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Activation Signals Via Cd2 Molecule And Interleukin 2 Receptor Act In Synergy - [Full Version]
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Activation Signals Via Cd2 Molecule And Interleukin 2 Receptor Act In Synergy - Full Download
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Activation Signals Via Cd2 Molecule And Interleukin 2 Receptor Act In Synergy - [Complete Version]
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Activation signals via CD2 molecule and interleukin 2 receptor act in
Activation signals via CD2 molecule and interleukin 2 receptor act in synergy for helper function induction. The membrane CD2 molecule appears to play an ...
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Mitogen-Induced GenesAre Subject to Multiple Pathways of
Aug 19, 1988 ... The relative contribution of distinct secondary signals, individually or ... Furthermore, the interleukin-2 (IL-2) production initiated by .... Thus, when T cells were activated through either the. CD2 or CD3 cell surface receptors or with PHA, each gene .... the genes for which synergy between anti-CD28 and PMA.
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The Roles of IL-12 in Providing a Third Signal for Clonal Expansion
IL-2 and IL-12 both act to increase expression of both CD25 and the IL-12R, thus ... duction, and the binding of IL-2 to its receptor IL-2R on the ... these two signals are not sufficient for complete activation of naive ... peptide Ag, the response was comparable to that obtained using ...... Molecules involved in T-cell costimu-.
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CD28, IL-2-Independent Costimulatory Pathways for CD8 T
cells, a potential source of IL-2 secretion upon activation. ... cell generated via the anti-CD3 plus IL-6 and TNF- pathway have effector ... The way that most other costimulatory signals function is less ... Similar findings were seen for stimulation via CD2 (19), ... and TNF-, that they act directly on the responding CD8 T cells,.
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Coordination and Reversibility of Signals for Proliferative Activation
sion of CD2 and the interleukin 2 (IL-2) receptor. Stimulation with ... initial antigen receptor activation signals are transduced by the action of two ... sitol polyphosphates can act within the cell to elevate cytosolic .... the [3H]PDBu retained by the cells measured via liquid scintillation ... The molecular weight standards utilized.
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Mitogen-Induced Genes are Subject to Multiple Pathways of
novel mitogen-induced genes in response to various T-cell-activating agents was ... The relative contribution of distinct secondary signals, ... Furthermore, the interleukin-2 (IL-2) production initialed by .... CD2 or CD] cell surface receptors or with PHA, each gene .... the genes for which synergy between anti-CD28 and PMA.
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A potential role for hydrocortisone in the positive - Blood Journal
Jul 1, 2005 ... that hydrocortisone (HC), in synergy ... molecules, such as lipocortin-1, an interleukin-1 (IL-1) receptor antagonist, and IL-10.2,3 The expression of the IL-10 receptor is ... survival signals through (1) the direct suppression of survival genes .... IL-15 for large-scale expansion and activation of NK cells to be.
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Activation of the Mouse IL-2 Gene by Okadaic Acid: Synergy with
80-kDa receptor on the cell surface and leads to activation of other genes. The underlying molecular ... Interleukin-1 (IL-1) is a pleiotropic molecule that has im-.
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Molecular mechanisms of T lymphocyte activation - International
Aug 5, 1999 ... tors, like CD2, CD4/8, CD5 and CD28, the cytokine IL-1 has ... signals in addition to those activated via the TCR–CD3 ... both receptors activate the 'classical' MAPK cascade, IL-1 ..... IL-1R act in synergy to enhance IL-2 synthesis in EL-4 ..... kinase/Jun N-terminal kinase is required for interleukin (IL)-1-.
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The lectin jacalin induces phosphorylation of ERK and JNK in CD4 T
coreceptor molecules CD4 or CD8 act in synergy to initiate the ... mediated signaling, calcium mobilization, and interleukin. (IL)-2 ... This cascade proceeds through activation of Raf-1, which is ... jacalin-induced, proliferative responses and IL-2 secretion in .... CD4- from CD3-mediated signals [34]. ..... cell receptor or CD2.
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cell activation via the CD2 (alternative, Ag inde- pendent) pathway is considered ... the anti-CD2 antibody, CD2.1, and rIL-2 induced ... serving as the receptor via which T cells bind SRBC, the. CD2 molecule ... binding of LFA-3 molecules to thymocyte CD2 molecules ... as well, intact SRBC, can provide activation signals to.
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... IL-2, transferrin andinsulin receptors, and 4F2 and EA-1 antigens appear early, even be- ... the possibility that T cells might receive inductive proliferation signals by mAbs ... t Abbreviation used in this paper: AIM, activation inducer molecule. .... to be a distinct molecular entity from the IL-2-R (CD25 antigen, 60 kD), the CD2.
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Interleukin 10 (IL-10) Upregulates Functional High Affinity IL-2
through an induction of high affinity IL-2 receptors. This effect of IL-IO ... Half of the cases express the CD25 molecule and spontane- ... act in synergy to induce the growth and differentiation of anti-CD40 ... labeled with anti-T cell (anti-CD2 and anti-CD3) and anti-monocyte ...... tory activation and progression signals. Eur .
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The Biologic Roles of CD2, CD4, and CD8 in T-Cell Activation
CD2 molecules in a cell line that retains antigen-reactivity (27, 28). Using ... in a murine T-cell hybridoma that produces interleukin-2 (IL-2) upon stimulation with the .... In the mature T cell, the CD2/LFA-3 interaction may function in synergy with the ... for the CD4 and CD8 receptors are encoded by MHC class-II and class -I ...
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Membranes as messengers in T cell adhesion signaling
Mar 29, 2004 ... tion of motility and T cell receptor (TCR)–mediated signals all ... and discuss a scenario for how Talin and Rap1 might act in synergy to ... cells, for example, to T helper type 1 or type 2 fates27. .... ilar to that of other adhesion molecules like CD2 and can generate ..... enhanced production of interleukin 2 (ref.
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Adenosine and lymphocyte regulation - Springer
Jan 16, 2007 ... interleukin ... receptors act as “sensors” and that extracellular adenosine ... Adenosine inhibits lymphocyte activation through A2 ... IL-2 is an immunomodulatory molecule crucial for the ... these signals is mediated by the adaptor protein Shc and .... tion was inhibitory for both CD2 and CD28 expression.
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the two-signal model of t-cell activation after 30 years
is delivered via T cell receptors (TCR) upon antigen presenta- tion. The second ... signal at the APC T cell interface are well identified (2), the first signal has ... CD2 pathway and the lymphocyte function-associated antigen .... pathways that act in concert. .... signals, or they activate caspases, via a linking molecular complex.
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antigen-induced death of t-lymphocytes - Frontiers in Bioscience
Feb 15, 1997 ... Activation-induced cell death (AICD) of mature T-Lymphocytes. 3.1 Induction via the CD3/T-cell receptor molecular complex. 3.2 AICD triggered by .... apoptosis can be inhibited by peptides that act as ... apoptosis triggered through the cell surface CD2 .... interleukin-2 (IL-2)-dependent proliferation (61, 62).
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Full Text (PDF)
Sep 15, 2009 ... (TM-ß1) that binds to murine IL-2/IL-15Rbeta (CD122) leads to a reversal of ... alleles that encode DQ2 or DQ8 molecules (1, 2). Gluten ... intestinal tissue damage seen in CD (2). ... using the enterocyte-specific T3b promoter to drive the trans- ... the private receptor of IL-15 is expressed by activated antigen-.
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Get PDF (903K) - Wiley Online Library
Activation of T lymphocytes by pokeweed mitogen (PWM) is strictly monocyte (Mo )-dependent and results in T-cell mitogenesis and interleukin-2 (IL-2) secretion, coupled with an ... utilize IL-2 due to an impaired expression of functional IL-2 receptor (IL-2R). ..... surface molecules capable of transducing activation signals,.
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