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Applicability Of Axial Dispersion Model To Analyze Mass Transfer Measurements - Full Download
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Applicability of axial dispersion model to analyze mass transfer
The applicability of axial dispersion model (ADM) for the measurement of the gas -liquid mass ... to analyze the gas-liquid mass transfer characteristics of bubble.
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The Axial Dispersion Model For Heat Transfer Equipment - Old City
axial dispersion model and then concentrates mostly on application of this concept to the analysis of heat ... dispersion of mass concentration profile which has been described with ... dispersion model for the analysis of thermal behaviour of heat transfer .... measurement of dispersion parameters in heat transfer. Generally ...
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effects of liquid swirling on gas-to-liquid mass transfer in three
The principal application is for gas-liquid reaction in which catalyst is used to ..... Axial Dispersion Model to Analyze Mass Transfer Measurements in Bubble.
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Axial dispersion model in predictive mass transfer - doiSerbia
Apr 24, 2014 ... Mass transfer in a ceramic intalox saddle PPC using axial mixing model ... pulsed packed extraction column using axial dispersion model ... cated concerning the application of pulsed packed ... tinuous and dispersed phases were measured by two ..... umn height) via parametric analysis with lower experi-.
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Mass Transfer
turbulent flow, the Taylor diffusion model for axial dispersion of hcat is well justified. .... method to measure mass transfer from single drops immediately following ...
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hydrodynamics, back-mixing, & mass transfer in a slurry - CiteSeerX
Hydrodynamics, back-mixing, and Mass Transfer in a Slurry Bubble Column. Reactor for ... dispersion parameters in reactor models using the CARPT data, among which the ..... Reported measurements of gas axial dispersion coefficient in BCRs… .... Schematic diagram of the injection/sampling levels (in the application to.
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A critical review of dispersion in packed beds
several variables that must be considered, in the analysis of dispersion in ... dispersion Ж Transverse dispersion Ж Mass transfer. List of symbols a ... Average mass transfer coefficient over soluble surface. L .... much from those measured in packed beds, and for these .... model could describe axial dispersion phenomena.
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liquid-phase axial dispersion in a packed gas absorption column
mon to assume plug-flow conditions when analyzing mass transfer ... the overall liquid-phase mass transfer coefficient from gas-absorption measurements in the packed column. ... dispersion model to account for deviations from plug ... viations from plug flow in the axial direction as .... application of the boundary conditions.
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Liquid-phase mass transfer at low flow rates in a packed column
Liquid-phase mass transfer in a packed bed was investigated for ... and 2) to analyze these data in terms of calculated effective axial and ... these studies are generally applicable only to other identi- ... The model in which the mass transfer is characterized ..... ing the axial dispersion coefficient from experimental measure-.
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Dynamic Model of Ozone Contacting Process with Oxygen Mass
... mass transfer. The dynamic axial dispersion model proposed is employed to predict the variations of ozone and oxygen .... The oxygen mass transfer may affect the ozone concentra- .... discharged (CAGe) gas ozone concentrations are measured by an ... used to analyze the dissolved ozone concentration (CALb). The.
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Steady-state axial profiles of dissolved oxygen in tall bubble column
A model is developed for prediction and interpretation of the observed steady- state axial dissolved oxygen concentration profiles in tall bubble ... The mass transfer coefficient and the axial dispersion coefficient have ... The model is demonstrated using data measured ...... tion profile is flatter than expected from application of.
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Mass Transfer Studies in Shallow Bubble Column Reactors
The gas-liquid mass transfer coefficient is measured by using a dynamic ..... [21] W.D. Deckwer, K. Nguyen-Tien, B.G. Kelkar, Y.T. Shah, Applicability of axial dispersion model to analyze mass transfer measurements in bubble columns, AIChE ...
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Experiments and modelling of a draft tube airlift reactor operated at
understanding and the modelling of global hydrodynamics and mass transfer stays clearly a ... model so-called Axial Dispersion Model (ADM), the liquid-side volumetric mass ... To perform mass transfer measurements, axial dispersion in the ...... A Characterization Study of Airlift Contactors for Application to. Fermentation.
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Application of Moment Analysis to Mass Transfer Kinetics of
Sep 1, 2010 ... The second and third moments measured in the first part of this work are analyzed ... mass transfer coefficient is obtained (i.e., the external mass transfer coefficient is ... moment equations deduced from the GR model. A new ... DL is the axial dispersion coefficient, Rp is the average radius of the packing ...
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Mass transfer in packed beds at low Peclet numbers wrong
mass transfer coefficient as a function of the Reynolds number and the Schmidt number. These ... due to unjustified neglection of axial dispersion or wall channeling. In this work ... this model, it is possible to explain the results obtained with undiluted beds in which all ... Most of these were based on mass transfer measure-.
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On the significance of the dispersion coefficient in two-phase flow
Common examples At present, the use of the axial dispersion model for are the ... in the design of these con- the measurement and analysis techniques employed in ... detailed model of the mass transfer dispersion coefficients $,, and E~. system ..... for application in the design of larger columns. many practical applications, ...
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The determination of effective diffusivity by gas chromatography
Time domain solutions applicable to the GC pulse dispersion experiment are presented in ... In this case the peak broadening is due to axial dispersion alone. .... (14) NZ= kfRY= External Mass Transfer Dy Intraparticle Diffusion N, = D,,L 2 ... procedure for evaluating the model parame- (13) ters is through an analysis of the ...
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Analysis of models for determining intestinal wall permeabilities
on the applicability of the model assumptions to the experimental system. This report ... all of the models fit the mass transfer results reasonably well, despite fundamentally ... vantage of providing a direct measure of the wall perme- ability, the ... include the laminar flow, plug flow, and complete radial mixing (diffusion.
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Genetic Algorithm Approach in Prediction of Mass Transfer and Axial
Sep 20, 2007 ... paper presents a new application of Genetic Algorithm to predict the modeling ... method and the NAG software (Numerical Analysis Group) the mass transfer and axial dispersion coefficients in the continuous phase in these ..... a model of the mass transfer with a model of the phase flow behavior in order to.
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Fundamentals of Chemical Reaction Engineering
Jun 3, 1999 ... Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer ... Process Engineering Analysis in Semiconductor ... 3.5 Measurement of Reaction Rates 82 ... 8.7 Dispersion Models for Nonideal Flow .... dimensionless radial coordinate in tubular reactor ..... Application of Equation (1.2.1) to the ammonia synthesis, stoichiometric ...
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