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Actors Motivation Develop Language For Concurrency Parallel Execution - Full Download
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Concurrent Programming Using Actors: Exploiting Large-Scale
scribes the concurrent programming language Act8 and the principles that have guided ... artificial intelligence research is provided in part by the the System Develop- ment Foundation ... In this section we motivate the primitives of the actor model. We will outline .... the script of an actor can be executed in parallel. Thus Act3 ...
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Chapter 12 (Concurrency) of Programming Language Pragmatics
12.1 Background and Motivation . ... and partly because people tend to develop imperative implementations and ... execution context—more than one “thread of control”. ... highlights major advances in parallel hardware and applications, makes the ... either in an explicitly concurrent programming language or in a library ...
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Integrating Task Parallelism with Actors - Shams Imam - Rice
Oct 19, 2012 ... and performance while developing parallel software. Categories and .... The child tasks are said to execute in the finish scope rep- resented by ... Java [4] languages. The new ... capsulation of local data, actors expose inherent concurrency and can ... end this section with a motivating example displaying a.
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On the Integration of the Actor Model into Mainstream - LAMP | EPFL
tures, execution modes and constructs foreign to the pure actor model have to be ... niques]: Concurrent Programming— Distributed and parallel pro- gramming ... a steady stream of both research results and industrial development, contributing to ... providing built-in language support, Scala's approach has been to enable ...
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Concurrent Programming Using Actors - MIT
Jun 8, 1986 ... scribes the concurrent programming language Act3 and the principles that have ... tional model by developing a theory of processes in terms of sets of partially ordered ... In this section we motivate the primitives of the actor model. We will outline .... the script of an actor can be executed in parallel. Thus Act3 ...
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A String of Ponies - Department of Computing - Imperial College
Sep 3, 2013 ... We develop an extension to a concurrent, actor-based language runtime called Pony with the ... Thus, any Pony application can be executed in a concurrent ..... The motivation for programming based on message-passing is to encourage ... Technically, the main difference between a parallel system and a ...
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a lack of sophisticated environments for parallel application development. Further ... nologies, object-oriented design techniques and the actor model of concurrent .... as motivation for the work in the sequel, an introduction to both parallel .... language and run-time support to map these virtual threads to physical processors.
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Actor Languages for Speci cation of Parallel Computations - CiteSeerX
Speci cally, in order for high-level parallel languages to be practical they must: ... order to support their e cient execution on concurrent computers (see Fig. 1). ... motivates some of the linguistic abstractions we develop in subsequent sections. .... Moreover, the discussion will also motivate some abstractions for actors that we.
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Compilation of a Highly Parallel Actor-Based Language
Jun 23, 1992 ... languages are inadequate to model concurrency in a state-based, .... dynamic. Building on the basic actor execution model, we have designed a high-level ... It provides abstractions which facilitate software development. ... description of the language constructs and their motivation may be found in 16, 17].
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Actor-based Concurrency in Newspeak 4 - SJSU ScholarWorks
Apr 1, 2012 ... Criteria for a Good Actor-based Concurrency Implementation ... 3 details the motivation for the choice of actors as opposed to more .... must be expressed via continuation-passing style, which requires extra development effort ... across actor frameworks for programming languages that execute on the Java ...
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Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming in Act 1 - MIT Media Lab
For parallel computation, actors called futures create concurrency, .... Conventional languages like Lisp tend to be very weak on introducing new data types. .... arises with communication in parallel systems, where an activity running ...... The implementation of RACE is a bit tricky, motivated by trying to keep RACE  ...
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uled and executed on parallel (and/or distributed) hardware. Barista is ... Barista development started from a need to develop inde- pendent ... actor model applies both to concurrency in the case of paral- ... A motivating use case for Barista is the real time speech ..... Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, IEEE/ACM.
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Parallel Programming Languages - Auburn University
Although computer scientists use parallel programming languages to model concur- rency ... denominator is the use of parallelism to describe inherently concurrent .... instructions must be scheduled for execution on multiple processors; values may .... this is not the case is the motivation for current efforts to develop quality ...
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Revisiting Actor Programming in C++
May 28, 2015 ... Keywords: C++ Actor Framework; Concurrent Programming; ... and efficiency makes it highly attractive for the parallel multicore ... years to a full-fledged development platform—a domain-specific language in C++ and a powerful runtime ... field from three motivating perspectives: characteristic use cases, ...
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Harvey, Paul (2015) A linguistic approach to concurrent, distributed
Oct 5, 2015 ... specialist programmers to take advantage of parallel, distributed, and ... tems, the language and runtime were evaluated in terms of linguistic ... little brother and his motivational pictures of champagne and sunsets. ..... The development of a lightweight runtime to execute actor-based applications on a.
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A Design Pattern for Optimizations in Data Intensive - CWI
When it comes to designing applications, the Java language [11] is one of the mainstream ... In our previous work [14] which was published in [15] we presented a solution to develop ... Actors run in parallel and communicate via messages generated ..... memory motivated us to introduce new notion called Concurrent Actor.
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A Concurrent IFDS Dataflow Analysis Algorithm Using Actors
concurrent Actor-based formulation of the IFDS, or Interprocedural Finite Distributive. Subset, dataflow ..... efficient parallel execution of irregular applications necessitates a different approach to .... This theory is motivated by the need to ..... Fortress is a language development effort undertaken by Sun Microsystems [Ste06].
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Concurrency in Object-Oriented Programming Languages - CiteSeerX
Abstract An essential motivation behind concurrent object-oriented ... benefits of object-oriented programming could be realized for developing ... plicit parallel algorithms as implicit approaches for parallel execution uncover and ..... or PROCOL [85], or asynchronous, as in actor languages, clients are free to interleave.
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Advances in the dataflow computational model - Ptolemy Project
Introduction. Dataflow is a sound, simple, and powerful model of parallel computation. In ... scheme there can be only one instance of a dataflow actor in execution at any time. .... and latency tolerance ± which have motivated the study to develop such models. [98]. .... However, the concurrent semantics of these languages is.
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An Algebraic Theory of Actors and Its Application to a Simple Object
a number of important programming language concepts – object which supports ... Concurrency provides a natural model for the execution of objects: in fact, ... has motivated the development of actors, while the goal of providing an alge- ...... text consists of an observing process that runs in parallel and interacts with the.
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