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Applicability And Efficiency Of Near Optimal Spatial Encoding For Dynamically - [Full Version]
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Applicability And Efficiency Of Near Optimal Spatial Encoding For Dynamically - Full Download
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Applicability And Efficiency Of Near Optimal Spatial Encoding For Dynamically - [Complete Version]
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Applicability and efficiency of near-optimal spatial encoding for
Adaptive near-optimal MRI spatial encoding entails, for the acquisition of each ... clarify the applicability and efficiency of adaptively deter- mined near-optimal ... computed near-optimal spatial encodings to a dynamic. FOV and (2) the use of ...
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Spatial Encoding In MRI And How To Make It Faster - People
May 10, 2000 ... the standard techniques for spatial encoding in MRI produce high ..... is difficult to parallelize, and real-time dynamic imaging poses time constraints on the processing ...... Applicability and Efficiency of Near-Optimal Spatial.
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An Efficient Region of Interest Acquisition Method for Dynamic
Dec 14, 1999 ... to encode the position and composition of molecules within a tissue volume. ... two-dimensional spatial Fourier domain, or k-space, of the slice. ...... L. P. Panych, and F. A. Jolesz, “Applicability and efficiency of near-optimal.
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MR image encoding by spatially selective rf excitation - Surgical
coding methods based on the use of spatial encoding by manipula- ...... 268 –274 . G.P. Zientara, L.P. Panych, and F.J. Jolesz, Applicability and efficiency of near- optimal spatial encoding for dynamically adaptive MRI, Magn Reson. Med 39 ...
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Ocean Science
Jul 9, 2013 ... ice model of the Arctic, and applicability and efficiency of ... ization of dynamic and thermodynamic processes of sea ice .... rithm (µGA) can more efficiently reach a near-optimal solu- .... a basin-wide spatial coverage, these satellite data are suit- ..... (a) Encoding the parameter vector to binary bit strings.
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Efficient and accurate laser shaping with liquid crystal spatial light
Dynamic manipulation of a laser beam using a liquid crystal spatial light modulator. Am. J. Phys. 77, 331 (2009) ... used to encode a spatially dependent polarization. PM. FIG. 1. ... has applicability across all disciplines mentioned above. Second, the flat ... parameter m was varied between 0.4 (near optimal for accuracy) and ...
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Efficient Cache Exploration Method for a Tiled Chip Multiprocessor
to determine a near-optimal cache configuration for a sixteen tiled CMP. ... and show its applicability up-to four threads scenario on a. CMP. However, due to ...
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PhD Thesis
presented that incorporates the structural design goals of efficiency, economy, ... and spatial forms in a particular structural design domain. .... 4.4 DYNAMIC GROUPING ...... are constrained to lie on a predefined grid are better than the near optimal .... architectural languages use form-function relations encoded in the shape ...
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Globally Optimal Manhattan Frame Estimation in Real-Time
globally optimal solution with high stability and efficiency. We pose the MF ... large planar regions should be placed near the bottom of the image. Similar to ...
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Standard PDF (1.1 MB) - Wiley Online Library
ment in perfusion imaging will require a more efficient use of ... significantly extends the applicability of UNFOLD to perfu- .... attempts to encode spatial information into redundant .... dynamically create all the necessary bins used for RR- .... optimal. Overall, the average image artifact was re- duced to 60% of the UNFOLD ...
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Article PDF - IOPscience - Institute of Physics
Oct 8, 2015 ... k-space, which contains information about spatial frequencies within the image. .... pressed sensing in that they omit phase encoding steps in a regular .... let domain, the most significant wavelet coefficients appear near-identical for fully ..... ently large and their general applicability and efficiency in MRI has ...
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Full Text (PDF) - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Aug 22, 2006 ... the applicability of magnetic resonance imaging to low magnetic ... situations where traditional MRI is not optimal. low field remote ... applicability of MRI. ... and efficiency is not convenient. .... Spatial encoding also allows for the study of flow ... near-dc (0.1 Hz) sensitivity of this magnetometer is 80 fTHz1/2.
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Perception-motivated High Dynamic Range Video Encoding
Figure 1: Gray-scale frames selected from a captured high dynamic range video sequence ... Efficient HDR video encoding and playback are the ... formed at the expense of either spatial or temporal resolution. ... investigate the applicability of standard MPEG-4 weighting matri- .... pear near edges of high-contrast objects.
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CNS*2016 Workshop on Methods of Information Theory in -
Jun 29, 2016 ... wide applicability in computational neuroscience. ... "Optimal energy-efficient coding in sensory neurons" .... for Monte Carlo sampling to perform near optimal Bayesian integration. ... called dynamic Boltzmann machine in which learning occurs based on the timing of spikes with LTP and LTD components.
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The Toronto Keynote Lecture - ismrm
In muscoloskeletal disorders the applicability of MRI in basic .... These findings suggest HIV- associated brain injury may lead to less efficient .... We demonstrate 2-16x speedups using near-optimal non-Fourier encoding ... Highly Parallel Volumetric Imaging with Accelerated Spatial Encoding along Two Dimensions.
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PDF Full-text -
Jun 2, 2016 ... the proposed method enhances the efficiency of remote sensing imagery ... mapping in Hubei Province in 1.4 min and near real-time in situ soil ... To help monitor crops precisely and instantaneously, spatial sensor ... The growth of crops is a dynamic and comprehensive process; thus, ..... encoding model.
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High-speed 3T MR spectroscopic imaging of prostate with flyback
Prostate With Flyback Echo-Planar Encoding. Albert P. ... vide two-fold higher spatial resolution over 1.5T, but this can result in ... ing (DTI), and dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) imag- ing. ... duce the applicability of these techniques in the clinical setting. ... to noise efficiency of 71% (SNR efficiency ..... Optimal timing for in.
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Please do not disturb! Minimum Interference Coverage for Social
events as a rate function of a non-homogenous spatial. Poisson process. ... constraints that can encode human preferences or needs. Using a ... to efficiently choose optimal robot policies for simple time- dependent interaction ... stochastic trajectories which are paths of dynamic objects .... This reduces the applicability of the.
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Planning approaches to constraint-aware navigation in dynamic
Oct 27, 2014 ... Although there is extensive literature for computing optimal, ... path planning; spatial constraints; navigation; anytime dynamic planning; ... The efficient computation of free movement paths is a ... tion in order to improve the accuracy near con- ... developed for portability and applicability [17] to allow.
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PDF(1510K) - Wiley Online Library
Jul 7, 2009 ... encoding for fast MRI (SENSE) reconstructions, is described. The GRAPPA g- factor is ... sition of spatial harmonics (SMASH) (3), and generalized autocalibrating ... framework presented here is also applicable to imaging scenarios .... image combination represents a near SNR optimal image reconstruction ...
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