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Application Of Keynesian And Convergence Theories In Portugal Differences And Similarities - [Full Version]
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Application Of Keynesian And Convergence Theories In Portugal Differences And Similarities - Full Download
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Application Of Keynesian And Convergence Theories In Portugal Differences And Similarities - [Complete Version]
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Application of Keynesian and convergence theories in Portugal
Aug 19, 2011 ... Application of Keynesian and convergence theories in Portugal. Differences and similarities. V´ıtor Jo˜ao Pereira Domingues Martinho.
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What convergence is about - Universidade de Coimbra
unconditional convergence, the “endogenous growth” theory of conditional ... approach in explaining differences in the living standards of regions and ... at the University of Coimbra , Faculty of Economics, Portugal and visitor as a ... At the empirical level the neo-classical approach to convergence uses and tests the.
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Productivity convergence in the EU - CiteSeerX
The evidence of β convergence is different showing directly the ... growth theory, using some structural variables which are believed to affect the ... section 6 presents the convergence approach applying cointegration techniques; the ... other hand, four (poor) peripheral countries (Ireland, Spain, Greece and Portugal) register.
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convergence in Portugal, at Nuts III level, in terms ... because of differences in economic structures. ... 4 According to the neoclassical growth theory, population and labour grow at the same rates. ... in cross-section estimations in order to apply OLS ..... of constant returns to scale, but b< 1 confirms the Keynesian hypothesis.
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The Relevance of Keynes Today: with Particular - University of Kent
Aug 30, 2007 ... Theory, and Keynes‟s devastating attack on the quantity theory of ... My PhD was partly on regional differences in unemployment in the UK .... theory; I rehabilitate and resurrect Keynes‟s concept of involuntary unemployment; I apply ..... in the eurozone countries plus, for comparison, Denmark and the.
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European economic and monetary integration, and the -
Monetary Union (EMU) and the optimum currency area (OCA) theory. ..... The " early OCA theory” was embedded in a Keynesian stabilisation framework and the ... by analysing and comparing a variety of OCA properties by means of several ..... economic policies and advocated a long convergence process to favour an ...
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The Road to Structural Convergence in the - EuroMemo Group
according to a post-Keynesian structuralist approach, and try to get some implications as to ... structuralist theory. ... and care about applied applications of the above knowledge. ... countries like Greece and Portugal won't meet the above conditions, due to their ... It might thus be interesting to compare the evolution of their.
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chapter 5 catching up and falling behind: economic convergence in
Tables (Mark 5): an extended set of international comparisons, 1950-. 1985”, The Quarterly .... R. Solow, “A contribution to the theory of economic growth”, The. Quarterly Journal .... agree with the post-Keynesian view that increased investment may ...... Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Turkey) at the bottom of the income scale in ...
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The role of income inequality in crisis theories and in the subprime
compare their viewpoints regarding the role that inequality plays. The main ... Keywords: income inequality, crisis theories, subprime crisis ... inequality as the root cause for crises; (ii) for many post-Keynesians possible aggregate ...... wealth and debt financed consumption in some countries, i.e. Greece, Ireland, Portugal,.
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The Euro's Three Crises - Brookings Institution
ereigns (Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, and Spain, hereafter referred to as the GIIPS) cannot .... can make a fair comparison of the EU and U.S. banking systems difficult.) ... In theory, this leaves the role of providing liquidity to euro-area banks ...... economic theory—especially that of a Keynesian or New Keynesian bent—.
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Download issue in full - World Economic Review - World Economics
economic convergence through market forces, the Post Keynesian response ... Behind the different theoretical perspectives lies a view of theory itself, how far ..... 4 Applications of the theory include Dow (1992) with respect to Scotland, ..... Lavoie, M (2015a) 'The Eurozone: Similarities to and Differences from Keynes's Plan', ...
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New Paradigm Economics versus Old Paradigm Economics
Jan 13, 2014 ... Economics Review comparing "Old paradigm economics (OPE)" and ... (A) Most non-economists have only heard of Keynesian economics, ... This became the grand narrative of economic theory and accounts for all the .... In 2007 a three- year-old British girl was kidnapped in Portugal while .... converging?
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Proposals for a European Clearing Union: An Application of Keynes
An Application of Keynes to Regional Monetary Systems .... general comparison of such a regime with the current Eurozone format. ..... ultimately achieve currency stability or convergence, it was judged successful enough .... The economic theory underlying the EMU was in large part a reaction to the international financial.
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Evolutionary development economics - FEP
between micro and macro in the theory of economic ... 1-3 November 2007, Porto , Portugal ... notably in the North-South models and the convergence literature of the so ... of the economics of development in comparison with other approaches. ... Building on Keynes and Harrod, successive contributions of economists.
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Fouquet and Broadberry (PDF) - LSE
evidence on patterns of divergence and convergence in Europe, showing that ... a key inspiration for new theories of economic growth - for instance, Hansen and ... Furthermore, comparisons of past experiences with more recent ones may suggest ..... Portugal. Each time series starts and ends in different years and uses a ...
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structural policies and economic resilience - OECD
volatility and convergence among OECD countries and within the euro area.4 It .... more aligned with the common cycle (Greece, Netherlands, Portugal). .... Modern business cycle theory offers a systematic take on the link between .... Modelling strategy and preliminary cross-country comparison of business cycle patterns.
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Download - REAL
Feb 2, 2003 ... The Regional Economics Applications Laboratory (REAL) is a cooperative venture .... after joining the EU, in comparison with its value prior to membership. ... The convergence coefficient φ for a particular group of countries can be obtained using the ..... Note also that Keynesian theory, with its focus on.
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Is the composition of public expenditures converging in EMU countries
would arise from the so-called non-Keynesian effects of fiscal policy. The literature .... theory, according to which the economic growth is determined by the accumulation of ... dispersion of each item has diminished comparing to the period before EMU. .... Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom.
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Convergence and Divergence in Language Contact Situations
Oct 20, 2007 ... This colloquium deals with issues related to convergence and ... Five speakers from different countries have kindly accepted our ..... tried to apply Darwinism to language evolution. ..... The project will reveal similarities and differences in .... ate the bilingual acquisition of Brazilian Portuguese and German.
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Functional Distribution of Income, Inequality and the Incidence of
convergence of European labor shares during the early stages of the .... of how the various theories of functional income distribution come to –and .... of] the outstanding faults of the economic society in which we live”, Keynes .... international comparisons of labor shares / labor costs: the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the.
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Between the gift and the market: the economy of - Nuffield College
The usual disclaimers apply even more than usual. 2 Polanyi, Great ... 4 Rose- Ackerman, 'Altruism, non-profits and economic theory', p. 705. ..... ought, like its market analogue, to converge onto a contract curve. At .... In figure 4, leisure has contracted in comparison with GNP since the. 1930s. .... Keynesian economists have.
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A Statistical Investigation - Kellogg Institute for International Studies
macroeconomic theory in the Keynes-Kalecki tradition. This paper is ... known as the catching-up/convergence hypothesis. .... uses the national account statistics of different countries reported in several UN publications. The .... Moreover, as Baumol and Wolff (1988) acknowledge, 'they compare only 1950 and 1980, with no.
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The quest for persuasive theory and evidence on societal convergence has a long and ... systematically compare longitudinal patterns of corporate governance among ..... Portuguese spheres of colonial influence), German (Central Europe and Japan), ..... multiple methods of data collection and analysis, and of applying our ...
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Trade, globalization and uneven development - UCLA Division of
through which trade happens, I examine how theories rationalizing the free trade doctrine isolate ... rent putative (re)convergence. .... articulate Marxian and post- Keynesian critiques .... at producing, by comparison to the other. ... land and Portugal, falsified the historical record ..... about the applicability of Marx's essentially.
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the link between economics, stability and security in a - Nato
This difference resulted in different security models as well as ..... The latter ( cumulative growth) is based on Keynes and post-Keynesian theories. An important ...
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download - Thomas Stubbs
Mar 17, 2016 ... within this convergence because unevenly developing countries ... quate theory of capitalism tout court (Bohle and Greskovits, 2009; Bruff, 2011). .... Derived from a comparison of national experiences across .... faithful to Keynes' domestic- demand-led autocentric accumulation template which he pre-.
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