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A Study Of The Target Gas Dependence On The Collisional Ionization Mass Spectra - [Full Version]
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A Study Of The Target Gas Dependence On The Collisional Ionization Mass Spectra - Full Download
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A Study Of The Target Gas Dependence On The Collisional Ionization Mass Spectra - [Complete Version]
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A study of the target gas dependence on the collisional ionization
Collisional ionization mass spectra of a fast beam of neutral molecules with ionization potentials in the range 4–5 eV have been obtained with a series of tar.
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Study of Target Gas Excitation Accompanying Collisional Activation
24 eV), but the measured energy loss decreases as the ionization energy of the target gas is .... collision-induced dissociation (CID) (He target gas) mass spectra of chlorophyll a .... The energy loss dependence on the target gas (Figure 5) sug-.
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Target Gas Excitation in Collision-Induced Dissociation - American
Tandem mass spectrometry has become a widely accepted approach to structural ... observed energy shifts AE, thus measured for the fragment ions, were converted to the ... In particular, facilities for beam collimation, and for studies of angular effects in the ..... dependence on 8, of the curves for the light target. (The angles.
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The dependence of collision-activated dissociation spectra on the nature of the target gas ... Collision-activated dissociation (CAD) of gas-phase ions is controlled by ... here for studies of target effects in collision-activated dissociation. The first, ... center-of-mass energies at which two fragment ions are equal in abundance.
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lision energy, mass of the collision gas, and collision gas pressure and help to explain the ... spectrum that is dependent on the activation energy for each fragmentation ... In our study, gas-phase ions were generated by chemical ionization [31] or ... a 100 eV collision with Xe target at a pressure of 0.06 mTorr ( E,, = 30 eV).
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Request reprint © (pdf) - Research at the Department of Chemistry
of organic thin films by collision of well-characterized ions into surfaces, the use of ... tandem mass spectrometry, one of which is surface- ... collision target. ... including no gas load on the instrument, no need to ... energetics were used to study the utility of ion surface ... pathways that are dependent on the collision energy.
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TUTORIAL Ion activation methods for tandem mass spectrometry
(CID), activation of the selected ions occurs by collision(s) with neutral gas molecules in a collision cell. ... KEYWORDS: tandem mass spectrometry; ion activation; collision-induced dissociation; .... Collisions between precursor ions and solid target surface with or ... expression describing the internal energy- dependent rate.
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[5] Collision‐Induced Dissociation (CID) of Peptides and Proteins
peptide or protein ion is highly dependent on the conditions used to effect. CID. These include ... spectrograph, and the phenomenon was a subject of study throughout ... ions with small target gas atoms or molecules are not as well understood as ... yields useful tandem mass spectra in terms of the dissociation that occurs,.
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Slow Heating Methods in Tandem Mass Spectrometry - Wiley
KEYWORDS: tandem mass spectrometry; slow heating methods; collisional activation; ... reference) collisions of ions with a stationary (thermal .... after introduction of the target gas, l is the pathlength, n ..... these rates are energy dependent (see below), Figure 3 ..... means for the study of thermochemical aspects of ion.
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Charge-exchange, ionization and excitation in low-energy Li $^{+
Jul 4, 2016 ... Research on alkali-metal ion collisions with rare gas atoms have ... For the Na+- Ar collision an energy spectrum of electrons ejected ... obtained experimental studies for the charge-exchange, ionization ... beam passes through a magnetic mass spectrometer, it enters the collision chamber containing target ...
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Fragmentation of Protonated Peptides: Surface- Induced
ion spectrum, the mass difference between two adjacent ions of the same type, ... (20) (a) Wysocki, V. H. In Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study. Institute on Mass ..... conditions; 20-30-eV collision energy; target gas Ar).m Collision- activated ..... dependence is not necessarily the same for SID and CAD, and additional ...
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Energy-dependent electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (for
Energy-dependent electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (for Vol 6 ... the nature of the colliding target itself (see Volume 1, Chapter 6, Collisional Activation and ... that retains all of the information from a detailed CID study and presents it in ... have a limited existence in the gas phase [14], and electron autodetachment ...
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1 Introduction to Mass Spectrometry, a Tutorial - Wiley-VCH
MS is based on the generation of gas-phase analyte ions, ... data acquired by MS allow quantitative analysis of target analytes, determination ... sample introduction, the mass spectrometer continuously acquires mass spectra, that is, the ..... data acquired in the previous experiment (data-dependent acquisition, DDA). The.
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Applications of rf fields and collision dynamics in atomic mass
Today, inhomogeneous, time dependent electric fields, created with suitable ... In the field of atomic mass spectrometry the method is called the collision and reaction cell ... applications in gas-phase ion chemistry, reaction dynamics and ... is based on the relaxation of hot ions in collisions with colder ... suitable target.
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Doubly Charged Ion Mass Spectra of Alkyl-substituted Furans and
devoted to experimental and theoretical studies of gas- phase carbodicationsf's ... ions which collide with target molecules to form AB+ products. ... drift/ collision region of the mass spectrometer, where they may ... The aims of this study are as follows: (i) to obtain ..... dependence of the square root of product ion abundance.
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Gaseous Negative Ions - Annual Reviews
Negative ion mass spectra, which are generally much simpler than positive ion spectra, have received ... lattice energy calculations and surface ionization or equilibrium studies. With .... In the absence of collisional stabilization, associative resonance attachment re .... scattering of an electron beam off a target gas. Using a ...
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The mass spectra for the ejected sulfur species 5,, i = 1—8, by incident 34 keV ... dependence on the surface deposited energy was also nearly quadratic indicating that ... However, the sputtering of sulfur by keV ions is a unique case study for a ... measured yield values are compared to the standard collision cascade theory.
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Definitions of terms relating to mass spectrometry (IUPAC
Jun 6, 2013 ... Mass spectrometry is the study of matter through the formation of gas-phase .... The terms collision-induced dissociation (CID) and collisionally .... Its value is dependent on the resolving power of the mass .... Chemical ionization of a sample that is a gas or nebulized liquid, using ..... Deprecated: target gas.
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Poster A - Universität Innsbruck
Energy dependence of the reaction rate constants of Ar+, Ar++ and N2 ... Ions were produced in a simple electron impact ion source operating ..... of freedom upon the collision process, secondary ion mass spectra obtained after surface ... where n is the target gas number density, σ is the absorption cross section, and x is ...
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For a number of years, soft ionization mass spectrometry has been used for studying noncovalently bound complexes. An intriguing ... or competition experiments, and gas-phase methods such as cone voltage-driven dissociation, collision-induced dissociation, .... dependence of noncovalent interactions, which varies.
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