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Age Related Decrements In The Integrative Action Of The Auditory Nervous System - [Full Version]
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Age Related Decrements In The Integrative Action Of The Auditory Nervous System - Full Download
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Age Related Decrements In The Integrative Action Of The Auditory Nervous System - [Complete Version]
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Age-Related Changes in 1/fNeural - Gazzaley Lab
... and UCSF Center for Integrative Neuroscience, University of California, San Francisco, ... Aging is associated with performance decrements across multiple cognitive domains. .... data suggesting that neural noise increases in rat auditory cortical neu- .... assess local population spiking activity in the human brain with.
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Alterations in Nervous System Function and Potential Therapeutic Targets. SUMMARY .... radiation exposure, particularly in those related to low-dose ... to radiation at a young age or in utero.29–31 Finally, ... sociations between cognitive performance decrements ...... but only a temporary loss of auditory sensitivity and.
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Cognitive Aging
Age-related decrements in visual function are also observed when glare is present. The aging lens scatters ... block the auditory canal and a narrowing of the auditory canal. The joints .... integrated knowledge bases.that compensate for a lack of experience. The previous .... Age-related cognitive change and brain- behavior.
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Get PDF (7468K) - Wiley Online Library
fitness spares age-related loss of brain tissue during aging, and enhances ... ercise in vitality and function of the central nervous system ... 1Department of Integrative Biology and Physiology, UCLA and ... cognitive performance on the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning .... decrements in a variety of cognitive control processes.
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Effect of Aging on the Click-Rate Induced Facilitation of Acoustic
stem transmission time as measured by the auditory brain- stem response (ABR) ...... An integrated light microscopical, morphometrical, enzyme histochemical ... Margulies, M.K. Age-related decrement in hearing for speech: sam- pling and ...
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Effects of sleep deprivation on neural functioning: an integrative review
Macroscopic and mesoscopic effects of sleep deprivation on brain activity include .... of SD on cortical activity in relation to impairment in cognitive performance.
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Impaired increases in skin sympathetic nerve activity contribute to
Mar 5, 2015 ... contribute to age-related decrements in reflex cutaneous vasoconstriction .... sympathetic nervous system regulation of the cutaneous circulation during cold .... responsiveness to auditory stimuli was confirmed at the very end of the .... therefore, SSNA is presented as total integrated activity, which is the sum ...
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Ison, J.R., Tremblay, K.L., & Allen, P.D. (2010) - Brain & Cognitive
findings of age-related changes in anatomical structure and connectivity, neurochemical ... Besides achieving an integrated multidisciplinary understand- ... The appearance of decrements in hearing ability as early as 30 to 40 years of age ..... auditory system and then determining the chain of effects of these manipulations.
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PII: S0882-7974(02)00134-8 - University of Toronto Mississauga
basic auditory abilities (such as pure tone sensitivity, frequency and duration discrimination ... nervous system degeneration (the common cause hypothesis, Lin- denberger ... effects of cognitive factors in accounting for age-related differ- ences in ... integrative questions concerning the material they had just heard. Finally, to ...
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EduLink Background Story - Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) in
diagnosed, we can treat auditory processing and related disor- ders through actually changing the function of the neural pathways of the brain (Bellis, 2003).
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Age as a Limiting Factor in Human Neuromuscular Performance
years. In this paper the effects of age on physical sports performance, psychomotor ... ferential aging in motor systems and components of response speed as ... dividuals who continue to train all their lives, a systematic decrement in performance ... Three hypotheses are based upon well documented evidence of age-related.
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Evoked Brain Potential Deficits - SUNY Downstate Medical Center
unique and sensitive indices of brain function, yielding data on the ... the peripheral organ to higher integrative centers of the brain. Thus ... brain functioning between alcoholics and old people. .... amplitude decrements in old people and chronic. ' alcoholics to ...... Age-related variations in evoked potentials to auditory stim-.
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1988-Begleiter-Neurophysiological Dysfunction in Alcoholism.pdf
data reflecting various aspects of brain function related to integrative processes ... each presumed to reflect activity at different sites along the auditory pathway .... with regard to age, education, and drinking history (duration and amount). ERPs ..... be those boys who manifest P3 decrements without alcohol that will respond.
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Review Effects of sleep deprivation on neural functioning: an
Effects of sleep deprivation on neural functioning: an integrative review. T. W. Boonstra* ... deprivation on brain activity include reduced cortical .... ature on SD- related performance decrements in novel tasks .... as well as specific subject characteristics, like age and ... is associated with the processing of auditory, visual, or.
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Adult Development and Aging - Annual Reviews
indeed be interpreted as evidence of ontogenetic age decrement. However ... related environmental effects of longitudinal studies [see (286) for an heuristic ..... to be disproportionately impaired on visual as opposed to auditory recall tasks .... technique with both young and old subjects to manipulate brain wave frequency.
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Aging and Speed of Behavior: Possible Consequences for
(1923) revealed that auditory and visual reaction times were more correlated with each .... integrative questions to be asked of human aging is whether age-related ... increments, maintenance, or decrements with age, and relating them to im ..... factors for brain dysfunction aggravate the effects of aging even for subjects.
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Page 1 6 The Dynamic Development of Thinking, Feeling, and
Role of Brain Development in the Emergence of Optimal-. Level Performance .... on age-related and developmental changes in representa- tions of what makes ...
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2014 Abstracts - Vision Sciences Society
May 17, 2014 ... S2 Beyond the FFA: The role of the ventral anterior .... Multisensory processing: Visuo-auditory ..... ize our understanding of the brain, machine vision, and artificial ..... highly integrated object representations that are critical for ..... in an aging population (who exhibits an age-related decrement in face rec-.
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An Investigation of Road Crossing Behaviour of Older Pedestrians
The findings are discussed in relation to age-related sensory, ..... specific road crossing actions were identified that were worthy of closer investigation. ...... whether this is due to decrements in the visual system (eg. loss of visual acuity) leading ... of auditory capacity may put the elderly pedestrian at higher risk of an accident.
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(1989) Biological processes in temperament. In
Relating temperament to biology is an activity with both an ancient history and, given recent .... peak responses and response decrement at lower stimulus intensity levels than did ... Additional nervous system properties in Pavlov's model included ..... speak of the age of onset of behavioral inhibition related to passive ...
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