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A solid-state Compton camera for three-dimensional imaging
A Compton camera was constructed using four individual high-purity germanium (HPGe) coaxial detectors in the front plane and four elements of a 15 element ...
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Design of a Compton camera for imaging 662 keV radionuclide
Advantages of the Compton camera are a large angular view, 3-D imaging, improved ... These cones have one common point in three dimensional space, which ... The superior energy resolution of solid state detectors is desirable but they ...
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applicability of compton imaging in nuclear decommissioning activities
Compton cameras, are used in the nuclear power industry for site and .... three- dimensional imaging of several sources with different energies and intensities can be ..... Solid state detectors are being investigated for use in Compton cameras ...
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Design criteria for a high energy Compton Camera and - IOPscience
Jun 26, 2014 ... high resolution, high sensitivity imaging of a wide range of gamma ... 1 Compton Camera. 1. 2 Exploration of design parameters. 3 ... CC systems focused on a state of the art silicon detector technology that can achieve ... solid angle that a scattered γ-ray at which the first detector hits the absorption detector.
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Evaluation of Compton gamma camera prototype based on
Jun 27, 2013 ... The detectors are pixelated and stacked forming a 3D detector with voxel ... KEYWORDS: Compton imaging; Detector modelling and simulations I ... of photons with matter, interaction of hadrons with matter, etc); Solid state.
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THREE DIMENSIONAL IMAGING IN THE POSITRON CAMERA ... sion of how the effects of Compton scattering and detector response ...... Solid State Physics.
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A Si/CdTe Semiconductor Compton Camera - SLAC
... camera based on. Si and CdTe semiconductor imaging devices with high energy ... Index Terms—Compton Camera, Silicon radiation detectors,. CdTe .... The detector has dimensions of. 18.55 mm ... By combining the stacked DSSDs and three CdTe pixel de- tectors, we ..... solid-state gamma ray detectors”, Nucl. Instrum.
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An Advanced Compton Telescope based on thick, position-sensitive
The development of high-resolution, position-sensitive solid-state detectors enables ... We have shown that three-dimensional locations for gamma ray interactions ... of 3-D position readout, and demonstration of Compton imaging with multiple .... D.K. Wehe, and W. Li "Evaluation of a Compton scattering camera using 3-D.
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Design, Development, and Modeling of a Compton Camera - TDX
5.2.3 Analytic reconstruction methods for Compton Cameras. . . . . . . 69 .... 2.14 Effect of the voxel dimensions on the angular reolution . ..... The VIP (Voxel Imaging PET) project proposes a novel detector design based on pixe- ... resolution of the solid state detectors combined with the millimeter size of the detector ...
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3D image reconstruction for a Compton SPECT camera model 1
algorithm for a 3D Compton camera being developed at the. University of Michigan. ... reach det1 are Compton scattered by the solid state detector, det1 ( Fig. 1).
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Design study of a Compton camera for prompts-gamma imaging
Oct 24, 2012 ... 2 Prompt γ-ray imaging with a Compton camera - State of the art. 10. 1 ... of the single scattering Compton camera in the case of a 30×30×2.5 cm3 ..... The solid line shows the depth profile of the measured β+ activity. ..... The geometric efficiency is determined by the detector shapes, dimensions and the.
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A New Compton Camera Imaging Model to Mitigate the Finite
Oct 27, 2015 ... improve the imaging capabilities of Compton cameras despite the loss of sensitivity caused ... three-dimensional reconstructions could be obtained by producing ..... In Figure 8, a graph of the “true” line-integrals values (solid line) of ..... Ph.D. Thesis, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA, 1999.
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SOI Pixel Sensor for Gamma-Ray Imaging - arXiv.org
(advanced Compton camera ACC) by a few groups for utilizing the direction of recoiled .... Aiming the solid state advanced Compton imaging, the capability of electron ... Three dimensional reconstruction of recoiled electron trajectory and the ...
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Development and Applications of Position-Sensitive Solid-State
The development of high-resolution position-sensitive, solid-state detectors will enable gamma ray ... We have shown that three-dimensional locations for gamma ray interactions can be determined ... readout, and demonstration of Compton imaging with multiple ..... broadening of energy spectra in Compton cameras", 1997.
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On a novel approach to Compton scattered emission imaging
collimated gamma camera, set to register 140 keV photons emitted by 99mTc. ... approach in which. Compton scattered radiation is used for three-dimensional ... without the use of a secondary solid-state detector and thus without requiring ...
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A Concept of Cylindrical Compton Camera for Spect - Nuclear
... such a camera could make. 3D imaging possible with appropriate reconstruction algorithms. ... Compton cameras based on solid state detectors have also.
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Abstract - Repository
camera is now available due to improvements in solid state ... the spectroscopic imaging capability of the Compton camera concept. ...... Three dimensional.
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r I Dear Colleague, It is our pleasure to welcome you - fully 3d 2015
Nemacolin has state of the art .... Simulation of Dual-Headed Coincidence Imaging using the SimSET Software Package ..... formance of a 3D Compton camera being developed at the ... are Compton scattered by the solid state detector, detl.
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Performance evaluation of a very high resolution small animal PET
Apr 30, 2007 ... animal imaging based on the idea of inserting a ring of high-granularity solid- state ... Compton camera in which the inner detector ring has three-dimensional ... undergoes a single Compton scatter in the solid-state detector ...
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Scattered Radiation Emission Imaging: Principles and - Hal
Feb 16, 2012 ... In this paper, we review the state-of-the-art ... as imaging agent without mechanical collimation, is the co-called Compton camera .... SN in a solid angle dΩS is .... Compton scattered radiation imaging in three dimensions. 3.1.
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