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Chapter 13 Viruses, Viroids, and Prions
Growing Animal Viruses q Three methods: • Living animals. • Chicken embryos. • Cell culture. • Primary cell lines. • Diploid cell lines. • Continuous cell lines ...
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The animal virus HIV infects certain key cells of the immune system, destroying the ability of the body to defend itself from cancer and disease. The HIV infection.
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Feb 1, 2012 ... Nucleocapsid (syn: core): viral nucleic acid enclosed by a capsid .... Note-all animal viruses that are helical are enveloped, unlike many of.
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Viral Hemorrhagic Fever - Virginia Department of Health
Nov 12, 2009 ... Viruses capable of causing Viral Hemorrhagic Fever (VHF) are ... as Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses (HFVs) ... Animal hosts or arthropod vectors.
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Working with Viral Vectors (2013) Introduction: Viruses and viral
required for research involving BSL-2/3 viral vectors and animals (see APLAC ... Adenovirus: Adenoviruses are infectious human viruses which often cause mild.
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Nov 21, 2013 ... bunyavirus, MERS coronavirus, other zoonotic viruses, resistant micro-organisms ? ... as well as novel viruses in high-risk animal species. (bats ...
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Replication Patterns of Specific Viruses
REPLICATION OF NEGATIVE-SENSE RNA VIRUSES. WITH A ..... characterized animal virus) provides a basic model for RNA virus replication. Studies on ...
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Overview of virus life cycle
Replication of animal DNA viruses. Enzymes mostly of host ..... PPT - polypurine tract, initiates +ve strand synthesis during reverse transcription. Example of ...
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Biosafety of Recombinant Viral Agents
Viral Vectors for Gene Therapy. • Introduction. • Biosafety ... Vaccines. • Viral and non-viral vectors .... Animal viruses - some are controlled independently.
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Zika Virus - New York State Department of Health
Feb 1, 2016 ... Discuss diagnostic testing for Zika virus infection available through ... Zika virus from infected animals to uninfected animals. Its current.
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Présentation PowerPoint - ANRS
that compromise the efficiency of viral replication in particular settings. HIV accessory .... Toward development of an animal model dedicated to explore HIV- 1.
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Présentation PowerPoint - Collège de France
Epidémiologie et Physiopathologie des Virus Oncogènes. Emergence ... New disease in humans due to viruses, mainly present in animals (zoonosis) : SIV/VIH  ...
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The structure of viruses and cells concept map
map to.animal cell structure and function diagram | The Virus exists because of genetic material which. ... View Quiz · View PowerPoint. Template. Viral infection  ...
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Présentation PowerPoint - MediLabSecure
Dec 16, 2015 ... serological detection of WN, RVF and. CCHF viruses from animal samples. • Networking opportunities between the animal virology laboratories.
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Présentation PowerPoint - MediLabSecure
Jun 15, 2015 ... Human and Animal Virology Laboratories and of Medical ... viral emergencies and biosafety management at national and regional levels by the ...
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Bluetongue PowerPoint Speaker Notes - The Center for Food
ruminants. Bluetongue virus (BTV) belongs to the genus Orbivirus in ... bluetongue restrict importation of live animals or animal products, including semen and ...
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PATB 4110: Diseases of Food Animals and Horses
PATB 4110: Diseases of Food Animals ... How do these viral infections contribute to respiratory disease? RSV ... Digestive System – viruses, bacteria, parasites.
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Human Disease and Animal Models
Chronic viral hepatitis: Human Disease and Animal Models. Arlin Rogers. MIT Division of Comparative Medicine. BE.450 April 20, 2005 ...
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PowerPoint 演示文稿
Foot and mouth disease is caused by FMD virus (FMDV) an RNA virus of ... infected animal may shed virus at high titers before clinical signs become apparent.
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Présentation PowerPoint - OIE
Transboundary Animal Diseases GF-TADs) provided the ... Thereby protecting the advanced animal disease control status in ... Concept of regional virus pools.
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Pharmacology and Immunoanalysis unit (SPI)
Jan 15, 2016 ... BSL 2 & BSL3 Labs (bacteria, viruses, toxins), animal house, antibody production mass spectrometry (Q exactive, LTQ Orbitrap), biochemistry ...
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Viral Vectors for Gene Transfer
reasons why viral vectors derived from retroviruses, adenovirus, adeno-associ- ated virus, herpesvirus and ...... tained in animal models, the therapeutic effect in.
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Animal models - Virology Education
Animal models. Barcelona ... main target of the virus in lymphoid tissues. → Rapid and ... control in humans (MHC, viral strain, dose, route of challenge; initiation ...
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Updates from OIE
Jun 19, 2015 ... PPR is expected to be the second animal disease eradicated from the globe ... PPR is a highly contagious viral animal disease affecting small.
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transmission specificity of plant viruses by vectors - SIPaV
plant viruses are transmitted by vectors from one host to another, although they are ..... to virus entry into animal cells, viruses can enter vector cells either by ...
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Aquatic Animal Diseases - Florida State Agricultural Response Team
The PowerPoint presentation Aquatic Animal Diseases. • Optional: a .... Spring Viremia of Carp (SVC) is an OIE-notifiable, viral disease affecting finfish. It.
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Mammalian Cell Culture - eolss
Applications of Cell Culture in Virus Production. 5.1. ... developments in emerging technologies such as production in transgenic animals. Virus production ...
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Slow Viral Diseases
Slow viral infections - Definition. • It is applied to a group of infections in animals and human beings, characterised by a very long incubation period and a slow ...
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