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A Thousand Year Record Of Temperature Variations For Germany And Central Europe - [Full Version]
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A Thousand Year Record Of Temperature Variations For Germany And Central Europe - Full Download
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A Thousand Year Record Of Temperature Variations For Germany And Central Europe - [Complete Version]
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A thousand-year record of temperature variations for Germany and
A thousand-year record of temperature variations for Germany and Central Europe based on documentary data. RU¨ DIGER GLASER* and DIRK RIEMANN.
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The Historical Time Frame (Past 1000 Years) - Springer
oldest continuous observational records of temperature are from Sweden: ... history for central Europe and Germany, covering the past .... 10-year air temperature in Poland ..... temperature variations over the past five centuries ( Büntgen et al.
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European summer temperatures since Roman times - IOPscience
Jan 29, 2016 ... Senckenbergstrasse 1, D-35930 Giessen, Germany. 2 .... together with estimates of the European mean temperature variation since 138 ... mean 20th century European summer temperature was not .... record length (700+ years for tree-ring records), and .... ope, but relatively cold conditions in central and.
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2500 Years of European Climate Variability and Human Susceptibility
Jan 10, 2011 ... Climate variations influenced the agricultural productivity, health risk, and conflict ... We present tree ring–based reconstructions of central European ... and temperature variability over the past 2500 years. ... and thousands in periods of societal prosperity, ... preserved in our oak record between 1013 and.
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Monthly, seasonal and annual temperature reconstructions for
Abstract Monthly temperature series for Central Europe back to AD 1500 are developed from documentary index series from Germany, Switzerland and the. Czech Republic (1500–1854) and 11 instrumental temperature records (1760– 2007) ...... Furthermore, to avoid the irregular year-to-year variations due to the finiteness.
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Cenozoic continental climatic evolution of Central Europe
Oct 18, 2005 ... occur, the European Cenozoic continental climate record correlates well with the global ... As a result, the evolution of mean annual temperature. (MAT) and mean annual ... To study the Cenozoic climate variation of Central Europe, three ... thousand years, a value far below the error bars of the strati-.
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Multiscale regression model to infer historical temperatures in a
temperatures in a central Mediterranean Sub-regional. 2 ... weather documentary proxies for the past 500-1000 years (Camuffo and Enzi, 1992; ...... Glaser, R., and Riemann, D.: A thousand-year record of temperature variations for. 474. Germany and Central Europe based on documentary data, J. Quaternary Sci., 24, 437-.
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The Medieval Climate Anomaly in the Middle East - PAGES
2Department of Geography, Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Germany; 3Astrophysics Department, .... Glaser, R. and Riemann, D., 2009: A thousand- year record of temperature variations for Germany and Central Europe based on documen-.
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Get PDF - Wiley Online Library
Publisher: University Library Freiburg, Germany. Publication ... documentary records and other man-made sources. (Alexandre ... Furthermore, for Central Europe early instrumental readings ..... dataset likewise the 1000 year temperature recon- struction for ..... record of climate variations for Germany and Central Europe.
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A high-resolution δ18O record and Mediterranean climate variability
Mar 24, 2015 ... 26 Northern Hemisphere (NH) temperature-proxy records ... investigation of climate variations on scales of decades to ..... If we focus on the central Europe record (Bünt- ... to northern Germany, we find a MWP–LIA decrease of the ..... Crowley, T. J.: Causes of climate change over the past 1000 years,.
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PDF (656 KB) - Országos Meteorológiai Szolgálat
thousand years, historical climatology has begun to play a more important role, ..... (1999) studied vine harvest results of selected Central European towns, ...... D ., 2009: A thousand-year record of temperature variations for Germany and.
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April–August temperatures in the Czech Lands, 1499–2015
Jul 5, 2016 ... suited to the reconstruction of interannual variations in spring ... Pfister, 2013), Germany (Glaser and Hagedorn, 1991), Aus- ... temperature reconstructions in Central Europe (Sect. 4), and ... ample, documentation for the year 1602 records the follow- .... Running correlations were calculated for 1000 permu-.
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European summer temperature response to annually dated volcanic
summer temperature cooling over Europe in years following volcanic eruptions. ... Mainz 55099, Germany e-mail: .... gered long-term temperature variations responsible for cold conditions ... Northern and Central Europe derived from an updated net- work of tree-ring maximum latewood density (MXD) records covering the ...
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Multi-archive summer temperature reconstruction for the European
temperature reconstructions for the last 1000 years (e.g. Moberg et al., 2005; Frank et ... Spatial and seasonal variation in response to natural and anthropogenic .... Since the biogenic silica record covers the period AD 1173e1949, it is included in ...... variations for. Germany and Central Europe based on documentary data.
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Did Europe experience a Little Ice Age? - arXiv.org
and winter temperature reconstructions: for Central Europe since 1500 [Do- .... behavior in other weather records: instrumental records from European cities ... the increased extent of glaciers over the last 4000 years, the term “Little Ice ... Netherlands series from 1301 and the German series from AD 1000 (in Supplement A.
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extreme summer and winter temperatures in the czech lands after ad
Czech extremes were compared with the Central European temperature series ... found for the later Medieval period, for instance in Germany (Glaser 2008), ...... R. , RIEMANN, D. (2009): A thousand year record of climate variation for Central.
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European tree-ring data and the Medieval Climate Anomaly - PAGES
European tree-ring chronologies reveal that temperatures during the ... variations , and that evidence for a clear spatiotemporal pattern of the MCA remains puzzling. .... Year (AD). A. B. C. 500 600 700 800 900 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 ... data), (B) central Germany (blue; Büntgen et al., 2010) and central Europe ...
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regional geographic factors mediate the climate - HKU Scholars Hub
Mar 31, 2015 ... centennial time-scale, the temperature-war correlation in Europe was ...... [24] Glaser R, Riemann D (2009) A thousand-year record of temperature variations for Germany and Central Europe based on documentary data.
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Multi-Periodic Climate Dynamics - UWM Digital Commons
temperature records and five long-‐length (greater than 3000 years) proxy temperature ... temperature record (blue) with the 95% confidence level using 1000 ... Power spectrum analysis using DFT of Central Europe proxy temperature record (blue) ... Top panel: Hohenpeisenberg, Germany instrumental temperature record.
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Information from Paleoclimate Archives - IPCC
Sep 30, 2013 ... Fröhlich (Switzerland), Aline Govin (Germany), Julia Hargreaves .... 5.3.5 Temperature Variations During the Last 2000 Years . ..... records of the last 22,000 years. ... years ago), atmospheric CO2 concentrations exceeded ~1000 ppm .... centuries in northern and central Europe, western Mediterranean ...
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