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Allometry of Masticatory Loading Parameters in Mammals
THE ANATOMICAL RECORD 293:557–571 (2010). Allometry of Masticatory Loading. Parameters in Mammals. MATTHEW J. RAVOSA,1* CALLUM F. ROSS, 2 ...
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Masticatory Loading, Function, and Plasticity: A Microanatomical
postorbital bar from an ancestor with the primitive mammalian condition where only soft ... masticatory stresses/loads; dietary properties; rabbit. Grant sponsor: NSF ...... Allometry of masticatory loading parameters in mammals. 2010a. Anat Rec ...
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Allometry and performance: the evolution of skull form and function
the biomechanically important parameter for limb strength ... Allometric patterns of skull-shape variation can have significant impacts on ... resist unpredictable loading when taking large, struggling prey. ...... Mammalian masticatory apparatus.
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The influence of masticatory loading on craniofacial morphology: A
Nov 9, 2009 ... variety of mammals, including those with retrognathic postcanine teeth ... human face, masticatory loading in response to variations in hardness .... influenced by many parameters such as hardness, tough- ness, particle size, as ..... removes any effects of scale but not the allometric shape variation that is ...
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Chewed out: an experimental link between food material - PeerJ
Nov 3, 2015 ... Keywords Mammals, Masticatory system, Food mechanical properties, Diet, Cyclical/repetitive loading, Jaw loading patterns, Chewing parameters, Mandibular morphology, Rabbits ...... Allometry of masticatory loading.
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PDF(63K) - Wiley Online Library
loading parameters in the masticatory complex in a diverse group of mammals ... mammals of varying body size, while chewing frequency is inversely correlated ...
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Innovative Approaches to the Relationship - Jose Iriarte-Diaz
May 22, 2012 ... evidence of remodeling in the mandible than animals eating food “with the consis ... masticatory loading environment” (Daegling 2007, p. ..... spatial kinematic parameters is between chewing cycles within chewing sequences, ..... support a hypothesis of negative allometry of jaw muscle PCSA (Anapol et al.
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Functional Shape Variation in the Cercopithecine Masticatory
Jan 5, 2005 ... from researchers interested in allometry as a source of cranial homoplasy ..... size , a Mosimann variable (Mosimann and Malley, 1979) approximately uncor ... axis (Figure 3) indicates that animals with more negative scores ..... displacement of mangabey allometric lines results in shortened dental load arms.
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Teaching an Old Jaw New Tricks: Diet-Induced - OpenSIUC
Mammal, Masticatory apparatus, Reaction norm. INTRODUCTION ... which bone responds to loading over the course of an organism's lifetime is complex and ...
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Using ''Mighty Mouse'' to understand masticatory plasticity: myostatin
Jun 18, 2008 ... These data on mammals subjected to long-term loading conditions offer novel insights ..... masticatory parameters between loading groups was investigated ..... characterized by strong positive allometry of joint proportions ...
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Studies of larger mammals have shown that structural differences in dentary cross-sectional properties exist among species ... structural diversity of the masticatory apparatus (e.g.,. Dumont ... of unilateral loading that is characteristic of frugivores. (Dumont .... allometry (bo4.0) for all cross-sectional parameters;. ARTICLE IN ...
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Mechanics of bite force production and its relationship to diet in bats
Mammals are a good system with which to investigate the function of the feeding apparatus because of ... chanical parameters that contribute to bite force. In addition to ...... loading and bite force in mammals during mastication. Journal of ... Slater, G.J. & Van Valkenburgh, B. (2009) Allometry and performance: the evolution ...
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Size and Shape in Biology - Association for Biology Laboratory
Scaling has been applied also to understand physiological parameters, such as ... published lab exercises on allometry presented at earlier ABLE conferences ... computer by cutting out the foot tracings and weighing them on a top-loading balance, or by ...... Evolutionary approach of masticatory motor patterns in mammals.
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Download PDF - Plos
Apr 29, 2011 ... structure to load), has traditionally been an analytical technique in the engineering ... of model parameters and found that masticatory muscle insertion points, as ... strains in comparative mammalian mandible FE models, we ...... Slater GJ, Van Valkenburgh B (2009) Allometry and performance: the evolution.
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Are We Looking for Loads in all the Right Places? New Research
Nov 1, 2011 ... physiological ecology of feeding that measures in vivo masticatory mechanics .... data on loading of the platyrrhine mandibular symphy- ..... with strong positive allometry relative to ln jaw length ... (CA0.5/jaw length) supports previous arguments based .... ples guiding variation in tooth form in mammals (e.g.,.
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Patterns of variation across primates in jaw-muscle
Jul 21, 2008 ... We examine the variance components for EMG parameters ... least for mammals, activity patterns of jaw muscles .... 2000), and allometric changes in facial shape ...... to load resistance during mastication (Hylander et al. 2000 ...
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Macaque Masseter Muscle: Internal Architecture, Fiber Length and
However, PCS scales isometrically with body size; larger animals have ... Thus predictions of muscle force from bone parameters will entail large ... Macaca mastication muscle architecture allometry mandible ... Neandertals and the anterior dental loading hypothesis: A biomechanical evaluation of bite force production.
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In vivo cranial bone strain and bite force in the agamid lizard
mm mm−1) during at least one loading condition (Metzger et al.,. 2005), while the grand mean ... mastication, a term reserved for mammals, as the latter involves transverse ... However, model accuracy is dependent on input parameters used in ...... Allometric and functional influences on primate orbit orientation and the ...
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Sexual dimorphism in symphyseal rigidity: a longitudinal study
Analysis of sex differences in growth allometries for symphyseal cortical .... direct influence of masticatory loading on mandibular morphology is evident in various .... shown in a variety of mammalian studies of experimental dietary consistency. ..... symphyseal biomechanical parameters relative to females, then males should  ...
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Developmental regulation of skull morphology. I. Ontogenetic
growth is so typical of mammals that it can be considered a basic characteristic of .... on the parameters of the model, 1-day-old cotton rats are comparable with ...
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