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Adrenergic Receptor Function In Fat Cells By Peter Arner - Full Download
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An assay for beta-adrenergic receptors in isolated human fat cells
human fat cells. Peter Engfeldt, Peter Arner, Hans Wahrenberg, and Jan &man ... of the beta-adrenergic receptors in intact human fat cells are reported and the ...
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P Arner, H Wahrenberg, F Lönnqvist and B Angelin Adipocyte beta
Peter Arner, Hans Wahrenberg, Fredrik Lonnqvist, and Bo Angelin. Catecholamine ... index, waist/hip ratio, fat cell volume, and circulating levels of insulin, noradrenaline, and adrenaline. ... ft-adrenoceptors and ft-adrenoceptors; the atypical ft.
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Determination of adrenoceptors of the alpha2-subtype on isolated
May 14, 1982 ... Determination of adrenoceptors of the alpha,-subtype on isolated human fat cells. PETER ENGFELDT. PETER ARNER, HIROSHI KIMURA,.
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Adrenoceptor genes in human obesity - Wiley Online Library
adrenergic receptor genes have been studied inten- ... brown fat cells; treatment of obese animals with selective ..... 46 Arner P. Adrenergic receptor function in fat cells. ... Correspondence: Dr Peter Arner MD, Professor, Department of.
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Adipocyte j8-Adrenoceptor Sensitivity Influences Plasma Lipid Levels
Peter Arner, Hans Wahrenberg, Fredrik Lonnqvist, and Bo Angelin ... sensitivity and binding capacity were also determined in fat cells using terbutaline (ft) and dobutamine. (ft) bioassays .... Arner et al /3-Adrenoceptors and Plasma Iipids. 969.
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A Pathogenic Role of Visceral Fat f33-Adrenoceptors in Obesity - NCBI
Oct 27, 1994 ... Address correspondence to Peter Arner, M.D., Department of Medi- ... Key words: adrenoceptors -. 133-adrenoceptor - fat cells free fatty acids * ...
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Effects of Insulin on Adrenoceptor Binding and the Rate of
Peter Engfeldt, Johan Hellmer, Hans Wahrenberg, and Peter Arner. From the Department ... insulin and the adrenoceptors on human fat cells was investigated.
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Calpain-10 Gene Polymorphism Is Associated with Reduced β3
Reduced 3-Adrenoceptor Function in Human Fat Cells ... creased lipolytic sensitivity of 3-adrenoceptors in compari- ..... E-mail:[email protected].
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Regulation of Lipolysis in Small and Large Fat Cells of the Same
Oct 12, 2011 ... Eva Sjo¨lin, Mikael Ryde´n, Hans Hauner, and Peter Arner ... Objective: Our objective was to study the role of fat cell size in the regulation of lipolysis within ... ß2-adrenoceptors are most potent whereas the ß3 effect is weak.
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Beta-Adrenoceptor Expression in Human Fat Cells from Different
The expression of beta-adrenoceptors (BAR) was investigated in abdominal ... Address correspondence and reprint requests to Dr. Peter Arner, De- partment of  ...
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1 Human fat cell lipolysis: Biochemistry, regulation and clinical role
... play a role. The regulation of human fat cell lipolysis is, in many ways, species unique. ... 5858 2407. E-mail address:[email protected]. ..... visceral fat cells, which is due to increased function of the b3-adrenoceptors and decreased  ...
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Human Beta-2 Adrenoceptor Gene Polymorphisms -
Address correspondence to Peter Arner, M.D., Center for Metabo- lism and ... Abbreviations used in this paper: BAR, beta adrenergic receptor;. BMI, body mass index; WHR, ... the adrenoceptor function and lipolysis do not differ in fat cells ob-.
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Effect of the (C825T) G 3 Polymorphism on Adrenoceptor - Diabetes
Adrenoceptor-Mediated Lipolysis in Human Fat Cells. Mikael Rydén, Gary Faulds , Johan Hoffstedt, Anders Wennlund, and Peter Arner. A common G 3 gene ... 1- and 2-adrenocep- tors (Gs coupled and stimulatory) and 2A-adrenoceptors.
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Figure 1—figure supplement 1 - eLife
Aug 26, 2014 ... Agonists of β3-adrenoceptors (β3-AR) are effective anti-obesity agents in rodents due to their ... tissue (Reynisdottir et al., 1994; Arner, 1999; Jocken et al., 2008), but the mechanisms linking nutrient ... Reviewing editor: Peter Tontonoz, ... Indeed, Guo et al. demonstrate that fat cells lacking ALK7 have an.
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PDF(199K) - Wiley Online Library
Catecholaminergic stimulation of adipose cells is considered to be a key ... exercise (Arner et al. 1990) and stress ... Christoph Dodt *, Peter Lonnroth †, Horst Lorenz Fehm * and Mikael Elam ‡ ..... Adrenergic receptor function in fat cells.
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Fatty acid metabolism in adipose tissue, muscle and - CiteSeerX
Nov 4, 2006 ... Keith N. Frayn*1, Peter Arner† and ... K.N. Frayn, P. Arner & H. Yki-Järvinen. 91 ..... fat cells with ß-adrenergic agents is far greater than would be predicted from ... The primary role of HSL in lipolysis has been challenged by findings in ... internalized bound to specific receptors expressed in the liver.
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Impact of estrogen receptor gene polymorphisms and mRNA levels
Dec 4, 2007 ... Å[email protected];[email protected]; ... ESR1 levels attenuate catecholamine resistance in sc fat cells of obese women hereby contributing ... antilipolytic α2-adrenoceptors [9].
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Download PDF - Plos
E-mail:[email protected] (GA);[email protected] (PA). Introduction ... function in the link behind obesity and insulin resistance [22,23]. In adipose .... phenotype (large fat cells) and one group displaying a more pronounced ...... Characterization and distribution of alpha 2-adrenergic receptors in the human intestinal ...
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Thesis for Word XP - KI Open Archive - Karolinska Institutet
In paper II and III we investigated the function of the twist1 gene in human white ... Anne Bouloumié, Ingrid Dahlman, Peter Arner, and Mikael Rydén. ..... α2A. β1, β2 and α2Α are the most important adrenergic receptors in human fat cells.
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Action of Glucagon and Glucagon-Like Peptide-1-(7-36) - Endocrine
ERIC BERTIN, PETER ARNER, JAN BOLINDER, AND EVA HAGSTRO¨ M-TOFT ... Glucagon, which plays an important role in maintaining glucose ... receptors in human adipose tissue (13) and by in vitro studies showing lipolytic .... The ß- adrenoceptor agonist isopren- ..... Arner P. 1996 Regulation of lipolysis in fat cells .
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