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Parametrizing Agr: Word Order, V-Movement and Epp-Checking
According to our proposal, the EPP relates to checking of a nominal feature of AGR (cf. Chomsky 1995), and move/merge X0 languages satisfy the EPP via ...
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Dictionary of Word Roots and Combining Forms - MsEffie
the various word roots, from the Latin, Greek, and other languages, that are most ... and -pus is the Greek root meaning foot that is used at the end of a word (e.g. ...
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List of Greek and Latin roots in English - Oakton
The following is an alphabetical list of Greek and Latin roots, stems, and prefixes commonly used in English. Some of those ... from αἰσθάνεσθαι. (aisthanesthai) " to perceive" aesthetics, anaesthetic agr- field ...... thought, word, speech Greek.
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AAPFCO Product Label Guide
Words or phrases that qualify the amount, such as ... word, when used on a fertilizer label shall represent only the ..... creating a better plant root environment; b.
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phrase v head agr nelist phrase n acc phrase v word pn -
66664 word. SY N : pn. HEAD : 1 head. AGR : agr. CASE : 2 case. 3. 77775. 2 ...... MRS and qi is a root in Q then qi naturally induces a feature structure Pr( Q; ...
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AGR-76: Alfalfa: The Queen of Forage Crops - UK College of
soil drainage restricts oxygen supply to the roots, increases winter heaving .... Be sure the word “alfalfa” is listed on the inoculant container. • Check to be sure ...
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Employee Registration Manual - Georgia Department of Agriculture
restricted use and have the words “Restricted Use Pesticide” on the label. Only a certified ... the following website: ...... visible bundle and form root-like structures called rhizomorphs that are used to supply water to ...
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Three Problems in the Theory of the Optional Infinitive Stage: Stage
(2) Non-eventive main verbs hardly appear as root infinitivals compared to eventive main ... Children in the OI-stage omit either AGR or TNS or neither. On the ...
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Lecture 16: Feature structures and unification
⊤('top') is the root, pers is a subtype of agr, 3rd-pl-fem is a subtype of 3rd- pl and fem (and of 3rd, .... -C-structure describes how words and phrases are arranged.
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Is AGR inside TP
account, then (9b) has the same value as a phrase with no wh-word, since no .... Schütze argues that do attaches to stray affixes that require a root in order to.
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Subject case and Agr in two types of Turkic RCs - Max Planck
for licensing the subject's Case (via a probe-goal relation between Agr and subject) is CP ...... In other words, in both Turkish and Sakha RCs, Agr is on a phase ...
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On Agreement and its Relationship to Case: Some Generative - RCI
morphological marking on one word in a clause or other syntactic unit that reflects the features ..... the tense attaches to a verb root, as in (16) and (17), with the result that the inflected verb agrees in person with the ..... (Active, with object Agr).
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Case 2:13-cv-06004-JAK-AGR Document 139 Filed 10/30/14 Page
Oct 30, 2014 ... Case 2:13-cv-06004-JAK-AGR Document 139 Filed 10/30/14 Page 1 of 28 Page ID #: ...... punctuation of the word “dog” and rhythmic, doglike panting. ..... root note squarely on the first beat (strongest beat) of each measure.
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Absorption of boron by plant roots - Sul4r-Plus
Boron is absorbed from soil solution by roots main- ly as the ... plant roots would be a passive process. .... In other words, the internal B concentration would be.
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Greek and Latin Root Words for Biology The key to learning
Greek and Latin Root Words for Biology. The key to learning biological terms is in learning the origins of those words which is usually. Greek or Latin.
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W96-0207 - Association for Computational Linguistics
tion from a lexieal item whose root is un- ... with a given root word, and a small number of tags .... TYPE-minor category, R00T-main root form, AGR -number.
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Case and Events in Transitive Impersonals - Bucknell University
was burned-down[–AGR]. lightningINST .... single event, namely, the core (or “ root”) meaning of the verb. ...... meaningACC of-word concentrated[–AGR] in root.
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Some Notes on Synthetic/Periphrastic Alternation - Northeastern
In short, the notion of paradigm is expanded to allow multi-word ... the verb root kol 'die' in the Western dialect of Mari are given below: (1) ... Agr Tns. Tns V. tTns. tV. As expected, the tense suffix (-š, -ne, -en) appears between the verb and the ...
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Olympia - Washington State Department of Agriculture
sustainable farming practices, long before the word organic was ... or house-‐ made root beer with Pixie Honey. If you stay in ..... Washington  ...
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Mi“. z»? 7': 1 '1 AGR. ECUN L: " ' - AgEcon Search
Thus, except in areas where tubers and root crops dominate the diet ..... As a word of caution, we should note that there is a natural but dangerous tendency for ...
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food deserts - Mari Gallagher
With deep roots in the Chicago community, LaSalle Bank understands that many of the city's .... sense in which the word is used in this report. Food deserts are.
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Subject Case in Children With SLI and Unaffected Controls
Jan 1, 1998 ... Running head: Subject case and Agr/Tns Omission. 1. .... between word order ( including verb position) and inflectional morphology on the verb.
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95% Replicability for Manual Word Sense Tagging
95% Replicability for Manual Word Sense Tagging ... the word bank appears. .... was: Give plants generous root space. Word. Inst. A. B Agr% generous onion.
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download PDF - Stanford University
The 1sg marking (-m) can only follow a word ending in a non-nasal ..... We introduce a list-valued attribute AGR-MARK to record the presence and .... 13The type clause is meant to subsume independent root clauses and embedded CPs. 268 ...
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Importance of Mycorrhizae for Agricultural Crops - PHC
This document is SS-AGR-170, one of a series of the Agronomy Department, Florida Cooperative ... plant's root hairs and acts as an extension of the root system.
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