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The Water Cycle
During the cycle, water given off by plants, water in rivers, streams, puddles, lakes, and oceans, and surface water evaporates, making ... This vapor rises, forms clouds, and then falls as rain, hail, or snow. ... This water will STAY with the animal for a period of time ... water collects from rivers, lakes, glaciers, and the soil.
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The Water Cycle - Inner Space Cavern
Overview. Earth's water molecules circulate among air, plants, animals, and soil by way of the ... Glaciers melt to pools which overflow to streams, ... Make a large label for each of the nine stations: Cloud, River, Soil, Plant, Animal, Lake, Ocean,.
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The Water Cycle Game - Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service
What causes the water in the oceans, lakes and rivers to evaporate? ... oceans, lakes, glaciers, clouds, rivers, groundwater,— and things that use wa- ... Water evaporates from everything; animals, lakes, plants, the ocean. That's why you.
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The Incredible Journey: Sample Project WET Activity
Categorize the places water can move through into nine stations: Clouds, Plants, Animals, Rivers,. Oceans, Lakes, Ground Water, Soil, and Glaciers. Write these ...
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H2-Flow - The Huntington
Following a molecule that we arbitrarily start as a cloud, it might take a path that includes important ... Highlight the answers that are also centers for the activity: oceans, lakes, rivers, clouds, plants, animals, glaciers, groundwater, and soil.
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Waterdrop Journeys.pdf - Yahara Watershed Earth Partnership
(one each at the lakes, rivers, clouds, plants, animals, and soil stations and. 2 each at the ocean, groundwater, and glaciers/icecaps stations), pencils, and.
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The Water Cycle Game - Arctic Climate Modeling Program
water cycle to show that water circulates through the crust, oceans, and atmosphere ... Animal. Plant. Clouds. Lake. Soil. Surface. Glaciers. River. Ocean. Ground.
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the water cycle - Willoughby Council
The oceans contain more than 97% of the earth's water. Approximately 2.5% is fresh water found in ice caps, glaciers, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, groundwater, water vapour and as water stored in animals, plants and the soil. The remainder is contained in saline lakes. Through ... and changes back into a liquid, forming clouds.
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Water Cycle Lab - University of Florida
soil, plants, rivers, clouds, oceans, lakes, animals, groundwater wells, and glaciers. Objective: This lab will reinforce the basic principles of the water cycle, with ...
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Icebergs break away from glaciers and float in the ocean, ... In addition to clouds, oceans, rivers, and valleys, living ... Plants and animals take in water and return it to the atmosphere as vapor (breath- .... s Why don't oceans and lakes dry up.
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The Incredible Journey, A Water Cycle Game - Project WET
Describe the nine stations that water can move through: clouds, plants, animals ( including humans), rivers, oceans, lakes, groundwater, soil and glaciers.
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Chapter 2 - Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
water may stay in some places like glaciers and the ocean for long periods of time. All ... Evaporation can occur from rivers, lakes, oceans, plants, animals, cloud ...
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Water Cycle Spinners
Ocean Oceánico. Stay. Glacier Glaciation. Lake Lago. Soil. Cloud ... Animal. Animales. Lake Lago. Agua. Subterránea. Ground. Water. River Rivera. Cloud. Stay ... Cloud. Soil. Ground. Water. Agua. Subterránea. Plant. Planta. River Rivera ...
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The Incredible Journey - KACEE
stations: plant, animal, lake, soil, river, clouds, ocean, ground water. glacier, sun*. -10 cubes labeled according to chart. -string for beading bracelets. -markers.
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Project WET Discover the Hudson River
GLACIER: 20,000 years ago much of the Hudson Valley was covered by mile ( 1.6 km). -high ice! Glaciers helped shape the river we see today. Any way you look at ... in Lake Tear of the Clouds high in the ... (places where plants and animals usually live), ... Mouth: End of the river, where it flows into an ocean, sea or lake.
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Lessons for Grades K-6 (PDF) - US Environmental Protection Agency
Two percent of the earth's water is stored as fresh water in glaciers, ice caps, .... After awhile the water vapor condenses and forms into clouds. Eventually ... Have them point out lakes, rivers, and oceans. Explain that these are called surface waters. 2. .... water? Water is very important for humans, plants/crops, and animals.
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Junior Ranger Program - Water Cycle - National Park Service
Jun 26, 2011 ... animal communities in the park, extend to the valleys below, and are an ... though the rivers, lakes, clouds, animals, plants, glaciers and soil ... Take sponge and dip it into the bucket of water by the Pacific Ocean volunteer. 12.
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Water Cycle - Boise Environmental Education - City of Boise
when it rains outside, and running in the Boise River. Image courtesy of .... Clouds. Oceans Glaciers. Rivers Groundwater Lakes. Soil Animals Plants.
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Agriculture Is Still -
vapor, clouds, rain, springs, rivers, seas, oceans, glaciers... The cycle is ... In Siberia, the frozen surfaces of the lakes in winter contain the trace of the forces that .... But toxic pesticides seeped into the air, soil, plants, animals, rivers and oceans.
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watershed basics part i: water resources - Cooperative Extension
plants and animals. Water serves ... Oceans. Fresh Water. Groundwater. Ice Caps . & Glaciers. Figure 1. Distribution ... while freshwater lakes and rivers hold 0.0091% of the earth's ... the clouds condenses into heavy drops or ice particles and ...
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Our Living River - Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
cycle—from clouds to rain and snow, into glaciers, rivers, lakes, oceans, plants and animals, and back to the clouds. Therefore, how we treat our water today ...
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ouR WAteR cycle - City of Tucson
and gas (water vapor, clouds). ... icecaps and glaciers, rivers and lakes, and groundwater. .... Although it is a constructed wetlands, the plants and animals.
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Big River Journey Teacher's Guide - National Park Service
Aug 12, 2011 ... Clouds, Plants, Animals, Rivers,. Oceans, Lakes, Ground Water, Soil, and Glaciers. Write these names on large pieces of paper and put them.
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Color and Understand the Global Climate System - Midwestern
Jan 26, 2016 ... rivers oceans sea ice clouds solar radiation climate variability ... geysers, groundwater, rivers, lakes, icecaps, and glaciers are natural sources. ... Ecosystem: a community of living plants, animals, insects, and organisms that ...
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Download PDF - Springer
the terrestrial surface (as glaciers, snow and ice sheets). ... surface (plants, organisms in the soil, and animals) as well as the ocean (fish and plants in ... Solar energy comes in; the atmosphere, clouds and the earth absorb some .... soil or rivers. ... moisture, glaciers, or runoff as surface water into lakes and back to the ocean.
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chapter 2 - Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Runoff: Water moving from the land surface to streams, lakes, or oceans. ... snow pack in a glacier, or run off the surface to ... temperatures cause it to condense into clouds. .... 1970s, Iowa's rivers were running red with wastes from slaughtering plants, communities ... problems, even death, for fish and other aquatic animals.
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School Programs Available - Delaware Soil & Water Conservation
animals and plants. Life Sci 2.1 ... stations where water is used or held like soil, plants, rivers, clouds, oceans, lakes, animals, ground water, and glaciers. As they  ...
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