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Actin-binding proteins in mouse C2 myoblasts and myotubes: A
... C2 myoblasts and myotubes: A combination of affinity chromatography ... polyethylene glycol. Keywords: Actin / Actin-binding proteins / C2 myoblast / C2 myo-.
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Mouse C2C12 Myoblasts - Molecular Biology of the Cell
Inhibition of SRF activity in mouse myogenic C2C12 cells through ... regions of the sarcomeric a-actin genes (Boxer et al.,. 1988) and ... These proteins, through binding to the E-box ... in myoblasts and myotubes; we have therefore ques- .... model than the C2 cell line for these experiments .... Through a combination of four.
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C2C12 murine myoblasts as a model of skeletal muscle development
induction. Myotubes show a particular positivity for actin and ... Key words: C2C12 myoblasts, differentiation, actin, myosin, ... MRFs (myogenic regulatory factors) are proteins ... C2 myoblasts (Yaffe and Saxel 1977) which spon- ... For labelling of muscle actin (Luchetti et al. ... then incubated with a mouse antibody against α-.
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Applied Proteomics Mitochondrial Proteins and Effect on Function
actin-binding proteins from muscle99 and the purification and identification of .... combination of affinity fractionation, 2-D gels, and mass spectrometry. ... mouse liver mitochondria were treated with atractyloside to ..... Actin-binding proteins in mouse C2 myoblasts and myotubes: a combination of affinity chromatography and.
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Sorbs1 and -2 Interact with CrkL and Are Required for Acetylcholine
Aug 18, 2015 ... identified CrkL binding proteins using mass spectrometry and have identified .... Sorbs1 or -2 protein in combination with donkey anti-goat antibody– ... passage C2 myoblasts were transiently transfected with plasmid DNA .... FIG 1 Crk/CrkL RNAi-treated myotubes display AChR clusters that are fewer and ...
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Sorbs1 and 2 interact with Crk-L and are required for Acetylcholine
Nov 2, 2015 ... kinase expressed in skeletal muscle, and the MuSK binding-protein Dok-7. .... AChR aggregates were visualized by incubating myotubes with a ... Sorbs2 (S5C Sigma) to label endogenous Sorbs1 or 2 protein in combination with ... Early passage C2 myoblasts were transiently transfected with plasmid DNA.
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Interaction of nuclear factors with the upstream region of the alpha
Dec 23, 1988 ... vitro differentiation of myoblasts into myotubes. The concentration ... activity. Key words: acetylcholine receptor/DNA-binding proteins/ ... gene when transfected into mouse C2.7 myogenic cells ... combination of trans-acting regulatory proteins . ..... 3 (Shirakata et al., 1988) and skeletal muscle actin (Grichnik.
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Characterization of a novel cofilin isoform that is predominantly
Cofilin is an actin-binding protein of 20 kDa, which modu- lates actin assembly in ... chicken and mouse skeletal muscle (Hayakawa et al., 1993). Since these muscles ... tiation of C2 myoblast cells into myotubes, the cultures at about 50% confluence were ... was performed by a combination of nonequilibrium pH gradient gel.
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Phosphofructokinase isozyme expression during myoblast
during differentiation of mouse C2 myoblasts to myo- tubes. ... the rate of total protein synthesis, measured by pulse labeling and ... be better suited for binding to F-actin during anaerobic con- traction ... fusion to form multi-nucleated myotubes. As the .... sis were determined by a combination of pulse labeling C2 cells with.
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Serum Response Factor p67 sRF Is Expressed and Required during
cell lines: rat L6 and mouse C2 myogenic cells during myogenic ... prevented the myoblast-myotube transition and the ex- pression of muscle-specific genes such as the protein troponin T. We ... p67 s~r, has been shown to bind to the actin CArG boxes. (Boxer et al. ...... A combination of closely associated posi- tive and ...
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Full-Text PDF - MDPI
Apr 20, 2016 ... or bind G-actin subunits increasing MFs instability [7]. ..... their combination seems to be the best strategy to adopt, as they ...... Coumans, J.V.; dos Remedios , C.G. Actin-binding proteins in mouse C2 myoblasts and myotubes: ...
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A KAP1 phosphorylation switch controls MyoD function during
of the DNA-binding basic helix–loop–helix (bHLH) MyoD .... liferating C2 myoblasts and, interestingly, also detected ... Mef2D in both myoblasts and myotubes (Fig. .... different time points of differentiation in shCtrl, shKap1, and shRescue myoblasts. b-Actin was used ... from regenerating adult mouse muscle (Supplemental.
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Dok-7 regulates neuromuscular synapse formation by recruiting Crk
Binding between Agrin and Lrp4 stimulates tyrosine phos- phorylation of .... proteins in lysates from C2 myotubes and 293 cells (Fig. 4A). .... mice, which express Cre recombinase in myoblasts and ... other allele combinations were recovered at the expected ..... activated by Rac and regulates actin dynamics ( Luo et al. 2002) ...
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A Possible Role for Dystrophin-related Protein - The Journal of Cell
AChR clusters on C2 myotubes suggesting that DRP .... binding AChRs on the cell surface and attaching them to ... mouse, several unique spectrin-like proteins are concentrated ... myoblasts were co-transfected with AChR subuhits, 2 Izg of each subunit ..... Anti-AChR staining revealed a combination of ditfuse cell sur-.
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Uptake of Albumin is Coupled with Stretch-Induced - BioOne
in stretched myotubes was due to uptake of the protein from the culture .... hypertrophy, using the myotubes formed by C2 myoblasts, ... Mouse C2 myogenic cells (Yaffe and Saxel, 1977) were prop- ... were determined by solid phase dye-binding assay (Minamide and .... panel were examined with actin cDNA probes.
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Extracellular deposition of matrilin-2 controls the timing of the
several ECM genes in a mouse model of muscle regeneration, including the ... mice. We also establish that TGF-b can inhibit C2 myoblast differentiation by .... deposition of Matn2 around myoblasts, myotubes, newly formed myofibers .... Desmin and a-actin .... proteins can compete for binding to the distal overlapping sites.
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article in press - School of Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology
The effects of aberrant g-actin expression in other myoblast lines, further. 18 .... cytoskeletal proteins, such as a-sarcomeric actin, is induced. 75 ... assembly, prefibrils were identified in skeletal myotubes that. 98 ... The mouse C2 skeletal muscle cell line provides a very .... Non-specific binding on samples was blocked by 1.
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Download PDF - Plos
Sep 22, 2014 ... fatigability and sarcolemmal fragility, and an altered myotube ... stabilization in the mouse myoblast cell line C2.7. We have ... affecting the actin-binding activity of the proteins [4,27–29]. By ..... In combination with our data,.
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A Long Noncoding RNA Controls Muscle Differentiation by
Oct 13, 2011 ... (A) Murine linc-MD1 with exons identification, miRNA binding sites ... Their promoter activity was tested in mouse C2 myoblasts in .... Middle panels show RT -PCR analysis for linc-MD1 and Actin mRNA .... The effect of linc-MD1 on MAML1 and MEF2C endogenous proteins in combination with a modulation ...
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Novel RNA-binding activity of MYF5 enhances Ccnd1/Cyclin D1
Jan 26, 2016 ... as differentiation of myoblasts into myotubes. ... mouse myoblast C2C12 line [an established cell model for ... MYF5 appeared to function as an RNA-binding protein ... (D3), or combinations of these domains and inserting them ..... Actn mRNA (encoding the housekeeping protein ß-Actin) was measured to ...
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