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Transforming and nontransforming growth factors are present in
factor and others necessary for NRK cell transformation to anchorage- independent growth. Studies with conditioned medium (CM) obtained from fetal rat calvarial .... 49F) obtained from the American Type Culture Collection. (CRL 1579) were ...
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Modulation of type 13 transforming growth factor activity in bone
ABSTRACT. Type (3 transforming growth factor (TGF-fi) activity was found in conditioned medium harvested from fetal ... dent increase in TGF-,3 activity in the culture medium. Increases ... induce anchorage-independent growth of NRK cells but potentiates ..... TGF-,B is present in the conditional medium of most cell cultures ...
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Neuroblastoma Cells Produce Transforming Growth Factors - JStor
effects of EGF on ND-TGF-induced soft agar growth of nor- mal rat kidney cells ... tified in conditioned media of various transformed cells (6-8) and embryo ... Cell Culture. C1300 mouse .... other cell types, including transformed lines (20), and also with that of rat .... similar to that normally present in conditioned medium-is.
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Stimulation by insulin-like growth factors is required for cellular
Medium conditioned by BRL-3A cells, a known source of ... contained 0.5-1 ng/ml of type B transforming growth factor ... blasts (1). Two distinct types of TGFs from these culture ... growth factors present in serum may also play a role in the.
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Osteoblasts Synthesize and Respond to Transforming Growth Factor
secreted by metabolically labeled bone cell cultures by immunoprecipitation from ... bone cells; TGF-I~, transforming growth factor-type 13; NRK, normal rat kidney fibroblasts. ... In the present study, both developing bone tissue and bone .... curve of the FBBC-conditioned medium with a standard curve as shown in. Fig. 3 A.
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Proteolytic Activation of Latent Transforming Growth Factor-13 from
since the molecular character of inactive TGFI3 present in cell-conditioned ... MCA and NRK-49F (CRL-1570; American Type Culture Collection, Rock- ville, MD) cells ... AKR-MCA cell-conditioned medium was assayed for TGF~competing ac-.
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Transforming Growth Factors Produced by Normal and
... activity, all cell lines/strains released TGF-/9 activity into their conditioned media. How .... ican Type Culture Collection, Rockville, MD) as the indicator cells. The soft agar medium .... of TGF-a-like activity present in their conditioned media.
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Indirect mitogenic effect of transforming growth factor-beta on cell
The media conditioned by SCFs, which were subsequently activated by acid, stimulated cell proliferation of ... be the direct stimulator of TGF-/3-mediated cell proliferation in SCFs. (Invest Opbtbalmol ... of a number of cell types, particularly epithelial cells and ... blasts and confluent smooth muscle cells in culture.7"9 Unlike.
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Macrophage/Microglia Regulation of Astrocytic Tenascin - Journal of
astrocytes were investigated to determine which cell types, growth ... tion of either TGF-1 or bFGF to macrophage-conditioned medium. Northern analysis also showed concomitant increases ... particularly important with respect to tissue culture experiments ... The present study examines the regulation of tenascin by as-.
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Effects of Transforming Growth Factor-/31 on Human Arterial Smooth
growth factors that are present in blood and/or that are produced endogenously in the arterial .... Panel b: In the presence of 0.25 ng TGF-pl/ml in the culture medium, cells were large, polygonal, and ..... to prevail for other types of muscle cells, for instance, ..... latent transforming growth factor-/3 from fibroblast- conditioned.
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Secretion and binding of transforming growth factor [beta] by
Type P transforming growth factors (TGFP) represent a ... by a variety of cell types , including normal human placenta cells ... tissue culture flask of fibroblasts was split into 3 daughter cultures. ... The conditioned media from 20 replicate wells were pooled for testing: ..... present in the tissues of scleroderma patients and the.
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Sarcoma growth factor from conditioned medium of - Europe PMC
transformed cells is composed of both type a and type f8 transforming growth factors. (soft agar growth/epidermal growth factor/cell transformation/HPLC ... have been reported in the culture media of other rodent sar- .... EGF present at 5 ng/ml:.
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Rat testicular germ cells and sertoli cells release different types of
In the present study we have investigated whether germ cells and Sertoli cells are ... TGF-β activity in the Sertoli cell culture supernatant was inhibited slightly by either .... transformed cells and from conditioned media of several cell lines [16].
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Environment-Dependent Growth Inhibition - Rheinwald Lab
inhibitor of several normal epithelial cell types in culture. In contrast ... culture systems TGF-B in the culture medium had a half-life of about 50 minutes, ... The present experiments ..... cell-conditioned medium (Table 1), indicating that 3T3.
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Autocrine Role of Transforming Growth Factor ß1 on Rat Granulosa
in conditioned medium from granulosa cell cultures, and most ... ulated by TGF in many cell types [1]. ... The present study was designed to examine the effects.
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Transforming Growth Factor-f Production in Anti-glomerular - NCBI
... TGF-. ,B activity was present in nonacidified conditioned media ... entiation of a variety of cell types as well as a combined .... low passage number from primary culture (< seventh .... ditioned media, 3) glomerular conditioned media plus TGF-.
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Adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells from the sand rat
Little is known about the effect of stem cells, or stem cell-conditioned media (CM), on disc cells. ..... Effect of transforming growth factor beta (TGFβ) in culture. .... At present we do not know whether one or both cell types were responsible for the ...
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The expression of transforming growth factor-βs and TGF-β receptor
that myometrial smooth muscle cells express TGFβ1–3 and TGF-β type I–III receptor (TGF-βR) mRNA and protein. .... to the culture medium in the presence of corresponding TGF-βs at ... The levels of TGF-β1 in the conditioned media were compared. (dT)16 ... The amount of radioactive protein present in the media 1 and 4 h.
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Skeletal tissue and transforming growth factor f3 - The FASEB Journal
TGF-a induces cell replication in osteoblast-enriched cultures from fetal rat bone ... cell replication. These effects are related to the cell type un- der study, assay .... tissue (6). In addition, the level of TGF-/3 in culture medium conditioned by ..... agent or agents might be the transforming growth factors present in these tissues.
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Transforming growth factor-β regulates production of proteoglycans
Nearly every cell type tested has receptors for TGF-f3, includ- .... USA). The culture media were removed, phenylmethylsulfonyl ... 500 l of conditioned medium or 300 d of cell extract collected .... (lanes 7 and 8) an inhibitory effect is present.
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