postnatal Development and Growth of the Lung.”.
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Ontogeny of flight in the little brown bat, Myott's Iucr'fugus:
Wing loading decreased and aspect ratio in- creased during ... geny of flight - Postnatal growth — Muscle histoehetn- istrv O ... and have well~dcveloped neonatal motor systems for ... Body mass was recorded to the nearest 0.05 g using.
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seasonal wing loading and the ontogeny of flight - Boston University
We measured postnatal changes in wing morphology and flight capability in free- ranging. Phyllostomus .... tance from the body axis to the wingtip. Aspect ratio (AR ) was calculated as wingspan squared divided by ... lohil Systems Ltd. Carp. Ontario) ... Curves f0r a, b, and c fitted using the logistic growth equation. Curve for d ...
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Is rate of ontogenetic growth constrained by resource supply or
which themselves are allometric (power) functions of body mass with exponents 3/4 and ... These relationships determine the sigmoid shape of the postnatal growth curve and the 3/4 ... is constrained by the organism system itself. Thus .... s model has two aspects, which can be ... mass during ontogeny is not compelling.
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Gould, Allometry and size in ontogeny and phylogeny
size differences occur in ontogeny, phylogeny, or arise merely from the static com - parison of related forms at one growth stage (usually the adult); and (3) .... The direction of shape change (differentiation of organ systems and increase in their .... aspect of evolution well appreciated, but too rarely considered when primary ...
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Cellular Consequences in the Brain and Liver of Age - NCBI
aspect of growth. Genetic ... Selection early in postnatal ontogeny has a significant .... The brain is one of the first organs to begin growth ..... Nervous system.
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Brain growth in mallards, Pekin and Muscovy ducks (Anatidae)
than body weight, we assume that this reduction is, at least in part, a result of the ... (1935) suggested a `System morphologischer Wertigkeit' ... brain growth differs in some aspects of ontogeny among ..... The postnatal growth of the central.
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Multiple Roles for the Endocannabinoid System During the Earliest
almost every brain structure and organ system and have been shown to ... tal brain development and postnatal suckling), the endocannabinoid system appears to play an ... indicated that the cannabinoid-induced embryonic growth arrest is ..... 41 Fride E, Mechoulam R. Developmental aspects of anandamide: ontogeny.
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children are not little adults - World Health Organization
differently by an immature set of systems to the way they are dealt with in adults. .... There was also a negative effect of postnatal PCB exposure via breastfeeding at 42 ..... shows the dramatic growth of major organs as well as their very different ... with normal ontogeny of developmental processes in the nervous system.
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Anatomical and biomechanical traits of broiler chickens - PeerJ
Jul 3, 2014 ... changes in afflicted body systems that occur across ontogeny ... organ and pectoral muscle growth varies with increasing body mass, with a focus on ...... dominant model for postnatal growth (Aberle & Stewart, 1983; Soike ...
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Trophic molecules and evolution of the nervous system
(ontogeny/trophic interactions/nerve growth factor). IRA B. BLACK ... ontogeny ( 15). In the nervous system (16), as in many other organ systems ... postnatal existence (15, 19-21). .... for some aspects of heterochrony can be defined and differ-.
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Developmental regulation of skull morphology. I. Ontogenetic
fetal and early postnatal growth is rapidly compensated, after which no new ... Canalization refers to the buffering of developmental systems ... variance in skull size decreases over ontogeny of laboratory ... sensory organs and that skull bones function as struts and ..... shape, and variance in these two aspects of form follow.
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Chapter 60: Vertebrate Development
endometrium, and the formation of body organs begins during the third and fourth ... growth and development take place during this time. Birth and Postnatal Development. Birth occurs as a ..... pathetic division of the autonomic nervous system during .... bryological development (ontogeny) involves the same progression of ...
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The Discipline of Neurobehavioral Development - HealthEmotions
which the experiences of an individual influence the ontogeny of brain ... together in an integrated fashion to influence all cells and organ systems. ..... This paradigm illustrates a key aspect of neurobehavioral development, suggesting .... tween postnatal days 1 and 8, after which the critical period closes [Woo & Leon,.
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The evolution of morphological diversity in rodents - Zurich Open
of postnatal growth. equence heterochrony was analysed using the Parsimov ethod. ..... tebrate skull, and we show that their sequence of closure represents an aspect of ontogeny with func- ..... fields as model organ systems, attention has.
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Ontogeny and physiology of the digestive system of marine fish larvae
which both ontogeny and growth cause substantial changes in structure, ... development of organs and systems in bony fish and cartilaginous species, ... undifferentiated histological aspect of the gut at hatching, a study at an ..... showing a succession of increase and decrease with time, characterizes post- natal enzymatic.
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